• Published 4th Oct 2016
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Making Family - Cirrus Sky

You can find a home, but sometimes you have to make a family. Sunset is working on that.

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Moments like this gave Celestia a new appreciation for her own mother and what she'd dealt with. Despite her age and stature, Sunset was almost the image of six-year-old Luna presenting their mother with a bullfrog she'd managed to catch and begging her to let her keep it as a pet.


Look Mommy! He's all squishy and goes croak and I caughted him just like Daddy told me how!” The little girl was splashed in water, mud and pondweed, Celestia was doing her best not to laugh too much as their father avoided mother's pointed glare. Luna's face was a picture of innocence and earnest cheer.


Okay, so Sunset did have a tank and a number of books with titles like “You and Your Leopard Gecko.” There was even a box that was suspiciously crickety sounding. That thought made her almost shudder. “Hi Mom.” Sunset looked over with a hopeful grin.

“A pet.” Celestia said evenly. Sunset was sat on the couch opposite her cradling a tiny lizard. Luna was next to her cooing at the little yellow gecko, absolutely enchanted.

“I sort of got a carried away with Fluttershy and everyone.” Sunset said, keeping her beseeching look in place. “But there's is a tank and I have the right bark chips and environment toys.” She risked looking away to smile at the lizard.

“It is a responsibility.” Celestia said. “One for you and only for you.” She was trying to recall some of the other things her mother had said when Luna had begged for a pet. Eventually Luna earned the trust to raise a possum she named Tiberius. She'd loved and cared for the little creature well into her teen years.

“I have all the books Fluttershy recommended and a box of food.” Sunset looked up again. Luna had taken the lizard to hold and was touching noses with it. “Twilight has kept lizards before and has all kinds of advice too.”

“Boop.” Luna said aloud and chuckled, the little gecko had placed a foot on her nose. Her younger sister was no help here at all. Far too happy to play with the cute little thing.

“Alright. A pet.” Celestia let out one last sigh, it wasn't the worst sort of animal to wish to keep. “You do have the space in your room but we will have to get something a little more solid than a desk to keep the tank on.” She looked to the box making the chirruping noises, this time wincing over the ick-factor. “I do not want to have to round up his meals, so please don't let them escape.”

“Noted.” Sunset was smiling and looked very happy. Almost bouncing in her seat. “So this means I get to keep him?”

“Yes Sunset, you can keep your lizard. Though, I would like a little more involvement if there is ever a next time.” Celestia said, trying not to laugh at Luna's playing with the lizard, she had it running up her arm at this point.

“I can!” Sunset stood up and wrapped Celestia in a hug. “Thanks so much for letting me keep Ray!”

Celestia hugged back and looked at the little lizard perched on Luna's shoulder. His tiny yellow face was nearly all smile, Luna scooped him up and held him out for Celestia to see. She couldn't help smiling back. “Hello Ray. Welcome to the family.”

She could have sworn he smiled more.

Author's Note:

Pets, I have never had a pet. Not enough room and my parents are very up on the idea that we would not be responsible for any pet. Or, we'd get upset too much about any issues.

Now Ray can be part of the family too.