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A group for people who feel like they're actually a Twilight Sparkle trapped in a non-Twilight Sparkle body. Twilight-Dysphoria is a real disease with no known cure.:fluttercry: This is to provide a support network for those who suffer from it.

Twilight-sexuals also welcome.


Do not use pronouns (IE He/she/they) other than "Twilight Sparkle", "Twi", "Twiself", etc.
Be the best Twilight that you can be!:twilightsmile:

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Not twidysphoric, but joined just to support haha
Congratulations! This group was listed in New Groups. This was deserved because of Twilight Sparkle's freshness.


Dear Princess Celestia,

I'm told that another Twilight here has asked you to bring me a very rude message. Thank you so much for not doing that! You know I'd never use you the same way, Princess. Right?

Anyway, please don't do anything bad to Twilight for that. I'm sure it's just because of a lot of inner hurt. I carry a lot of my own and I know what that's like. We all express it a little differently and that's nothing to banish Twilight and lock Twilight in a dungeon in the place you banished Twilight to, for.

Your faithful student,
Twilight Sparkle

Dear Princess Celestia,
Tell that other so-called Twilight that I'm not talking to her and that she's a big jerk. Tell her that she should stay on the other side of the line I'm drawing here.

Oh, and she's the one who broke the lamp.
Your faithful student,
Twilight Sparkle


Dear Princess Celestia,

Today, I learned about passive-aggressive identity bashing. It wasn't fun, but if I watch enough of it I might be able to understand how it works and figure out how to protect all my friends from it. Who would've known an elitist "true Twilight" could be so much help despite the smarmy meanness?

Your faithful student,
Twilight Sparkle

Dear Princess Celestia,
Sometimes friendship isn't easy! Especially when your friends think they're as smart or are the REAL TWILIGHT SPARKLE like you are. But it's important to forgive your friends for their shortcomings, because if you don't you'll never be a real alicorn pony in Equestria.
Your Faithful Student, Twilight Sparkle

It's okay! I forgive you! That's what friends do!


I guess that's true. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt anyone, especially not another Twilight like you. It's just... it's hard to adjust. Especially when everyone around you is either bigots or species justice warriors. I'm sorry! :fluttercry:

But not gendered pronouns!
Stop mocking my identity with your closet Twiphobia! Yeesh, you'd think people here wouldn't be so brainwashed by the Sapiarchy.


"I" and "me" are pronouns.


Welcome to Twilight!

Do not use pronouns (IE He/she/they) other than "Twilight Sparkle", "Twi", "Twiself", etc.

I, um... have this friend, see. And Twilight Sparkle tells me that Twilight Sparkle identifies as Twilight Sparkle. And I figured I would join this group to support Twilight Sparkle in Twilight Sparkle quest to be the Twilight Sparkle that Twilight Sparkle always was inside.

So, um, thanks Twilight Dysphoria group!

Oh, who am I kidding? It was me all along! I joined for Twilight Sparkleself!


Everyone is welcome, even though that's a different thing entirely.

I identify as the Twilight book saga as opposed to the equine.
I still sparkle, though. Am I welcome here?

Why yes, I am. Thank you~


That's different. If you're Twilight dressed at Patchouli on the inside then that's who you are!

But I am super serious! I'm both Twilight and Patchouli. There are so few of us TwiPatches.:fluttercry: Thanks though~


No, but allies are welcome!

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