• Published 4th Oct 2016
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Making Family - Cirrus Sky

You can find a home, but sometimes you have to make a family. Sunset is working on that.

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Since Luna had moved in with Chrysalis, she had made it a tradition to take Sunset out at least once a week. Whether they went to the arcade, to watch a movie or some place to grab food or drink; they were spending time together.

Luna loved being an aunty, Sunset was a good kid and intelligent with enough curiosity to never get bored of Luna's hobbies. Not to mention, Sunset loved music as much as Luna; a love she inherited from her late father.

They also shared a few sad similarities, they had an understanding of the darkest depths a mind could go. It was healthy for them both to be there for each other and Luna wanted to make sure they kept that link.

“You good Luna?” Sunset said with a hint of concern. Today they had gone for milkshakes at an old fashioned Drug Store that Chrysalis liked to visit. The temptation of an egg cream and a malted shake had drawn them to the store for their shared time. They had taken a booth and were sat opposite each other for a conversation.

“I was just thinking. Nothing to worry about.” Luna smiled and sipped at her shake. “Just glad we spend time together.” They had both enjoyed an Egg Cream and were now working on a shake each, something they could spare time on and just catch up.

“Yeah. I like being able to leave the house for Mom and Dad too, give them some alone time.” Sunset looked briefly wistful. “Do you ever feel like you shouldn't have the life you live?”

Luna put out a hand and gripped Sunset's arm. “Often. More often recently.” She chuckled, a little self-deprecatingly. “But we do deserve it. We do deserve to be happy.”

“Sorry, I was a downer.” Sunset played with the straw in her milkshake.

“This is why I, why we, catch up Sunset. Both of us understand each other. I need that support as much as you do.” Luna gave a lopsided smile. “Chrys knows we need this time too, so never think you are taking me away from her.” She shifted a little to hold Sunset's hand.

“Okay.” Sunset allowed, it was good to hear the reassuring words. “I am really glad we meet up.”

“Anyway, more fun subjects. I gave Mom a tour of the house with a portal call, but of course Chrys had to keep finding weird places to pop out. I swear, she was scuttling around in the ceiling or something.” Luna began to relate more of the story to a now giggling Sunset.

Luna loved having a niece.


The pair were finishing up their conversation now they had finished their milkshakes. “-and then Spike just jumped up and ate the cracker!” Sunset laughed as she mimed the jump.

“He's a smart dog, Twilight is very lucky to have a dog who can talk.” Luna chuckled. “You'll have to get her working on collars like kin Up.”

“Probably safer than some of her magic experiments.” Sunset said fondly, thinking of her friend. Leaving a tip on the table they left the store.

At Luna's car they paused for Luna to get her keys out. “Oh, hey.” She took her hand from her pocket. “I got you something.” Luna handed over a button badge, face down. “We got kind of sidetracked when you told Chrys and I, but we spotted this the other day..”

“Thanks?” Sunset turned over the badge, the pink, purple and blue stripes bright and bold. A little tickle of tears teased the back of her eye. She knew the history here in this world, knew the struggle Luna, Chrysalis and others had faced, to be able to casually hand over a pin had to be such a victory for them. “This is really nice. Thanks.”

“You don't need to wear it and I know we said we were both here for you. I just thought you might like it.” Luna smiled, her gig 'battle jacket' had a few pride patches and pins amongst the bands she loved and slogans that amused her.

“I'm going to wear it.” Sunset had a bright smile as she chose a spot on her jacket to pin it to. Today she was wearing her black vest, Luna had noticed her niece liked to trade through different pu-leather jackets and this one was her current favourite.

With the pin in place, Sunset shrugged the jacket back on and admired the addition. Luna chuckled. “I'll let Chrys know that you liked it.” She unlocked her car.

“Thanks, to you both.” Sunset smiled again and jumped into the shotgun seat. Clipping her belt she stopped, looking alarmed a second.

“Alright Sunset?” Luna had sat down and found Sunset looking surprised. She didn't know how Sunset's magic worked, but the pause was something like the times she had used it.

“I haven't told Mom.” Sunset looked up at her aunt. “She doesn't know.”

“Oh.” Luna couldn't think of more of a reply. Clipping her own belt up, she considered things a moment. “You know she will be absolutely fine with it?”

“Yeah. I think that is why I never thought to tell her?” Sunset shook her head and gave Luna a sheepish grin. “Guess it is time to find out if I was actually in a closet or not?” That set her aunt laughing.

“Come on, I'll go in with you. I have got to see this.” Luna started up and pulled off to drive them home.


“We're home!” Sunset called out cheerfully as she entered the house. Part greeting, part fair warning that there were others present in the house. Her parents had a strong relationship, one she did not need to know the many facets of. She got as far as the lounge before deciding it best to wait and took a seat.

“I'm came along to say hi!” Luna called, hanging dropping her jacket over a chair. Visiting the house that had so long been home was still a little strange. She joined Sunset on the sofa.

“Hello you two.” Celestia entered the lounge from the direction of her study. “Discord went out to get ingredients for his latest recipe, some new dish we didn't have everything in for.” She grabbed Luna in a hug, not being able to do so on such a regular basis meant she had gotten a little more huggy when she could. “Did you have a nice time?”

“Yes, we went to an old-fashioned Drug Store with a soda fountain.” Sunset noticed her mother's eyes light up at mention of a place to purchase treats. “It was nice.”

“They make an excellent Egg Cream.” Luna added, knowing that Celestia enjoyed them.

“I'll have to get the address, Discord and I would love to visit.” Celestia smirked, she knew that the pair were fishing for that reaction. “I am glad you both had fun.”

“Yup, no one had to be sore about amazing high scores.” Sunset teased her aunt a little. Their last trip she had managed to fluke to the high score on one of Luna's favourite machines. That provoked the woman to shove her. Sunset sprawled across the couch.

“I think we will not be visiting the arcade for a while.” Luna glowered. Breaking into a grin quite quickly.

“You two. No rough-housing in the lounge.” Celestia mock-scolded. It warmed her heart to see Luna so happy and to see her daughter so care-free.

“Yes Mom.” Luna poked her tongue at her sister.

Sunset sat back up and straightened her jacket and hair. Celestia spotted a new pin and the specific colours on it. “A new pin?” She looked at Sunset, encouraging her to speak.

“Yeah, Aunty Luna and Chrys got it for me.” Sunset almost shyly showed it to Celestia. “It is, ah, the right one for me.”

“How kind of them. I hope you thanked Luna.” Celestia smiled at her daughter. “It is a thoughtful gift.”

“It, um, I forgot that I hadn't told you.” Sunset looked up at her Mom. “I am Bi.” She paused, “I know you're okay with that.”

“I had an idea that was the case.” Celestia sat down the other side of Sunset. “I am also glad that I created an environment so open that you didn't think you needed to 'come out' to me. Though I will still be asking the intentions of anyone you bring home as a romantic partner!” Celestia laughed and hugged her daughter. Luna grabbed them both into a hug.

“Thanks Mom. I think.” Sunset revelled in the embrace. She had found a great family.

Author's Note:

Saw some art of Sunset with a pin. Thought I would write it into my story.