• Published 4th Oct 2016
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Making Family - Cirrus Sky

You can find a home, but sometimes you have to make a family. Sunset is working on that.

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The window shade was letting slanted rays of sunlight into her room, but Sunset wasn't paying much attention to the outside world. She lay on her bed, staring unfocused at nothing at all. Tears still dripped down her cheeks.

Sunshimmer's book was closed and set aside on the table, too precious to risk spoiling. She had read through to the very last entry of the journal. It was a hopeful plan for a day-trip to the park later in the month. Sunshimmer was friends with a mare who had a young daughter. A young daughter who needed a friend.

Twi will bring little Twiley along to the park so we can have our coffee and chat while the girls play. I hope Sunset makes a friend in Twiley, Twi is pretty much my best friend here in Equestria.

If I do ever get back to Earth, I might just have to look up Twilight Velvet.”

It hurt her heart to read the last entry, the blank pages beyond were a reminder that Sunshimmer had died. A life cut tragically short. The loss was sharp inside her and Sunset could only cry tears again, since she had loosed the anger that had covered the feelings of loss.

Now though, on top of the loss of her mother was grief for a friendship she'd missed out on. Twilight Sparkle was her best friend in two worlds, but if fate had been kinder, she could have met Twilight so much sooner.

Seeking something to distract from her old grief, Sunset had decided to look up Far Horizon online.

That had been a bad idea.

She had found a man happily married with two children, living states away.

Of course he had moved on. But it was another stab of grief.

Now Sunset was feeling worse.

A tap on her door interrupted her thoughts and Celestia entered the room. “Sunset.” She was quickly on the bed sitting beside her daughter. “You were quiet for so long.” She ran her fingers through red-gold hair, trying to give some comfort.

Celestia was well practised for situations like this. Years of being there for Luna had taught her just what to do. Silent comfort helped, until words were offered.

“I finished the journal.” Sunset whispered. “It was written the day before-” she couldn't bring herself to complete the sentence. Celestia remained silent, still gently smoothing Sunset's hair. “She had plans to take me on a play-date with a friend who had a daughter.” Sunset tried not to laugh or sob over it. “I was going to meet Twilight Sparkle.”

Celestia carefully pulled Sunset into her arms. “What is past is past.” She pressed a kiss onto Sunset's head.

“My past is not today.” Sunset whispered back, curling in against Celestia for more comfort.

Holding her daughter close, Celestia didn't pry further. There was certainly something else bothering Sunset but now was not the time to push.


Both Sunset and Celestia went for supper when Discord called. He had made a meal in the hopes that Sunset would want to eat something. There wasn't really any conversation as they ate the vegetable chow-mien and spring rolls, but Sunset did seem to perk up.

“Thanks Dad.” Sunset said, laying down her chopsticks by the empty bowl.

“You are most welcome my dear.” Discord smiled to her, being called Dad still made his heart leap.

Sunset's small smile fell quite quickly, she looked down at the table. “You won't be mad, will you, if I looked up Far Horizon?” She had to tell them, but Sunset did not want to seem ungrateful for the home she had.

“Of course not Sunset.” Discord said, reaching across the table to take her hand. “We can even figure out a way for you to meet him, if you wish.” After the revelation of Sunset's true origin, he had discussed the idea with Celestia. It would have been unfair to hold her back from meeting her biological father.

“I- I don't think it would be a good idea.” Sunset's voice cracked. “I found his profile. He has a family.” Tears started to trickle down her cheeks. “They were all so happy, I know there is no place for me in it and- and I felt selfish for looking at all! You are my Dad. Why did I look?”

“Oh Sunset.” Discord left his seat and wrapped Sunset in an embrace. “You didn't do anything wrong.” He felt the girl grip at his arms, she didn't try to pull away. “You call me Dad, you call Celestia Mom. But we both know that there were others before us.”

“You are the only Dad I have had.” Sunset looked up from the table. “I was curious. The journal had so much about him. He seemed like a nice guy and she missed him.” Sunset wiped a tear from her face. “I think she'd be glad he was happy now, but I don't know what I should do.”

“Should we go to the lounge for somewhere more comfortable to sit?” Celestia took the used dishes to the dishwasher and ushered her family to the lounge. With Sunset ready to talk, she wanted to make everything as easy as possible for her.


Everyone settled in the lounge, taking the comfy sofa. Wordlessly, Discord and Celestia sat either side of Sunset, both making sure to cuddle in to comfort her.

The teen appreciated it, the foundations she had built her new life had been shaken by her own doubts. This physical closeness was reaffirming for her in a way words would never have communicated. “He can't meet me.” Sunset whispered. She had used her phone to show her parents the online profile Far Horizon had.

Celestia could see the resemblance between her daughter and the man in the photo. Their eyes were a very similar shape and colour. His smile matched Sunset's. He was holding a little girl, it looked like Far Horizon's genes really influenced eyes; the girl was peach toned but teal eyes focused on whoever held the camera.

“Why can't he meet you Sunset?” Discord asked softly. “I won't be offended.” He had his arm around her shoulders and gently pulled her closer to his side. “You are a charming young woman who any man would be proud to call daughter.”

“How could we explain me to him? He has a family, that little girl and a boy too. He doesn't need me.” Sunset tapped the photos icon on the profile and pictures of Far Horizon with the children loaded in amongst other shots of buildings and scenery.

It was clear then, to Celestia and Discord; Sunset saw a family unit her biological father had created. A unit she risked being rejected from.

Deciding to approach the subject of explaining Sunset, Celestia took her hands. “Chrysalis works for a government agency, you know that right?” Sunset nodded in answer. “It is not unheard of for people to uncover their origins, in this day and age.” Celestia knew that Sunset had aced all her biology units. “With genetic testing and DNA heritage being so popular, lots of people have discovered family and solved decades long mysteries. We can have Chrysalis contact him, as if she had uncovered the genetic link between you and him.”

“There have been a number of cases of stolen children finding themselves, even recently a high-schooler found out he was a missing person. He had been abducted from a Mall as a toddler and found out he was someone else when he was applying to college.” Discord added, he had read of it in a legal journal. “In your case, we are your adoptive parents and Chrysalis has muddied the waters enough on your past that we can- We can frame things as an exceptional tragedy.” It was not truly a lie, Sunset's circumstances were exceptional and Sunshimmer's death had been a tragedy.

“I'll think about it.” Sunset whispered, looking at the photos on her phone. Looking at her half-siblings and the smiling face that looked a lot like her own.

Would it be worth the risk?

Author's Note:

Long gap, sorry.

I did not do so great in the Autumn/Winter so I was far away from writing and being creative.

Then, this madness that is COVID-19 and the response. I am a key worker, not at the sharpest end of the scale, but my job involves the supply of medical equipment and, now, the Protective Equipment that hospital and care staff need to do their job safely. So, I have been very busy and quite burned out by the end of the day.

But I made a chapter!