Yes, I know I do this on a regular basis, but I feel like keeping you guys in the loop is better than making everybody wait because I'm a giant derpus.  

So, they're doing work on the roof of my apartment complex.  This would, of course, be fine if I didn't live on the third story.  It's compounded by working third shift and sleeping during the day.  Yes, this is my private Hell.  For two days in a row I haven't slept.  

I remember sleep, and it was beautiful, but it is now gone.

I will keep trying, and every day I sit down to the keyboard, but it might not be that fast.  

Love and kind wishes to everyone.  I WILL have it in your hooves, soon.



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9/20/2013: Starlight Over Detrot, Act 2, Ch9

10/04/2013: Starlight Over Detrot, Act 2, Ch10

10/18/2013: Starlight Over Detrot, Act 2, Ch11

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>>2418292 Huh...uh, sure?  Why not?  That's neat!


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I'm sorry to hear about your torments...

I don't know if this helps or hurts, but I have a Google Doc folder full of your sorted and fully edited works. (You still have an issue auth let's-lets.)

Um. Would you like to see?

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congrats on getting a Seattle's Angels feature!

Have another (Infamous) Chessie cat!

#50 · 37w, 4d ago · · ·

>>2265242 I figured it out

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