• Published 4th Oct 2016
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Making Family - Cirrus Sky

You can find a home, but sometimes you have to make a family. Sunset is working on that.

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Today was a big day. Sunset was starting back at school now she was recovered from the 'flu. Celestia had deemed her well enough and away from the risk of worse ills, she was allowed back so long as she wrapped up warm. The teen was glad, she'd been away for a while now and was eager to get back.

Even with Celestia and Luna as company, Sunset had missed her friends. They had messaged each other and called, but it wasn't quite the same as being together.

Though, one negative was having to wake up earlier than she had been. In the cold derelict building she had lived in before, Sunset had always woken very early. Now with a nice warm bed in a cosy room in an actual house? Sunset was finding her bed very hard to leave. As she had been ill, she had been sleeping in too. Now it was time to actually get up.

Washed and dressed, Sunset went down to the kitchen for breakfast. “Good morning.” Celestia greeted. She had a teapot, a cup and a plate of toast. Across the table were the breakfast staples that the sister's enjoyed and things Sunset had said she liked to eat.

“'Morning.” Sunset yawned a little and took a seat, there was a mug she had claimed as her own and a pot of coffee. She poured herself some and put some fruit on a plate. A few crackers and some yogurt too were fast becoming her breakfast of choice.

The pair sat, eating and drinking to take the edge off their morning hunger. As Sunset was pouring her second cup of coffee, a thud came from above. Two sets of eyes looked to the ceiling and they listened out as the single thud became a series of thumps down landing and stairs.

Thuds and thumps that became a dishevelled Luna in a superhero logo T and black lounge pants. Her hair was a mess and she was yawning widely.

“Good morning Luna.” Celestia greeted her sister. Her reply was a grumble and the woman in question peering bleary eyed at the table. Sunset looked on, slightly bemused, as Luna rummaged out a packet of pop tarts and put the pastries into the toaster. All the while barely acknowledging the others.

“Uh, good morning Luna.” Sunset said when it seemed the blue toned woman looked over at her. Though, she grabbed the coffee pot, so it may have been the beverage of wakefulness that had her attention.

The toaster popped, Luna gathered the pastries to a plate and picked up her coffee. She took a seat and utterly focused on her meal, began to drink her coffee and eat a pop tart.

Celestia seemed to be treating things as normal, so Sunset carried on with her own breakfast. Just as they were finishing their servings there was a clink of a mug on the table. Luna was blinking a little. “Good morning sister, Sunset.” She poured another cup of coffee. “Sorry, I am not the best at anything before my first coffee.”

“Right.” Sunset chuckled a little. This was going to make mornings quite amusing. Living with the teachers was showing her a whole new side of the sisters, it was making her really feel like part of the family. Something both women had been happy to hear.

After a little shared chatter, the regular small talk that was just a little higher brow than Sunset's talks with her friends (something she certainly enjoyed, she had been an ace student after all) it was time to prepare for the day.

At exactly the decided time, all three were ready to leave the house. “I'll be driving myself in today.” Luna said, grabbing her keys.

“Evening plans?” Celestia asked, locking the door behind Sunset.

“Just a little meet-up with friends, I won't be too late tonight.” Luna replied as she headed to her car.

“Of course.” Celestia smiled. “Ready Sunset?” The principal gestured to her car and Sunset nodded. This would be the very first time, ever, that the teen had a ride to school in the morning. She was trying not to grin too much, or burst into tears. They got in and set off, all the while both glad that Sunset was there.

Things were changing for the better.

Author's Note:

Another cut out scene. Again, it was for running length that I cut it and the idea didn't exactly fully form so it was no loss at the time.

Fluff after the slightly more angsty chapters.