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This is a group for any Brony or Pegasister born and/or living south of the Mason-Dixon Line. States considered are the Virginias, Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Kentucky, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Florida. Here y'all can share your Granny's Fried Chicken recipe or just show your Confederate colours. Won't ya join us and be Southern?

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Greetings from North Carolina.

Greetings from Tennessee. :ajsmug:

349438 No South Carolina is best Carolina because we were the first to start the civil war. :ajsmug:


show your Confederate colours.

North Carolina is best Carolina.

>Southern Bronies
I am in South-Western Australia. It counts.

Comment posted by Rainbow Stache47 deleted Feb 17th, 2014

show your Confederate colours.


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