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AppleJack's suicide story · 5:53am Jun 23rd, 2013

My first story on this site Applejack's suicide. Has been aproved thanks to a freind of mine

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Applejack layed on the grassy floor,with her her grandmother fast asleep and her brother out of town there would be nopony to stop the tragedy that happened next.

"Stup-stupid...hooves...stupid...Spike...stupid...Apple....Bloom...." Applejack punched herself several more time before knocking herself unconscious.

Applejack took in several heavy breaths before looking down at the dead dragon at her hooves.The mare's face fell,she lowered her eyes then let out a bloodcurdling scream. Applejack staggered back to her house suddenly she stopped her hoof shot upward and for some reason well beyond the mare she started hitting herself over and over in the face.

"Applejack no!!!!" Spike screamed, but it was in vain as the earth pony brought the axe down through the poor dragon's head.

Spike's eyes lit up,he opened his mouth to say something but quickly shut his mouth as Applejack raised the Axe over her head.

  • Viewing 20 - 24 of 24
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