• Published 4th Oct 2016
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Making Family - Cirrus Sky

You can find a home, but sometimes you have to make a family. Sunset is working on that.

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High Up

Sunset preferred to be up high when she wanted to think. At home she'd find her way to the roof, much to her mother's concern, it was a little unguarded for her liking. After a few heated debates; a lot of concern on Celestia's part and plenty of insistence from a stubborn Sunset, a compromise was decided on. The garage roof.

The double garage space was only a story tall, the roof was low, it peaked below a second story window, so Sunset could even access it quite easily. As it wasn't far to far too fall, but still outside and still a roof, she was grateful for it. Needing somewhere to just sit and think, sorting through her emotions without any outside stress and only the sky to look at.

This evening was one of those times. She'd been feeling a little out of sorts, frustrated mostly. But for her, frustration could lead to anger and she never dealt with that well. Lying back on the garage roof, she looked up at the fading light and the slight hints of night-time blue painting the sky.

“You okay kid?” Luna asked. She was at the window Sunset used to access the roof, concerned by the look of it. “You've been pretty quiet since camp.”

“Yeah.” Sunset replied half-heartedly. “I guess I'm okay.” She turned her head back to the sky and the scattering of stars making themselves known. There was a few clunks and muffled cursing and Luna was on the roof, picking her way across to join Sunset.

“That 'yeah' is one I know well.” Luna sat and then lay back on the roof beside Sunset, looking up to the sky with her. “Something is on your mind. Is it what happened at camp?” Plenty had occurred at the lake. A great deal more than anything during her schooldays.

“I can deal with new magic.” Sunset began, touching her neck where the geode had appeared. “A well-intentioned use of magic creating a monster was fine. My friends and I getting new powers is par for the course. I can even deal with this mystery of magical geodes, amulets and talismans imbued with magic are wellknown in Equestria.” Sunset paused and sighed deeply. “What I can't deal with is my best friend meeting a guy.”

“Twilight is a sensible girl, she'll be careful and still have time for you girls.” Luna said, facing Sunset to watch her expression. Just an inkling now of what could be the problem.

“I was going to ask her on a date.” Sunset spoke quietly, almost too quietly for Luna to hear. “I had all these plans and thoughts. Perfect moments to ask her...” She trailed off. “I thought I might have a chance. I was just afraid she'd not be ready for a relationship like that.” Sunset laughed, a slightly bitter edge to it. “Looks like she is.”

“Sorry Sunset.” Luna said, looking at her niece and watching her conflicted expression. “It is never nice. No matter your age.”

“I'm happy for her, you know? She liked someone, he liked her. They're together.” Sunset reached an arm to the sky. “She is happy, really happy. I didn't have a claim, maybe I should have asked sooner. But that's a maybe and I'm not going to push it.” She sighed again and looked at Luna. “There is someone else for me out there, right?”

“Yes.” Luna nodded firmly. “You're in high school Sunset. There are other people to meet and other matches to make.” She tilted her head, thinking a moment. “And, not wishing ill on the new couple, it might not last. You're all young and there is so much change ahead for you.”

“I know.” Sunset shuffled over a little to rest her head on Luna's shoulder. “Maybe I'll move on. Maybe I will get a chance with Twilight. But it stings now. Just a little.”

“Oh yeah, it will.” Luna shook her head at a memory. “I had a thing for a girl in college, after Chrys had gone off to be a super-spy. This girl was everything I liked and was a good friend. I wanted to take things further.” Luna chuckled. “Of course, she comes back after one of the breaks with gushing stories about a girlfriend back home. Some daughter of a family friend she'd met at a get-together and they'd hit it off right away. A girl who was nothing at all like me, clearly my crush sought something very different.”

“Bummer.” Sunset said. She didn't sound quite as doleful as she had earlier. “You were still friends though?”

“Of course.” Luna said quickly. “In fact, with a partner of her own, she was quick to direct any interest from other girls to me. Great wing-woman and a great friend.” She shifted a little to have an arm around her niece. “But of course, I met someone after her and hit it off with someone after that...” She trailed off. “I, uh, dated a lot more than Celestia ever did. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.”

“But now you're back with Chrys.” Sunset didn't want to get her hopes up, mirroring her situation with Luna's. But it was a little tiny help to think of, all things considered.

“Yes I've got Chrysalis back. After we did a lot of growing up.” Luna chuckled. “I wouldn't call them wasted years though. We both had a lot of fun and good times with other partners.”

“Things happen as they happen right?” Sunset was feeling better about the missed opportunity, even if it did put her deeper affections aside. “Twilight is not available like that any more, so I've got to deal with it.”

“Pretty much.” Luna replied. “Stay friends though. Please?”

“Of course!” Sunset was quick to reply. “Twilight is my friend, I hope we'll always be friends.” She breathed. “I just wish we could be something more.”

“Don't dwell on it, you'll sour things up.” Luna hugged Sunset. “I'm always here to listen though, OK?”

“I know. Thanks Aunty Luna.” Sunset kept her head back on Luna's shoulder. They were still looking up at the sky. Just watching the stars. Luna knew she had helped. Sunset called her Aunty mostly when some needed advice or comfort was shared.

“I stargazed with my dad you know. On the clearer nights or when we were camping. He knew all the stories behind the constellations.” Luna had noticed Sunset tracing some of the constellations in the sky.

“Yeah?” Sunset raised her arm a little to lazily gesture a shape in the air, “Some look sort of like those in Equestria. But I don't know very much about these.” She turned her head to look at Luna. “Could you tell me about them?”

“I'd love to.” Luna replied, eager to share one of her passions.

Being high up helped Sunset think, helped her feel better. Tonight it was just what she needed.

Author's Note:

This was never supposed to be a ship-fic. I put a few bits in from time to time but my intention for this story is Sunset having a family unit and doing a bit of growing up.

I am not ship sinking entirely, but dealing with your crush being with someone else is part of life in school and outside. Here Sunset gets some affection and assistance from her aunty once more.