Fimfic Sucks Dicks 38 members · 0 stories

Or, more accurately, your story sucks dicks.
And so do the people who like it.
The feature box sucks dicks when it features you.
I suck dicks.
You suck dicks.
The entire site sucks dicks.
Everyone sucks dicks.

This is the FIMFic service for the targeted application of Sucking Dicks.

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This is the FIMFic service for the targeted application of Sucking Dicks.

Sounds like my kind of group. If it had folders, I would add a story to it...


Oh yeah? Well I majored in the fine art of Dick Sucking. So there... That'll show you.


You have to hit the "clear all" or is it the "mark all read" button to clear group page notifs.


Are you still having that problem?

377293 :raritydespair:
Shtap its adding to it!

377291 This won't leave my notifications!:raritydespair:


377290 since you people started asking for more dicks.

That's a goal I can really get behind.

377182 Since when do the moderators give a shit about the people?:rainbowwild:

W-what if I don't like dicks? :fluttershysad:

Do you suck dicks?!
Sir, NO, sir!
Bullshit! You went on FimFiction the another night! For lying straight up to my face, you can go around and suck all my recruit's dicks!
I'm asking the fucking questions private! Do you understand?!
Sir, yes, sir!
Great! Can I be in charge for a while!?
Sir, yes, sir!
Now! Go suck those dicks or I'll P.T. you until you fucking die!


yes pls

We should have an option to thumb up groups, not just comments and stories.

Best group, but because it's on FiMFic, it must be dicks.


knighty code more dicks

the people have spoken

  • Viewing 5 - 24 of 24
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