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Sadly, many promising OCs start off great and then are beaten to the ground. First Nyx, then Milky Way, and now Exie.

For those of you who don't know, Exie is an OC made my ImJustAnotherBrony. We find her to be overrated, and not worth seeing all the time. If you share these feelings, come join us in the circlejerk to bitch about her!

NOTE: This is not a hate group! Do not start shit with ImJustAnotherBrony over his OC unless you have legitimate complaints, and do not flame Exie stories! We're just here to wallow in our dislike of Exie, not to piss people off.

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So, does this group have a practical purpose? :facehoof:

This sums up half the internet: Exists just to exist.

no prob, but i serious wonder if they'll make Doc Crowl a moderator


Lol, yeah, I'm kinda dense.

yep but it's most likely for S's and G's (shits and giggles)

Aren't half of the people in this group Exie fans? :applejackunsure:

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