• Published 4th Oct 2016
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Making Family - Cirrus Sky

You can find a home, but sometimes you have to make a family. Sunset is working on that.

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Far far away...

Today Sunset and Twilight would be working on a project for their class, one they didn't share with the other girls. Spike had come with his person, but the pup quickly bored of the project work and had escaped to explore Celestia's garden some time ago.

“Aaand we're done!” Twilight clipped the binder closed and smiled across to Sunset. “Project work is much faster with a friend.”

“I guess that is the point of paired projects?” Sunset said, sat back in the chair she had borrowed from Luna, needing the extra at her desk while sharing with Twilight.

“I suppose so.” Twilight brushed some hair behind her ear, a nervous habit that Sunset recognised.

“Oh! Sorry...” Sunset reached over to put hold Twilight's shoulder a moment. “I kind of forgot that you were more for solo work.”

“Independent Study. I hated to work with anyone else, I felt they were holding me back.” Twilight sighed. “I've learned though. Thanks to you.” She smiled, one Sunset returned. Which got them both blushing and averting their eyes.

“Now we're finished, I had better give Aunty Luna her chair back.” Sunset quickly changed the subject. They'd been falling into slightly blush-tinted silences of late and it was confusing. She stood and started to wheel the chair away.

“Sure!” Twilight grasped the out and followed Sunset. It was still a little bit weird that her principal and vice-principal were her best friend's family. It was even more strange to discover that outside of school, the mysterious and forbidding darker sister was such a geek.

Helping with the bedroom door, holding it while Sunset moved the chair through and passing ahead to knock as Luna's, Twilight was once again struck with nerves. “Who is it?” Luna answered from inside.

“I've got your chair!” Sunset said cheerfully.

“Come in then.” Luna replied. “I'd let you in but I am a little busy.”

Nodding to Twilight to get the door, Sunset pushed the chair through and carried on until it was neatly by the desk. “Thanks for the lending it to me.” Sunset said, looking across to Luna. Her aunt was sat cross-legged on her bed, a low table set up beside it with a large pile of LEGO parts and a build in progress. The oversized box was on the bed beside her, Luna focused on the instruction booklet. “Neat Spaceship.” Sunset commented, looking at the picture on the box.

“Snowspeeder.” Twilight and Luna said at the same time, eliciting a laugh from the pair.

“A what?” Sunset looked at the box again and noticed the name and a somewhat familiar title. “Oh, from that Star Wars thing.”

That comment elicited a double take from her friend and her aunt. “That Star Wars Thing?” Luna asked, almost aghast.

“Its a game or something right?” Sunset shrugged.

“Wait, you've never watched Star Wars?” Twilight looked quite confused, almost concerned.

“No, I haven't watched that.” Sunset replied, “So it is a film then?”

“A series of films.” Luna interjected. Thinking a moment. “Okay, have you watched any of the Marvel films, superheroes and the like?”

“Oh! I watched some of those with Flash and then others with Rainbow.” Sunset thought for a moment. “I watched Batman ones with Flash too.”

“Okay, so you're kind of covered for superhero movies.” Twilight had pulled out a notebook and pen from her pocket, making some notes as Luna looked on with approval. “What have you watched then?”

“The girl's favourite films. The Devil Wears Prada, Top Gun, Charlotte's Web, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Magnificent Seven.” Sunset listed off, Luna nodded for each one, certainly guessing which girl liked what. “And you got us to watch Matilda the last sleepover.”

“No other films at all?” Luna mused a moment.

“I lived in a derelict building with no electricity.” Sunset shrugged, “So not really. I've been watching all those cartoons and comedy shows you suggested Aunty Luna, then some documentaries with Mom.” She looked nervously at her friend and aunt, they had similar and alarming expressions on their faces. Calculating, scheming faces.

“Never mind. We'll educate you.” Twilight said. There was a glint of light off her glasses.

“To the Luna cave!” Luna said, glee in her voice as she ushered the girls down the stairs to the basement door. “Permission to enter is granted.” She hurried down the staircase to hit the lights, her own selection of lighting options were set from the bottom of the stairs.


Once Luna had switched on the lights, Twilight had almost gone mute, she'd followed down behind but halted quickly. Sunset could trace her gaze as the girl slowly looked around, taking in everything Luna had in her lair.

“Wonderful things...” Twilight muttered

“So, we're watching Star Wars. In what order does the lady suggest?” Luna asked, she had moved to a cabinet in the corner, one Sunset had noticed before because of the strange grey ball on top of it.

“I really want to show Sunset the films in release order.” Twilight said with a smile that was making Sunset warm. “Shining insisted I watch them that way, I really enjoyed it like that and even when I would marathon everything in chronological order... It was still pretty special to watch it that way.”

“A good choice.” Luna smiled and pulled a box from the cabinet. She took an external hard-drive out and began to hook it up to the computer tower connected to the TV. Twilight looked on puzzled. “I thought we would all enjoy the Despecialised edition.” Luna grinned and Sunset watched, amazed, as Twilight seemed to glow with awe.

“You have that?” Her eyes were shining as she focused on Luna's actions to hook up the drive.

“I have sources. This is the latest and greatest cut.” Luna smiled over at the pair on the sofa. “I wasn't quite old enough for the cinematic release, but my father had been and I still have his old VHS set.” Luna had the TV on and was using the mouse to open files on her PC. “I love that the internet and the films have brought a community of people together to create something.”

“I am glad that there is a project to put the films back to a less meddled version. While I understand a drive to achieve a vision, sometimes an artist has to step back and accept that their art is appreciated as is...” Twilight grinned, cut off by the screen displaying the movie player.

“I have no idea what you're talking about.” Sunset looked between them, they were clearly happy but they might as well have been speaking another language. “Is it time for the movie to begin?”

“Yes it is. I'll grab snacks.” Luna had a stash in her basement and a fridge for soda and beer. Soon they were set.

“You'll love these.” Twilight assured her. Sunset was happy to watch films with her family and her friends. If Twilight and Luna were this excited to show he them, they must be good.

The title crawl began and Luna lowered the lights. Soon Sunset was swept away to a galaxy far away.


Over the course of three films, back to back, there were a few changes in the room. Spike joined them half way through the room, the pup laid across Twilight's lap to watch and be petted. As they prepared to play the second, Sunset eager to find out what would happen next, Chrysalis joined them. Sitting with Luna, it shuffled them along the couch and now Sunset was a lot closer to Twilight and just as comfortable.

Astounded by the “twist” as Luke clung on in Bespin, Sunset had half gasped and gripped Twilight's hand. But then most of the rest of the audience had chuckled at her expense. “She must have lived in a culture blackout to not know that one.” Had been Chrys' tease.

Sunset didn't mind, it had distracted from the fact she still had her fingers locked with Twilight's. They kept them together all through the next film.


“Okay, so those were amazing. Are there more?” Sunset stretched a little in her seat, they'd just watched three films in a row. Dinner hadn't even put a pause in the marathon, Celestia had joined them and brought the meal down.

“Ah.” Luna grimaced and Chrysalis smirked. “There are three prequels and then the two more recent film

“You'll love Rogue One and Force Awakens.” Twilight supplied quickly. Luna nodded and even Chrysalis shared a lazy thumbs up.

“But it is quite late everyone.” Celestia said firmly, “So we should probably retire to bed.”

“Mmm, sounds like a plan.” Chrysalis drawled, lifting her arm to Luna's side and certainly doing something non-PG out of view. Celestia grimaced and made a shoo-ing motion to the pair.

“Ohmygosh.” Twilight froze, realising the time at last. Spike was asleep in her lap, he had been for most of the film. She'd gotten rather carried away watching Sunset watch the movie.

“I called your mother Twilight. She was happy for you to stay over.” Celestia said gently, noticing an impending panic attack. “After all, it isn't a school night. There is sure to be some spare clothes you can borrow from Sunset to sleep in.” She took Spike from Twilight's lap and held him in the crook of her arm, then led the two girls from the basement.

“Sleepover, awesome.” Sunset gave a tap to Twilight's upper arm and grinned, jostling her slightly to get a smile in return.

“That sounds great.” Twilight said softly, calming down. It was actually something she had been wanting to do for a while, having a sleepover with her friend. It would be nice to have a quieter time to those involving all the girls.

When they reached Sunset's room, Celestia handed over Spike. “I'll just collect a sleeping bag and the futon. You can help Twilight find something to wear, Sunset?”

“Sure Mom.” Sunset smiled again and guided Twilight in. She sat the girl down on her bed and pulled open a drawer. “You don't mind leggings and a t-shirt right?”

“No, they sound fine.” Twilight smiled and put Spike down on the bed. “I don't need a matched-set every night.” She gratefully took the clothes and withdrew to the washroom to change. When she emerged, Celestia and Sunset were setting out the futon and sleeping bag.

“Would you like Spike with you, or would you like a blanket for him?” Sunset asked. The futon had flumped down close to Sunset's bed and she was rolling out the sleeping bag.

“I'll have him with me.” Twilight said. “Thanks for all this, I am sort of imposing.”

“Nonsense!” Celestia said cheerfully. “I'm happy to have you here.” She nodded to Sunset, “If you need drinks or snacks, you know where the kitchen is, but not too much please!” She moved to the door then. “Oh, you might have to face Chrysalis or Luna too, they are partial to midnight snacks. Goodnight girls.”

“Night Mom.” Sunset said with a wave, Twilight waved too as she was still not sure how to address her principal in this situation. With Celestia gone, Sunset dashed into the washroom and changed. Twilight was settled on the futon when she was back. “Want to chat?”

“Yeah, that would be nice.” Twilight said. When Sunset jumped onto her bed and lay back, Twilight snuggled into her sleeping bag. “What do you want to talk about?”

“The movies? There was so much going on and I bet you've watched those enough to write the whole wiki!” Sunset looked over, eyes gleaming with enthusiasm. It made Twilight giggle.

“Alright, where do you want to begin?”


Late in the night, finally too tired to talk any more, the girls fell asleep.

Author's Note:

Ship Ahoy!

So, Star Wars. I loved SF as a child, but I was a Trek fan and read the slightly more "hard" science fiction of Bradbury, Asimov and Heinlein. Star Wars were some neat films to watch with my friends. Then the Prequels came out with all their fan-fare. I sort of liked them but they weren't the best or super my thing (also, Stargate was my preferred SF by this point) .The new films are very good though.

I hope I did this justice for you super fans. Also, no points for guessing who liked which mentioned favourite films!