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Somewhere, deep underneath in the dungeons of the Crystal Empire, there lied a single tome. A single tome depicting a forbidden romance that had long since been forgotten. The chamber was left undisturbed for a thousand years before a group of beings stumbled upon it, only to be forever changed. With the book's power, and the runes inscribed in the chamber, the six were given six artifacts of immense power, power over love. A power they would need to change the world.

High Shipper Flint Sparks, bestowed with the Element of Acceptance.
Sexual Knight Icebox Froggie, armed with the Element of Passion.
Holy Platonic Priest Missy Angel, blessed with the Element of Chemistry.
Seductive Enchanter Stiggerz, together with the Element of Companionship.
Court Lesbigician ThatOneWriter, unbridled with the Element of Honesty.
Sensual Stable Boy Mondai Shunketsu, gifted with the Element of Understanding.

Together, they shall spread shipping throughout all the land, helping those in need with their tales. They shall spread love of all kinds, of all ages and genders! And perhaps weave their own tales...

They are... the Circle of Shipping.

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  • Viewing 1 - 2 of 2
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