• Published 4th Oct 2016
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Making Family - Cirrus Sky

You can find a home, but sometimes you have to make a family. Sunset is working on that.

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Doctor's Report

Celestia sat in the waiting room with Sunset. The report from Sunset's medical and bloods had come in and the Doctor wanted to speak to them instead of just sending her recommendations. Beside her, Sunset was a little nervy, the teen had not liked the needle last time and possibly was concerned about a repeat.

For her part, the older woman was not in the best of moods. She had some poor memories of waiting for a doctor's report. A long time ago when she was only a little older than Sunset, she had sat inside alone. Refusing to let Luna come in with her and with her own mother stuck abroad to keep her job. Celestia had demanded that, not wanting the woman who had raised her to lose her dream job on her account.

The clinic was a different one, but so much had been the same.


“The doctor will see you now Celestia.” The receptionist said, there was a look not unlike pity in her eyes. Celestia had expected it, she was far from her usual self after all. Gone was the healthy layer of muscle, she had lost tone and definition in places and become positively gaunt in others. A serious illness that evacuated her from a foreign country with harsh treatments would do that to anyone.

“Thanks.” Celestia said, standing up. At least she was steady on her feet again, but it would be a long time before she'd be back to top form. Stepping through the waiting room, Celestia reached the office and knocked the door.

“Enter.” The friendly voice was welcoming, but the news Celestia was attending to hear could be bad. Taking a breath, she opened the door. “Hello Celestia.” The doctor said from her seat at the desk. “Would you take a seat?”

Her tones were too grave for it to be anything but bad. Feeling her lip tremble, Celestia sat and listened. “Serious Illness” and “Invasive Treatment.” were repeated to her. “Long term effects.” had been another, a trio who had been spoken often while she was sick. It looked like they wanted to keep her company even now she was out.

Then a new word, one that cut through her distracted fugue. “Infertile.”

“What?” Celestia said, her voice small and scared. Sure she had heard wrong.

“The infection, the treatments, some combination of the two... We won't be able to tell you. But I'm sorry Celestia. You won't be able conceive a child.” The doctor looked over to her. Reasons were shared, the explanation involving more of her biology than anyone could successful treat; Celestia didn't hear them. She couldn't compute a word.

The rest of the meeting was a blur, a handful of notes were passed over and Celestia left the office. Numb to the core.


“Sunset, the doctor is ready to see you.” The receptionist's words snapped Celestia from her memories. Her past was behind her, now her daughter needed a mom to be with her. To take care of her. She may have sent her mother away, but she was not going to leave Sunset alone.

“Okay.” Sunset stood up, Celestia with her as they walked the short distance to the room. The door was open and Kind Heart was sat at her desk, the pair entered and took a seat.

“Hello you two. How have things been?” Kind Heart asked with a smile. There were papers on her desk but she was focused on her patient.

“I'm feeling better thanks.” Sunset said, truthfully she felt a lot better, from her illness and mentally now she had family to look after her.

“Good. I'm hoping that this helps you.” Kind Heart tapped the papers. “Everything is back, so I can pass on my advice with the results.” She turned over some pages.

“Is it too bad?” Sunset asked, shooting a quick glance to her mother, hoping that this didn't make her feel guilty.

“You are malnourished Sunset. I have a list of essential minerals and vitamins you need more of, you certainly haven't been eating right.” Kind Heart scanned the page. “You certainly need protein and iron the most.”

“She's a vegetarian, but I can think of a few things to help.” Celestia said. If this was the worst of it then things were not looking too bad.

“Plenty of leafy greens for the iron and any one of those protein enriched foods should be first on the list.” Kind Heart handed over the report. “There is a list at the back of the best things to try and some recommended supplements if you think those would be helpful.” She smiled to them both. “Though I think you two will get it covered in a good diet now that Sunset is somewhere safe.”

After exchanging pleasantries and goodbyes, the mother and daughter pair left.


A visit to the grocery store had built up a good selection of things to help build up Sunset's health. Celestia didn't think she was a stellar chef, but she knew how to cook a few meals and follow recipes successfully.

Soon Sunset would be back to a level of health that a girl her age should have. Celestia was very glad to be a part of. With time to spare, she picked up the paperwork Kind Heart had given her. If she was going to make sure that Sunset was taken care of, she was going to do it right.

Some time later, Celestia had to stop. Reading just how badly Sunset had been doing had been painful. She was going over in her head, again, just what she could have done for Sunset earlier. Taken in the teen sooner or made sure she of how she was living right after that Fall Formal.

Not to mention, a troubling detail that Sunset had not shared was mentioned in there. Something that the teen would have to be approached over. Celestia took a breath and placed the papers down on the table. For peace of mind, she would have to see now.

Sunset was in her room, watching shows on her laptop. Luna had gotten her on to some cartoon or the other and Sunset was determined to catch-up on the many past episodes. The sight of the girl relaxed on her bed with the computer was a nice one to see. “Are you okay to talk?” Celestia asked as she opened the door.

“Sure.” Sunset looked up, she shut her laptop and smiled. A smile that fell a little when she saw how upset her mother looked. “Mom?”

“I-” Celestia cleared her throat. “I read the report from Kind Heart.” She sat down on the bed by Susnet. “I understand if you don't really want to talk about it. But, it mentioned scars. Bad scars.” She kept her focus on the green eyes. Eyes that clouded and fell when scars were mentioned.

“She didn't ask about them, but she made me make some movements.” Sunset replied, still looking at her lap. “To check nothing important was damaged. You and Chrys had made it so my past was off-limits, so that was why she only looked at them physically.” Her arm reached around, fingertips brushing the edge of the marks under her shirt.

“Where are they from?” Celestia asked, she'd read the description and had an idea.

Quite quickly Sunset had pulled her t-shirt up, her hair brushed aside. Acting speedily so as not to back out or be afraid. She listened to the little gasp and winced, but a hand laid over the pair of scars a moment. Then it tugged the shirt back down and pulled Sunset close. “The wings left their mark. Dark magic has a price.”

“Oh Sunset.” Celestia kept her daughter in a tight hug. “Did they hurt? Did I set you to tidying when I should have been treating wounds?”

“I deserved it.” Sunset sniffed. “It was part of my punishment...”

“Sunset. Please.” Celestia turned her to look her in the eye. “Was it bad that night?”

“It stung, like a graze. The magic had mostly healed it, they were healed up by Monday.” Sunset kept the eye contact but still the guilt was there. “I'm sorry. But in the ranks of the pain from that day, it was nothing. Becoming that monster had hurt a lot, so some stinging was just a reminder that I was me again.”

“At least I know now. I wish you had said though.” Celestia sighed. “There is a whole lot of shared history we're going to both have to deal with.”

“Yeah.” Sunset laughed a little. “But we can.”

They stayed like that a while, Celestia hugging her daughter, for both their sakes. When it came time to prepare supper they were in a better mood. Working together in the kitchen, Celestia wished she could have gone back to herself all those years ago and assured the numbed young woman that one day it would be so much better.

Author's Note:

This was one of the little ideas cut from the main story of Finding Home to keep things running. After the plot was better to follow and develop the adoption, most of this detail was unnecessary. Though I hope this has made it into a half decent addition now.