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The First Ponytones Group
Rarity, owner of the Carousal Boutique and Element of Generosity, as the Soprano.
Big Macintosh, top stallion of Sweet Apple Acres, as the Bass.
Toe-Tapper, owner of Toe-Tappin' Music Store and lover of jazz, as the Tenor.
Torch Song, Chief Reporter of Ponyville Weekly, as the Alto.
Fluttershy, Element of Kindness and animal lover, as the part-time Soprano/Bass.
The Ponytones are a small ensemble of beautiful voices that performs for charities, fund-raisers, and social events. A small group means good friends, and good friends they are indeed.

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Awesome and sweet! I like that headcanon could explain why both of her daughters have such beautiful voices.:pinkiehappy:

352446 I have this headcanon that Rarity's mother used to be a lounge singer and that's how she met their father.

Hmm okay then thanks for clearing that up for me. I guess that makes sense i mean Sweetie is still young who says she couldnt form the next generation with three or four other ponies who love vocal harmony style singing. I love sweetie belle's singing i think she got it from rarity sister like sister.

352408 SweetieBelle's too young to be in the Pony Tones. Maybe when she's older she can make the Next Generation Ponytones or something similar. As for Pinkie Pie, she has her Pinkie Sense and her parties, which is a big part of her character.

Its not fair that both fluttershy and rarity are part of this it screams mary sue to me. Why not sweetie belle or pinkie huh? especially sweetie belle! :unsuresweetie: What i am trying to say is its not fair to give all the mane six extra talents while pinkie gets none if anything this a cheap cop out to toss her side as a useless character no one cares about. Besides that I grew up around vocal harmony type music I love the barbershop quartet style would the ponytones be barbershop? They aren't gospel that's for sure.

You're kidding, right? Their name is not a references to stones of any kind, but to tones, as in "musical tones". Do you realize how many musical acts there have been over the years that have used the word "tones" as part of their name?
Dick Dale and the Del-Tones
The Cleftones
The Harptones
The Monotones
The Quin-Tones
The Wolfe Tones
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
The Deftones
And so on, and so on...

352330 That's really cool! I didn't realize their name was a reference to something!

I doubt anyone expected these guys to be a barbershop quartet until the episode debuted.

Also, their name is likely either a reference to the British Rock Band, The Rolling Stones, or the Hana Barbera classic The Flintstones.

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