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I get too many ideas. Mostly Femslash. Lots and lots of femslash.


This story is a sequel to Finding Home

Short stories that expand on ideas I didn't fully explore or ended up cutting from Finding Home. Sequels, prequels and expansions to Finding Home. Mostly short stories.

Cover art is by reiduran.

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so glad you are making this finding home is one of my fave stories on this site and seeing more of this world will be great

i look forward to more please update soon

The irony of the fact that I'm currently re-reading Finding Home makes this a very welcome addition.

As soon as I saw this in my feed I automatically hit track. Great to see you back writing!

7616025 7615928 Ditto.
It's great to have you back Sky.:twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

Love the story so far, I hope you keep writing

Alright, first and foremost, I'm loving this story.

Second, as someone who appreciates alternative lighting methods, I took notice of Sunset's love of candles in the previous story. Will we be seeing this again in this story, showing that some habits don't break easy?

Hello everyone! I am back, hopefully it sticks! (I am also complete WhiteRose trash elsewhere, so multiple fics over many fandoms happen) I am glad everyone is liking this attempt at more for Finding Home. I love writing Sunset so there are a lot more ideas to work on.

Funnily enough, one half made chapter is called Habits...

fabulous to have you back! finding home is the very best! thank you for continuing it!!

This is the first time I've seen artwork of Sunset without her boots or her signature leather jacket. I've also noticed that you support the Dislestia ship.

This is so very well written and very well thought out I loved every bit of this. Can't wait to read more I do hope you are planing on doing more with this wonderful story arc. Its nice to see that Sunset has a family and that Celestia the human version at least is taking very good care of her.

Nice, like it, looking forward to more :pinkiehappy:

I'm loving this, so glad you decided to write a follow up to Finding Home and I especially liked the Dislestia at the end and Sunset wanting Discord as her father was just great. I hope to see the two of them bonding in a future chapter.

Momlestia is best Celestia. I'm happy to see you keeping this going. :trollestia:

These are nice. Keep it up and I look forward to reading more from you.

That is always a good point to remember that she got wings and the sure where physical. It makes me wonder if Sci-Twi has them also?

I love this story so far and the care Sunset's receiving, I look forward to more. Have a nice day and keep writing!

You sir, are a master of story.
Well... have some Twilight instead. :twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

beautiful chapter an idea you could have it so when she became daydream shimmer the scars where healed showing she has truly healed from her past


I understand that in her mind she thinks she deserved to be hurt for what she did I have completely disagree with that no one deserves to be hurt like that regardless of what they have done in the past. With that being said I still enjoyed the chapter but I do fully and completely disagree with Sunsets way of thinking that she deserved to be hurt for her actions during the Fall Formal


Indeed, I totally agree. But this is a collection of stories, some of which will explore the idea that Sunset would (understandably) have some mental health issues.

It's just a bit of "fanon" that I hold.

7642262 Then I wish to fully and completely apologize to you for my comment I didn't mean for it to come off as rude or trite.


Don't worry! It didn't come across as bad at all. In fact I was concerned that my post was not needed.

Yea that was nice. It makes me wonder how Luna would operate if they had run out of coffee?


Egads, never speak of such a thing!

Also; Featured!

I love the obligatory unexplained downvote too. Drive by thumbs down are fun. (Not complaining! I know I've done something right when I get 'em. Not sure what, just something.)


The down vote was probably done by some person who arbitrarily decided you needed a down vote because you did have any yet. They probably never read the original story and are purely acting as if they had never gave it a courtesy read first. Jerk. I usually wait a few chapters before giving my thumbs up and possibly faveing.

very cute and sweet chapter luna and her coffee addiction

i can picture celestia hiding the coffee maker as a prank on luna on april fools

There are worse pranks than simply hiding the coffee maker (that one backfired on Celestia when she had to watch her sister simply chew raw coffee grounds over breakfast).
No, you should have seen the time Celestia switched the coffee to decaf.

If you want an idea for a chapter, how about when Celestia's mom learns she's now a grandmother and her first time meeting Sunset?

A cute little chapter, I can't wait to see what you have for us next


Oh, that is in the works. :raritywink:

dawww loved this chapter

thoe what game did luna play on what i asume was a 3DS when she had to switch to hand held

I love this story. I am looking forward to reading more. Keep up the great work.

“Would... ahem, would you mind reading to me?” Sunset asked, a little shy. “Its been a long time since my Mom read to me.”

Celestia wanted to sob. A rush of attachment and love for the girl, coupled with one of those little wishes she had long ago left behind coming true would do that for anyone. “I'd love to read to you Sunset.” She picked the book up a little, reading to her child had been something she had resigned herself to never doing. Even if Sunset was a little older, she was going to read to her.

Why are you playing with my emotions :fluttercry: :raritycry:

I'd like to see Princess Twilight accidentally finding out about how Sunset had been living and comes in offers Sunset a room in her castle while dragging her to the portal with Sunset trying to explain she now has a home. Only for Principal Celestia to stop them by making a comment asking Twilight why she is dragging her daughter to a Equestria when it isn't a weekend.

I don't quite remember from the original story, but did we ever get to see the first time Celestia and/or Luna saw Sunset casually using magic? Sure, they've seen the big flashy stuff; She-demon, Sirens, the works (though they weren't really 'there' for most of that either), but snapping her fingers to light a dozen candles after she's been reformed seems more exciting somehow.

That was sweet. I wonder what else you have in store for us?

Awww, I loved this chapter. It's so adorable how Celestia and Sunset are mother and daughter. Great job, I can't wait for the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

Wanderer D

This was a very nice chapter.

That was a very nice chapter. The last bit even got me a little misty-eyed... Also, does Celestia and Luna know about Sunset magic? I mean, they surely know about the whole elements and transformation, and being a magical pony... but do they know about the little magic she has on her own? I would love to see their reaction to that!

There needs to be much more added to this very delightful story I love how each character acts in this and it really does feel like Sunset has at long last a family that she can call her own. Good job on this wonderful work story art work.

Not really, that would be one to put a scene or story together for.


Well, if you ever turn that into a chapter for this one, I'd very much be looking forward to it. :pinkiesmile:

As I said lasts time, great story so far. I myself would love to read about human Celestia giving the Princess a stern talking to. Keep up the great work.


Same. That should be a separate story as well.

7685809 7685892

I have a draft of the Letter mentioned in the Epilogue of Finding home that will be a story entry here. Not got it quite right yet.

Nice chapter, it really hits you in the feels. Are you going to make my suggestion into a chapter?

Since you've already ripped out my heart, why not mince it as well :fluttercry:

Love the side stories, they give more background for the characters :twilightsmile:

poor sunset at least she has love now

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