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If you think a story implies rape, add it.

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354387 As long as it's only implied, I'll accept it. If there is an instance where rape is implied, and rape happens in a different place and time, that's okay too.

354349 Well, I had this story in mind, where the thing doesn't start as rape, but it does turn into one. The victim gets an appology in the end.

Now the full on rape would be this one, so the way I understand it, it won't have a place here.

I do also have this one, that will only have implied future rape.

They all still need some work, though.

It has just come to my attention that I seem to be writing a lot of rape. Hm, not sure how I should feel about that.

354301 As long as the implied rape is not the same rape as the actually rape. If it is, show me the story.

Can a story be here if rape is implied, then rape happens, and then the perpetrator apologises? :unsuresweetie:

354288 If you find any implied rape, let me know.
Actual rape is frowned upon in this group. (jk) Just don't bring it here.

Harry Potter's Umbrage and the Centaurs scene.

354282 >Implying I won't make it painful

>Implying I will not force myself to like it so it is no longer rape

354276 >I will do that to you

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