• Published 4th Oct 2016
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Making Family - Cirrus Sky

You can find a home, but sometimes you have to make a family. Sunset is working on that.

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A second wardrobe full of eclectic clothes. A set of men's toiletries in her bathroom. A different car on the drive. Different books and DVDs replacing those Luna had taken as she moved out. A new person in the house, a presence long missing from her life.

Celestia's boyfriend had moved in.

It had only been two days, he had arrived with his car loaded with what he thought necessary to move into the house, it had only been the one trip to make the house his new home. The apartment he used in the “old town” part of the city was now set up as a lease, anything of value here with Celestia or back at his “family pile”.

Now she had woken up with someone close beside her (and would for a long time in the future). It was almost too good to be true. “Tea and fruit toast.” Discord walked into their bedroom with a tray loaded with breakfast. To celebrate their first morning living together, Discord had decided to make a breakfast for her.

“You're spoiling me.” Celestia chided, sitting up in bed with a smile. The tray was set on her lap and Discord took his place beside her, there was breakfast for two on the tray.

“I am afraid this can't be regular, unless you wish for as early a start as I make.” Discord stretched out an arm with a click. “Justice never sleeps.” He lowered his voice to a gruff growl.

“You do, curled all around me with the cutest expression on your face.” Celestia smiled winsomely and poured her tea.

Discord pouted and snagged some toast. “Yes yes, I know.”

“That was a very good Batman voice though.” Celestia smiled again, taking a slice of fruit toast for herself. She loved this change in her life.


Sunset still expected to hear Luna singing along to a song on her headphones (she had never told her aunt that she could hear her, the passion and joy was too wonderful to restrict like that). Or maybe for the dark toned woman to open the door with milkshakes to try and a cartoon plot to discuss.

They still had a message service dedicated to their 'toon theories, but it wasn't quite the same. Though Luna always sent a kissu emoji to say goodnight. It made Sunset smile, to have a family that loved her.

A family that had grown. Discord had moved in.

After their movie night, there had be quite a few more times she'd spent with Discord. They'd had a BBQ cookout and Sunset had made the veggie skewers he'd shown her how to make. There had been a family beach trip and more than one TV night since.

Now that he was living here it was different. A man was living in her home and he was her family too.

Her mother hadn't been with anypony, Princess Celestia was so untouchable, and secretive, so Sunset wasn't even sure of her preferences let alone of any romantic partners. Now Celestia, her Mom, had a man in her life.

But Discord had made it clear that he would never meddle. Sunset could come to him if she wanted to and he would do his best to help her. They both knew that one day something would change, that he would feel comfortable to give his thoughts, his opinions and Sunset would not double think them.

It probably wouldn't be long, Sunset could still remember the bony hug and genuine upset on her behalf. The comfort and kind words that had helped cheer her up.

Right now, he had lived with them for a month and Sunset was used to him being around. A key turned in the lock. “Hey, I'm in the lounge.” Sunset called, not sure just yet who had come home from work first.

“Good evening Sunset.” Discord entered the kitchen, he had a paper bag in his arm. “I see I beat Celestia home again.”

Sunset looked at the clock on the wall. “You're getting home early too.” She had been sat doing her homework but didn't mind a distraction.

“I suppose I have been.” Discord laughed. “Though while my colleagues like to get off early to golf,” He placed the paper bag on the table and removed a ripe orange bell pepper and an onion, juggling them. “I like to cook.” That perked Sunset up.

“What're you planning on cooking?” She moved closer to the bag and Discord.

“My favourite five alarm chilli, vegetarian style.” He grinned and pulled some chilli peppers, tinned beans and a clove of garlic out. “Want to help?”

“Sure.” Sunset put aside her books. Learning to cook was fun and Discord was quite a good instructor in the kitchen.


Discord's car was already on the drive when Celestia got in. Sunset had gotten a ride home from Luna, the pair liked a chance to catch-up now that aunt and niece did not live in the same house. So she was the last home tonight.

However, that now meant there would be a fantastic home cooked meal from Discord. Her partner delighted in creating meals from scratch. Sometimes Sunset helped him cook and it made Celestia's heart glad, her daughter was coming on leaps and bounds from the anxious and self-denying girl she had taken in.

Unlocking the door, she was hit by a wave of spicy scent, Marexican food was certainly cooking. “Now check the rice, while the Neighponese like their rice sticky, our spring onion rice needs to be clump free.” Discord said, his teaching voice was always cheerful and with the sometime hint of teasing.

“On it.” Sunset replied to the direction, Celestia smiled in the hallway; she did love to hear her family working together.

Putting her coat and shoes away, Celestia made her way to the kitchen to watch the chefs at work. She didn't announce her arrival, she hoped to catch them unawares and see the pair she interacting.

Closer to the kitchen, the smell of cooking food was making her mouth water. Celestia really hoped that it was ready soon, she very much wanted to eat some. Peeking around the door frame, Celestia stole a look at her family. The sight that met her was heart-warming.

Discord was stood at the hob, Sunset beside him. They both had aprons on and were holding wooden spoons. Sunset had her hair tied back in a ponytail as they cooked. There were two pots cooking, Discord was stirring the one and speaking with Sunset.

Happy to watch the pair, Celestia held back in the doorway. This sort of family scene was perfection to her.

“Alright Sunset, the chilli looks ready and that rice is perfect.” Discord said to his assistant. “If you could go and grab the chips from the pantry, I'll set the salsa and side salad out. Your Mom should be back soon.”

“Sure thing.” Sunset turned to get the chips and spotted their observer. “Hey Mom, when did you get back?” She was surprised but pleased to see her Mom.

“Not long, I was just watching the chefs and enjoying the scent of the chilli.” Celestia smiled and entered the kitchen. She gave Sunset a quick kiss on the cheek as the teen passed and moved closer to Discord to give him one too.

“Hello dearest. You're just in time for my five alarm chilli, vegetarian for Sunset. She was quite adept in the kitchen I must say.” Discord turned off the heat an stood back to fuss his partner. Wrapping an arm around her waist with one hand and tapping his wooden spoon on the chilli pot.

“I have a good teacher.” Sunset called back, she had returned with chips and a bowl for them. “I like learning how to cook with Discord.” She grinned. “Do you want me to get the bowls and cutlery?”

“Yes Please Sunset.” Discord replied. He looked at Celestia. “If the lovely lady would take a seat, we can serve supper.” He quirked his eyebrows and gestured to the kitchen island.

“But of course.” Celestia smiled and took up her usual seat, watching as Discord placed a bowl of fresh salsa, a mixed salad, grated cheese and a bottle of hot sauce on the table. Sunset came by to place the plates and cutlery, then grabbing a jug and some tumblers she put water out for the meal.

Discord put a wooden serving platter down to protect the surface from the hot pots he placed on it. Then almost dancing away he came back with three bottles and three glasses. A beer each for himself and Celestia and a soda for Sunset.

“I can get a third if it is alright with you?” Discord looked to Celestia who considered it a moment.

“Maybe for more of an occasion.” Celestia replied. “I do know that underage drinking happens, but I am not going to add beer to a regular evening meal, okay Sunset?”

“Uh, sure.” Sunset wasn't too fussed, she had preferred wine at the official diplomatic meals she'd been forced to attend in Equestria and wasn't going to leap into drinking until her Mom approved of it.

“Alright then, we are ready for a wholesome family meal.” Discord grinned. “Grace!” With that he started serving out rice into the bowls before each member of his family. “Help yourselves to chilli.” He sat back down and looked on, quietly pleased, as Sunset pointed to her Mom to serve herself first.

It had been a joy to cook with Sunset. She was an attentive and hands on student and her natural ability at the prep-work and following recipes had been a nice surprise. When she had informed him that it was just like Alchemy in Equestria, he had nearly whooped with laughter.

“This is very good.” Celestia had taken her first mouthful of food and looked impressed, nearly as good a reaction as she had for cake.


Everyone had eaten heartily, there were a few little leftovers, enough for a lunch. “You take it Discord, if I bring that into work then Luna will steal it and I'll be left lunchless.” Celestia sighed. It was entirely true.

“I can't argue with that logic.” Discord put the leftovers aside to cool. Sunset had already loaded the dishwasher now the teen was eating a pudding cup for dessert. “You're not going to want to take it in?”

“I might get the same problem, Aunty Luna will find out. Plus I don't have anywhere to go heat it up.” Sunset finished off the pudding and put the spoon in the washer. Rinsing the plastic cup she ditched it in the recycling caddy. “I'm going to go play some online matches with Aunty Luna.” She grinned and left the room at speed. “See you later Mom, Dad!” She shouted, presumably before entering the basement.

Discord was pole-axed. He could only stand and blink, mouth open in shock. Celestia was smiling so contentedly and happy, she took his hand. “Okay there “Dad”?” She leaned against him and put her arms around him.

“You know, I think I am better than ever.” Discord said, his voice full of emotion.

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