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After more than a few missteps, Sunset Shimmer's cousin Sunrunner has arrived in Ponyville to reunite with her old friend Quiver Quill. But events are transpiring that will lead to her having quite a few meetings and reunions before her visit is over, as well as the two facing their mutual past.

Featured on 5/1/2019!

Part of the Quiververse

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 189 )

Oooo, a new story in the series!

And surprises in store all over the place!

Dis gun be gooooooood!

Can't wait to see what'll happen next!

Looks like a good start so far. I'm definitely invested, and also looking forward to seeing where this goes next. ^_^


Glad that you're both enjoying things so far. I regret to say the next chapter's going to be a while - I'm aiming for a December release on that - but hopefully, it'll be worth the wait.

9253817 Oh, I am, and that's okay.
Anything by you is well worth waiting for.

Hey, if nothing else, if you are able to release it in December, depending on the date of release, it'll make an awesome Christmas/early-late Christmas present.

Yes, I've been waiting for this story for a while! Quivs and Runnie's reunion was sweet and the glimpse of her relationship with Sour was nice. I kinda though that Twilight would have the Sunset talk with Runnie right there and then but I'm really glad that they are taking time to prepare what to say. I bet that the next chapters won't disappoint.

I'm just hoping that the wait is worth it. I've got a lot of story to write before I get to that point. But like I said, the second chapter will hopefully be out sometime in December.

Oh, one more comment that I meant to make on this chapter, and forgot.

It concerns this remark by Quiver:

Quiver grinned. “Well, hopefully there won’t be too many more surprises on the way.”

Just had to go and poke the bull, tempt fate, invoke Mr. Murphy there, didn't you, Quivs?:facehoof:

I foresee some kind of catastrophe (large or small? Dunno) crop up before this story wraps up.

In his defense, surprises can be both good and bad. As far as anything catastrophic happening, well, that would be telling. In any case, the next chapter's due in three weeks, so you'll see what happens then.

9297833 Well, you have a point there... on both counts.

Ooooo, sounds intriguing!
Something further down the road of the Quiververse, perhaps?

And that is very good to know.
Can't wait!

Glad to know. And with any luck, the third chapter will follow shortly thereafter. I've already started on the thing, so that at least is a step in the right direction.

9297843 :twilightsmile:

And that is good to know.
Much good luck with it!

And indeed it is!

Okay, this chapter was definitely well worth waiting for, and I can't wait to see what happens in Chapter 3!

As to these (I switched these two just a bit):

A chill went up Pinkie Pie’s spine as she finished putting together party invitations, another signal courtesy of her Pinkie Sense. “Oooh, somepony just tempted fate.”

How very right you are, Pinks.
How very right you are.

They still had their goal in mind, of course, but nothing was stopping them from having a little fun on their way. After all, it wasn’t as if they’d face any consequences for it. They never had before, after all.

Oh, you poor, poor, ignorant fools.
This is Ponyville, you twits, not Indianapoloosa, and Mayor Mare is nothing like Primrose's corrupt, entitling daddy.
So, unfortunately for you four idiots, consequences aplenty there will be.

You just don't know it yet.

And making fun of Derpy, of all ponies?
You just compounded the Karma you're all gonna get hit with.

Anyway, great chapter as always, Echo!
Can't wait to see what you have in store for us (and by extension Primrose and her posse of idiots) in the next chapter!

Oh, I can assure you, those four are well on their way towards getting a very, very hefty dose of karma. Whether they do anything else to deserve it before the story ends (or if they learn anything from it) remains to be seen.

As for that third chapter, I'm hoping to have it up sometime in January. Hopefully in time for my birthday.

9335933 Good.
And fools that they all be, I have absolutely no doubt that they'll all keep digging themselves deeper and deeper into the Karma Pit by the end of this story.
And I can't wait to see that happen.
*grins evilly*

As for learning anything from it?
Well, some people never learn, sadly.

But we shall see.

As to that, cool.
Heck, January isn't that far off, when you think about it.

No, it isn't. And most of the chapter's done as of today, so here's hoping.

I'm sensing a theme regarding these chapter titles...

Anyway, great work as always. And you can add me to the list of people eagerly awaiting the downfall of Primrose and her flunkies, but you probably already figured that.

9335951 True.
And that's cool to know.
May it all go as quickly as it seems to have for you, my friend.

This was good reading. I admit I laughed at the joke pertaining to AJ's Day Off. Nothing truly against that episode, but yeah, there's tradition and then there's "huh?" XD

And that ending was good too. Yeah, I bet Fate's been really tempted now, and is just winding up to swing... :rainbowlaugh:

Wow, Primrose Thorn's head is even farther up her ass than when she was a filly. I'm really gonna enjoy her and her entourage of buttholes getting their long overdue comeuppance.

9336023 Yup, and that makes two us.

I'll have the popcorn and snacks ready for the Big Show when it happens.:raritywink:

I love it when jerks temp fate and have Karma rain down of them like divine punishment from above!


And that ending was good too. Yeah, I bet Fate's been really tempted now, and is just winding up to swing... :rainbowlaugh:

Oh, yeah!


I love it when jerks temp fate and have Karma rain down of them like divine punishment from above!

Yeah, me, too!

Okay, where's a Grinch evil smile Dash emoji when you need one?

I'm trying for a theme, anyway. Don't know yet if I'll be able to pull it off.

One thing that I love about that episode is the message - you can easily get caught up in doing something, and fall into the habit of doing it that you continue doing it long after the need has gone away. I do the same thing from time to time, and having someone on the outside looking in helping you out is never a bad thing. Still, it felt like a message that could get brought in at any time, and having it now as opposed to later seemed just as good an idea as any.

Let's be realistic - a spoiled brat is only going to get worse and worse with time unless something comes along and forces them to act otherwise. Primrose never had that. Add to it the fact that she is (at least in my mind) a sociopath, and you can start to see how she can continue to act the way she does.

I do too, particularly in a story where you know the author will eventually deliver on that. And I, of course, am that sort of author.

Anyway, I can safely assure my readers that Primrose and her posse will face a fair measure of comeuppance for their actions before this story is over. Exactly what shape it will take, however, I will keep to myself...though I will say that I've been looking forward to Primrose's comeuppance for a very long time.

Nice chapters so far. I’m really looking forward to the next in January or whenever it happens to hit.

As to our two karma magnets here at the end, I think they need a refresher on the first rule of finding yourself in a hole; throw away the shovel. Then again they don’t know they’re in a hole yet. And with Derpy I think they’ve already stopped using the shovel to dig and have begun digging with explosives.

As far as the fandom's concerned, you're certainly right. Heaven help them should they cross paths with Time Turner and mock Derpy in front of him, however. Or worse, mock Dinky in front of Derpy. There's digging yourself deeper with shovels, and then explosives, but those scenarios? Those are far worse.



Anyway, I can safely assure my readers that Primrose and her posse will face a fair measure of comeuppance for their actions before this story is over.

I know of a certain time slider who finds this pleasing.

As do I. I too look forward to seeing what happens with them.

My only regret on that front is that it's a long time in coming.

Ohhh how did I miss this newest part of the series!

So glad to see more of this

Well, in your defense, there was something of a gap between updates. Glad you're liking it so far.

Okay, quick question: Just how many chapters to this one are there going to be?

I know you said that Chapter 3 won't drop til sometime in January (which is only like 3 weeks away), but I'm a bit curious about that.

9350030 Okay, cool.

So basically seven altogether, counting the epilogue.

Something tells me things are gonna get even more interesting as we go along and before you wrap the story up.

I'm really looking forward to what the hands of karma have in store for them. :trixieshiftleft:

You and so many of your fellow readers. I hope that I can satisfy that desire.

9352652 Oh, I think you will.

You never disappoint with these lovely stories, my dear Echo.

Hey, you gave Spoiled Rich; Spoiled Milk, excuse me; her own long-overdue (and thoroughly enjoyed (at least by me)) comeuppance in Scars of the Quill.

So I have absolutely no doubt that you will serve up some similarly delicious Karma to Primrose and her little band of idiots.:raritywink:

Will karma be sweet? I certainly think so. Will it be lasting? Very likely. Will it be a while in coming? Much to my regret, yes.

Oh how much I wish I had more time to write.

9362173 Good to know on the first two, and sorry to hear that on the third.
And have a cyber hug for the regret.

As to the last, we know you do, but Life, as we all well know, can be (and very often sadly is) an ornery little bitch.

But, as I've said on previous occassions, your stories and chapters are well worth waiting for.:twilightsmile:

And I'm grateful for your patience and that of all my readers.

Simply amazing my friend I love this story so far and I so can't wait for Sunrunner to be reunited with Sunset no rush tho keep up the great work! And I also loved your other stories and how they led up to this point.

Thanks! And you won't have too long to wait for Sunset to join in on the fun.


Gunna call it: the next chapters are Generosity, Loyalty, and finished by Magic.
(Also missing the words Chapter Three)

Also, I figured the seperation between CHS and Equestria was more related to neighboring membranes (or even potentially existing st very large distances on the same membrane) instead of a many worlds scenario. But, eh, I’ll just shrug and say whatever floats Sunset’s boat~

And, obviously, there is that bit which I liked.

However, a thing to be cognizant about is

I know Spike

which amounts to Twi saying she knows who he is, whereas if she said “I know, Spike,” she would be acknowledging what someone (Spike) is saying to her. It’s the little details that can change the meaning of a sentence.

Good chapter. Can’t wait to see what follows~

Sorry I took a while to getting around to reading and responding to this. Nothing to blame for that except self-admitted laziness. Anyway, so far, the story looks great and your work is WELL worth the wait. Anyway, the exchanges. characterizations and future chapter set-ups are all well done in all the right places. I particularly liked Sunrunner's chats with Fluttershy and Sweetie Belle (including mentioning AT LEAST ONE area where Sweetie is having better luck than her big sister) , Sunset's revealing the truth to the human versions of Flash and the others , Pony Flash and Spike's attempts to calm Twilight down and Quiver's exchange with Sunrunner and Sour .

So, yes, I definitely sympathize with real world concerns needing to come first, but I WILL also be looking forward to more of this when you get the chance.

This was a nice read. Gotta say, I didn't expect Sunset and all that to appear in this installment, I kind of wondered if that might be in a subsequent chapter. Still, I ain't complaining, I always like more content with that. ^_^

And as to the other scenes in this chapter... of course Sunrunner would meet Fluttershy when she's working with Harry the bear. :rainbowlaugh: That was great, I cracked up the moment I read the description of them seeing Flutters apparently wrestling a bear. (And also, Harry joining them for tea is a delightful image. XD) It was also nice to see Sweetie Belle join the proceedings, and to see more of Pony Flash as well.

And on a final note... Jeez, I wonder how many more times Primrose's flunkies are gonna tempt fate in this story? At the rate they're going, Fate must be winding up to drop the metaphorical equivalent of a train car on them!

Thanks for pointing out the minor flubs on my part. I was a little rushed getting this chapter out this morning, and missed them in my last-minute edits. And in Sunset's defense, she's not quite as thoroughly grounded in physics as you are. I imagine should she (or Twilight) ever cross paths with Crystal Faire again, they'll get clarification.

Well, I'm not making promises, but I've at least started on Chapter Four. With any luck, it'll be out before the end of February.

I for one love Harry the Bear, as he's a great foil for Angel Bunny and a perfect counterpoint to Fluttershy - a fearsome exterior hiding a warm, cuddly center. And as for Primrose and her flunkies, well, I won't say anything specific, but they are due for more than their share of trouble. And they might be getting a taste of it very soon.

Gotcha. And, as I said, I'm in no rush. Quality over speed, after all.

Awesome, Sunset finally appears and this and she gets to make amends with Photo Finish. Ugh, Primrose and her posse are as charming as ever and they is so hilarious how they keep antagonizing Karma like that. Quivs and Runnie are a pair of sweethearts!

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