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If you are a member of FaZe or want to be a part of FaZe you must learn that it takes a skilled sniper to actually become one. 1v1 quickscope or trickshots on the first hit. Both will land you into FaZe territory. But when the time comes for you to be a part of the group... It's going to be real hectic in the battle so get your game on!

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Comment posted by Alexander Frederickson deleted Dec 27th, 2017

339071 fihgt me irl fgt

338984 Bro I'll 1800 trickshot you all the way across the MAP with a HEADSHOT! Sensitivity on insane!

fak u gooby. I was so close.:fluttercry:

338889 so close to a great get
also dubs


338945 ey ill 360 quicksoepe u mang

338889 338881 338876 338872 EVERYONE CALM DOWN! If you guys want to battle then go battle but not in the comment section!

338931 Tip: My PS3 privileges have been banned from me and I can't get on. If you see a fellow FaZe member though ask that member for a quickscoping match or something and he'll answer. If he says yes then it'll be a FFA match 1v1. Snipers ONLY. If you win you're part of the FaZe team but if you lose then you're not. Good Luck on your journey to being one of FaZe!



338863 ur mum

338868 no suck on mine you fat faggt

338867 Suck on my fat chode.

338864 why did you correct me you fucking feg, you think your fucking good GTFO

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