• Published 4th Oct 2016
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Making Family - Cirrus Sky

You can find a home, but sometimes you have to make a family. Sunset is working on that.

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An uncharacteristicly subdued Pinkie Pie had arrived at her office door. “Sunset really needs her mom right now.” had been the girl's only comment. Celestia had paused a moment until Luna had shooed her off.

“I can handle shut-down for the day. Go.” Luna had not liked just how bounce-less Pinkie was. If something to do with Sunset had deflated the exuberant girl, it couldn't be a good thing.

Weeping sobs met Celestia at the door to the music room, she hurried in to find Sunset almost doubled over on a chair, sobbing her heart out. “Pinkie Pie came to fetch me.” She hardly noticed which of her daughter's friends were there. Fluttershy, Twilight and Rarity each moved out of the way to let her closer to Sunset.

“Sunset?” Celestia knelt level with her daughter and placed an arm around her. “I'm going to take you home, okay honey?” With care and gentleness, she guided Sunset from the room and quietly through the school. She was very glad that it was the end of the school day, so much so, most of the students were home. Sunset wasn't overly proud, but no-one wanted to be seen in this state.

“I told them... Said what happened...” Sunset whispered out between sobs. “They wanted to know, why I don't spend time with their kid-sisters...” She remained close to her mother, the arm around her was comforting. An anchor even.

“Shh, its okay. We'll go home and talk about this.” Celestia leant in to softly kiss her daughter's head. “You don't owe me any explanation.” Sadly she had been used to such breakdowns, Luna had not recovered overnight and had still struggled for long years.


Traffic was calmer today, it had not taken too long to get home. Celestia had ushered Sunset inside, taken her jacket and settled her on the sofa. Though her sobs had stopped, Sunset still had tears running down her face and little hitches in her breaths. Pausing in the kitchen, Celestia set the kettle to boil and returned to her daughter. “You can tell me whatever you need to.” A question with no pressure and no requirements.

“I had to tell the girls what I almost did.” Sunset said softly. “They wanted to know why I was avoiding their sisters.” There was only the slightest shake to her voice. “There were more questions than I could deal with and I panicked and shouted it out.”

“Is it okay that you said it?” Celestia asked, taking her hand.

“I don't know.... But Rarity apologised so deeply.” Sunset sniffed. “I think I am a little bit glad I said it. I needed to. The doctor said it might help.” She burrowed into the cushions on the sofa and pulled a blanket to her. “I think I would like a cup of tea.”

“I set the kettle to boil.” Celestia smiled, “It should be about ready now.” She stood, “I won't be long.”

It was simple to prepare a pot of tea, she did it on autopilot almost. Putting a tray out and placing their cups and the pot onto it, she joined Sunset again. “Tea.” The coffee table was near enough that putting the tray there wouldn't require them to move when the tea was ready. “It will be a few moments.”

“Thanks.” Sunset was sniffing again and Celestia handed her a tissue. “I didn't want to have a really big cry.” Sunset said after she blew her nose. “Pinkie Pie is the one for massive emotional displays... Rarity does the dramatic ones.”

“You were overwhelmed Sunset. It happens.” Celestia poured the tea and drew Sunset close, hugging her with one arm. “Have you felt this anxious about those three for long?” She asked without accusation or demands, looking at Sunset with care and concern. She felt the girl stiffen a little in her arms. “I won't be cross or disappointed.”

“A while. Since I found out really.” Sunset blinked a few more tears loose, they ran down her face. “It started off that I was just watching myself around them, making sure I was okay. That I didn't do anything I thought might upset them. But as time went on and no one was sorry, no one apologised, it got worse. I started to see more and more things that might set them against me again.” Sunset scrubbed more tears away. “I went from spending time with the girls with their sisters, to just withdrawing and then avoiding them. I felt so bad about it, but I thought no one had noticed.”

“So everything just escaped today when they pressed you?” Celestia pulled her daughter closer. “That does happen. I had my fair share of moments like that in the past.”

“Right.” Sunset snuggled into the hug and was pleased to be understood. “I think I need to tell the doctor this.” She caught some more tears with the corner of the blanket. “Letting myself get overwhelmed isn't exactly healthy.”

Celestia made a noise of approval, “A wise idea. Doctor Gentle Heart will be able to help.” After an initial referral from Kind Heart, Sunset had met with the psychologist. She specialised and would be more able to assist than a general practitioner. The fortnightly sessions were very helpful to Sunset. “Your appointment is in a few days actually. I can bring it forward if you need?”

“I'll see how I go.” Sunset moved to look at her mother. “It is only a few days to go, I think I will be okay until then.” The tears weren't welling in her eyes anymore and she was feeling a little calmer now.

“Alright then. But the option is open.” Celestia smiled. “Now, lets have a nice cup of tea. We'll unwind a little and relax. Then I can put on some soup for tea.” She leaned over to the coffee table and poured out two cups of tea, adding the extras they each liked and handed a cup to Sunset.

“Thank you.” Sunset said, managing her own little smile.


The tea and quite were very helpful, the soup for supper was warm and filling. When Sunset was in bed she felt much better, though she would still have to face her friends in the morning.

Switching off the bedside lamp, she considered the near future. “One day at a time Sunset.” She told herself, settling down for sleep.

Author's Note:

Sometimes you just need mum. Part of my rotten week was really helped by mine.
There will be something dealing with the other five and the CMC, of course.