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Sunset Shimmer never really had a childhood or someone to teach her what she needs to know. So, after the fall formal, Sunset is faced with changes she is not yet ready for: friends and family who are willing to show her just what she's been missing. Will she accept accept this newfound solace or will her fears and insecurities get the better of her? Will she even have a choice?

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Good cover art. You do it yourself? It's very nice. Written very well too. I hope you do well on this website.

Great start. I love these types of stories about Sunset. Keep up the great work.

While i like the story the bit on Sunset letting herself be pushed around qnd bullied sounds terrible to me.
Yes i knwo she fels bad and udnerstand but how far will it go, and how much will she put up with it,
Because getting some pay back and jsut being assholes are two different things.

Honestly, I can see where you are coming from but think about how emotionally scared she is. I am going off of, of personal experience.

Thanks, I love these type of stories too.

Yeah I did, thank you! And thanks for the encouragement!

Why is the plot synopsis in a different font then the rest of the stories on here?

Huh, I didn't realize it was. It's probably cause I copy and pasted it from when I posted it on wattpad. I post on 3 sites to the font transfers over funny.

Is there supposed to be a chapter 1?

is it just me, or did you start with Chapter 2? i am confused.

OH COME ON! Seriously she letting Trixie get away with it! That a abuse victim saying thier spouse not hurting them!

Crap sorry my bad, Chapter 1 is there now. Still getting used to the FIMfiction format.

Yeah, Sorry, it's there now. Thanks. I'm still getting used to FIM Fiction. Probably didn't help that i didn't read the instructions...

Well think about it. She's been mentally scared and she thinks she's completely alone.

Yes but this pisses me off she does thsi every single tme in every fic, and Trixie went toof ar, what would happen f she put inthe hosptial, and she will do it again in fact. By not allowing celestia to punsih her this invites everyone to beat up Sunset.

You know, I can actually see where you are coming from. I also have resolved this issue because i did think about that. Thanks though! You made a great point.

Yeah I feel the whole turning into a demon thing would mess with her mind.

Glad was able to help, i understand why Sunset would allow herself to be beaten up. It makes sense and so sad, but it never good thing.
she alreadys uffering and allowing others to hurt ehr doesn;t make things better it only adds more misery.

I'm not saying she kicks ass, but ask for help and if Celestia is fair but very very stern, she drive a point home.
go on pick on Sunset get you're revenge but know this...you'll answer to me, my sister Luna and you're parents!

Interesting. Don’t think Celestia should have let the offense go as it only shows that it’s possible to avoid punishment for such actions, but I am looking forward to the next chapter. Also Sunsets locker door is probably dented to hell if she hit it that hard.

That was a fantastic chapter can’t wait for the next one :pinkiehappy:

Exactly and it's a thing I hate in all these fics.

There are a few where consequences are a bit more realistic. Besides if nothing else I’m reasonably sure something awful will happen to Trixie, if for no other reason I don’t imagine she will just leave it at that.

Yeah I get it. Yeah, Honestly I could have done something about the situation better but I needed her unpunished for something in a few chapters. You'll see why.

Also, If I'm completely honest, one of my old principals did this once for similar reasons. I was in Sunset's shoes and honestly it worked out really well because they got their dues because the whole situation earned me a little more respect and next time, I had a bunch of people come to my defense when they tried something again.

I shall look forward to it. I was lucky when it came to high school. No one really bothered me for whatever reason unlike in junior high. If I had to guess why it probably would be that I’ve been told my default expression makes it look like I am frowning.

Haha, in the last couple years of high school I developed what my friends and mom dubbed my 'resting bitch face' everyone sees me as such until I start talking to them and they seem to relax.
I also became taller than everyone as well so there's that.

I would like the next chapter please

Gamer Luna is best Luna

Nothing makes me happier than stories where Celestia watches out for Sunset...except for maybe stories where Trixie gets punched in the face :trixieshiftright: I'm really loving things so far and I'm looking forward to reading more (hopefully today) :heart:

I hope Celestia finally does something to Trixie this time.

Please post the next chapter.

I really enjoy enjoy this series please tell us more , tell us MOAR it’s so interesting.

Also “FAN THEROY!! Gilda’s gonna have a redemption arc. Calling it now”

Pretty please with chimmycherrychangas on top? :pinkiehappy:

I really like this story, very interesting.

I would like to see Trixie get what's coming to her real soon, if possible.

Wow Trixie you are a real witch, Great chapter can't wait for the next chapter

Sunset is definitely going to need to go to the hospital again. Head trauma after a concussion adds up.

I definitely would like to see the next chapter! I hope Gilda and Trixie will get their just deserts! :flutterrage:

Got dammit! i really hope Trixie is threatne with suspendsion if not expulsion. Gilda going to jail assualt and abttery, ona inujried student with a head injury.

that attemtped murder i'msure and Trixie a acommplish as well as her goons.

Really want tos ee what happens to Gilda and Trixie and her goons badly.

That was totally awesome, like I was kinda on pins and needles waiting for the next part but here it is , yay. Thank you for releasing more today. I’ve really enjoyed reading this and look forward to the story in the future.

Turned out great, can't wait for approximately chapter 25ish, for that moment you told me about where you are a FUCKING SADIST!

Comment posted by JWolfSilver deleted Jan 23rd, 2018

Thank you! I can't wait either! I'm on chapter 23 right now.....so yeah about 25! Hehe, seriously looking forward to all of your reactions!

I have a real soft spot for stories like this, and I think you've done a solid job. Your dialogue, pacing, and grammar are all pretty good, something that's rare to find in other Sunset-redemption stories. As for the plot, there isn't much to distinguish it from other stories like it so far, but I expect that'll change as time goes on. Can't wait to see how this develops!

This story keeps getting better. Keep it up.

Oh dear , are you okay , like I don’t mean to pry but. Blood disorders and diseases are of some serious concern. I hope all is well. Also thank you for another great chapter.

Yeah, I'm fine! Thanks for the concern, I really appreciate it. I was born with it, I just take a little longer to clot. I need my wisdom teeth out so I have to get retested first. I honestly don't mind personal questions.
I'm glad you're enjoying the story!

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