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Metafiction is a literary device used to self-consciously and systematically draw attention to a work's status as an artifact. It poses questions about the relationship between fiction and reality, usually using irony and self-reflection.
Metafiction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

lol. I have no idea what that ^ is supposed to mean. In all actuality, this place should be called 'Self-Inserts Galo-' No! Wait! I swear it's not as bad as it sounds!'s much worse.

What we do here is set up a character creation sheet (asking for gender, personality, physical description, etc.) and then post it in a thread with a brief description of what the story will be about. Basically, we are inserting a BUNCH of people into a story for nothing but fun. It's not meant to be stellar, it's not even meant to be published; it's just meant to be enjoyable for all involved.

I like to think of it as self-flagellation.

Just kidding. It's very good practice with characterization though, because most people will tell you if you're making their character too bland. So, yeah.

Also, the banner and icon are Happy because there was never any other option.

Happy 5 leif.

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I'm only joining to leave a comment. I hate to say it, but this group really is dead. I guess it's partly because e the stigma around metafiction and the "no metafiction on the site rule," but it also says that it is up to staff to decide if the content is acceptable. It's a shame, because if this group had more followers and was up and running, I would want to be part of it and read other people's metafics. If you can think of a way of bringing this thing back to life, go with it. I'd like to see it brought back from the dead.

I mean the group might be dead...

But it also might not be?

Throwing my story into the mix because in a self insert we have four versions of me: the author, the main character, my OC who claims I am her OC,
And the me from a failed story I wrote came back to take over my story new story and also the real world


Its always Happy's face for this kinda shit. I love it. :trollestia:

I don't know why I joined, some strange compulsion. Maybe it was the face?

Wonder what happened to this group.... Its seems so dead
Since the new week dawned
A new group has spawned
In New Groups it was added
To gain the deserved credit
For fresh it was, indeed
The new group, oh so sweet

397884 Like sharpened pencils and syringes! Nothing they're not used to.

397882 "pointy things"

397881 Excellent! Vain, obnoxious, composed of 70% artificial materials - most abundantly plastic and... shame? Yes, these subjects will go quite swimmingly for the experimental tests they will undergo. These tests will include me poking them with pointy things until they deflate or explode.

I am here for your Earth females.

Does this mean I get to participate in metafics now?



Take the microwave instead.

397690 brb, getting the toaster...


It had to be done, you where out of control :trollestia:

397688 omg ._.

why would you tell everyone that?! ;-;

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