• Published 4th Oct 2016
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Making Family - Cirrus Sky

You can find a home, but sometimes you have to make a family. Sunset is working on that.

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Storms were coming to Canterlot, the change in the weather as winter gave way to spring brought the fierce rain and wind. Something of which Sunset was well aware. However this year was going to be so much better; she was living in a house not some derelict abandoned building.

Wind and rain buffeted and blasted the group of friends as they left the school building. “Whoa nelly!” Applejack caught her hat and pressed it to her head.

“Yeah, I heard this one was going to be a big one.” Sunset pulled the hood up on her jacket, a black 'forces' parka Luna had gifted her, snug in the coat she grinned out from under her hood. “Are you all okay getting home?” A chorus of affirmatives were capped off by Rarity levelling a look at her.

“Are you, darling?” at her words the others focused on Sunset.

“I'm fine. I even have a ride home.” Sunset waved away their concern. A round of looks was fended off too. “I promise.” She was sincere as she could be. Another gust sent a drenching curtain of rain over the group which ended the discussion.

“Okay, this is so not the place to argue.” Rainbow tugged her hood further up. “Catch you later.” The athlete, true to her name, dashed away. The others started to leave too, more students coming from the school parting the friends on their paths. Sunset slipped from view in the general mingling and walked the short distance to the staff parking lot.

“Hey kiddo.” Luna waved, she was leaving the building from the staff door. Her car keys out and a raincoat on against the weather. “Want to make a quick getaway or are you planning on waiting for Celestia?”

Before Sunset could answer another figure was right behind Luna. “I'm leaving earlier today. City advice.” Celestia said, knowing full well that Luna liked to tease about her tendency to work late. “Hello Sunset.”

“Hi Mom.” Sunset fell into step with the sisters as they walked to their cars. She was glad they were all going to be home together. It would have been a worry if Celestia had remained behind, with the weather set to get worse things could be dangerous on the roads.

It didn't take long for them all to get back home. With the doors and windows shut, the house heated and a hot drink, Sunset was safe and snug away from the weather. Once their evening meal was eaten, she went to her room to do her homework and some reading.


Gloomy skies, storm clouds and the shorter days made it very dark with the power out. Unconcerned, Sunset raised her hand and clicked her fingers. All at once the candles flared into life. Since moving in Sunset had added many more candles to those that Celestia had thoughtfully purchased. Sat in trays or on platters, stood on holders and planted in stands, she was once again surrounded with candles of every shape and size.

The room was well lit with the warm glow of hundreds of candles, easy for Sunset to carry on reading her book. It was another collection of mythology, this one gathering tales from ancient Greece into a large illustrated format. Many of these closely matched history and story from Equestria, a fascinating parallel. Not bothered by the wind and the rain outside in the warm and dry room, Sunset turned the page.


Watching TV in the lounge, Celestia wasn't too surprised when the power went out. The storm was a bad one. Navigating in what little light was left she made an awkward shuffle through her lounge. Picking a torch out of the cupboard by the kitchen (not actually knocking anything from the cabinet!) Celestia started a mental count. By ten Luna had come from the basement. “You'll have to play some handheld games Lu.” Celestia smiled. She turned on her torch to shed some light on the space.

Luna pulled a face. “Yes I know, though getting kicked off an online match is annoying.” Luna grumbled, already starting up her console. A crash of lightning was followed by a rumble of thunder and both women looked to the window, laughing. They enjoyed a good storm.

“I've not heard from Sunset.” Celestia said, she shone her torch to the stairs. More curious than concerned they went to her room. It was still quiet and the house was dark. However, there was a pool of light coming from under the door. Celestia opened it and smiled at the sight before her.

Sat in an ocean of softly glowing candle-light, Sunset was engrossed in her book. She was not bothered by the rain pounding on the window or the flashes of lightning accompanied by thunder. The teen turned a page and carried on reading, oblivious to her observers.

Celestia tapped the door lightly and Sunset looked up “What are you reading?” She asked, turning off the torch, there was more than enough light. She walked in with Luna when Sunset gestured them in.

“Just some myths. I wasn't so into book learning in Equestria, but with less magical study to do here I've found books again.” Sunset gave a smirk. “Put some more horse puns in and it is like stories from there.”

“Cosy in here.” Luna commented, she dropped onto the desk chair and rolled it back a little bit to avoid the burning candles. Immediately starting her game and playing. Celestia chuckled at her sister and sat on the bed beside Sunset, her daughter had shuffled aside to leave some space. She was even offering the book to share.

“Are we reading together or would you like to read aloud?” Celestia asked, putting half of the oversized tome on her lap and her arm around Sunset's shoulders.

“Would... ahem, would you mind reading to me?” Sunset asked, a little shy. “Its been a long time since my Mom read to me.”

Celestia wanted to sob. A rush of attachment and love for the girl, coupled with one of those little wishes she had long ago left behind coming true would do that for anyone. “I'd love to read to you Sunset.” She picked the book up a little, reading to her child had been something she had resigned herself to never doing. Even if Sunset was a little older, she was going to read to her.


Rain lashed outside, the power was out across the neighbourhood and in a few places people were bemoaning the weather. But in a warm little oasis in a suburban bedroom, a little family were comfortable in each other's company, listening to a story read aloud in a sea of candle-light.

Author's Note:

I love candles, I love candle-light and sitting in a room lit only by candles. Once I had Sunset as someone who liked them I just had to write more.

This one came about from a rough idea of Sunset fully settled into her new space, lighting the candles and adding her own as a sign that she was comfortable and at home.

Some fluffy family scene, yay!