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A group dedicated to writing stories, nothing out of the ordinary.
Please no Clop Fics. I also don't need any of those gory stories.
I like death stories as much as the next person, but we don't need the magnitude of... Cupcakes... oh god...

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How's the blaze story coming along, you got anything to proof read yet, I'm almost done with my story

344570 I'd rather not have those kinds of stories, sorry.

What kind of stories?
Is there anything against gratuitous gore? Cause if so, then I hold no purpose within this group.:derpytongue2:

344480 I hear you man. I believe you. *Get's out cell phone* (Uh, guys, I think we may have a group addict) :derpytongue2:

344470 Well, if I see a group that doesn't explicitly forbid me from joining it, I have to join it. And no, It's not an addiction. :pinkiecrazy: No, really! I can stop joining groups anytime I chose to... I think... Maybe...:fluttershysad:

344466 No one ever said you HAD to join the group, but we're very happy to have you.

A group dedicated to writing stories

So, if I write stories, I have to join this group? :unsuresweetie:
Okay, I'm sold. :yay:

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