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Are you new on FIMFiction?
Don't know anyone?
It's probably time you get aquainted with the wonderful users of this site!


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373646 thank you vary much:twilighsmile:

373529 Thank you for joining! We appreciate you coming here!

373510 hi my name is the beat brony(wastebasket99 on Deviant art) this is the perfect group of me becouse I like to talk fell free to PM me or leave a thred for me

Hello, My name is Scalor Barracuda Cyborg. Feel free to talk to me at anytime.

373463 Good question. The rules haven't been posted yet.

What are teh rules over here? o3o

Just saying patterns are reliable.

So how long is this group going to last until it dies completely like the 50 other groups like this I have joined throughout my history on this site?
Given the lack of notices.
I give it a day or two.

373347 Same here :rainbowhuh:

373342 You think that one's funny. I dropped by and saw the same ad but instead of a smiley face, it showed a cow dropping one with the do not circle around it.

Hello! I'm Neptune and I like to talk to people, which is why I joined this group. Hopefully, it will get more members.

Hello, my name is Princess Luna. Feel free to chat with me at any time you like. I apologize if I don't get back to you immediately, but I will answer eventually.

  • Viewing 1 - 16 of 16
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