• Published 4th Oct 2016
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Making Family - Cirrus Sky

You can find a home, but sometimes you have to make a family. Sunset is working on that.

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Get Together

It was official. Her Mom and Discord were so totally doing-the-do and Sunset wasn't sure what to think, if at all. Even though the thought would not get out of her head. They were on a date and it was a date that she would not be getting home from until sometime tomorrow. So Luna was hanging out at the house with Chrysalis instead of anywhere else, to keep Sunset company.

And the thought would not leave her head.

“I need something else to think about.” Sunset announced aloud. The three of them were in the family room, Luna had hooked up her Wii to the TV and they were playing Brawl. As usual, the two women were in a grudge-match fight having easily defeated the novice Sunset.

“Ew, shut up.” Luna cottoned on to her issue quickly. “Now it is on my mind.” She hit a combo on the game and had Chrysalis's character soaring away. Snake bounced off the screen and slid from sight. “Victory!” A few flicks of her finger and Ike was posing taunts as the stats scrolled by.

“So Sunny-bun, you want distracting.” Chrysalis shoved at Luna who had gone from making her character celebrate to actually celebrating herself. “I can share some of the naughty rebel things I got her up to in college.”

“No, that is okay.” Sunset waved off that suggestion. “It probably involves a lot more of my mom kissing or something.”

“True.” Chrysalis mused a moment. “We can switch to Luna and I. There was plenty we did when we dated in college.”

“For a year, before you graduated.” Luna dead-panned. “I had been crushing on you for over a year, we had a year together and then you went all black-ops.”

“That part sucked.” Chrysalis sighed, leaning back so she rested her head on Luna's shoulder, looking over to Sunset. “I met Luna in the, er, bad year. Celestia dragged me home for Thanksgiving seeing as my family kicked me out when I jumped out of the closet.”

“I don't think I really noticed she was there, that year.” Luna, “I was home for a day or two and back to the hospital until Christmas. I didn't get back home properly until the summer of the next year.”

“I came over again for both holidays that year.” Chrysalis chuckled darkly. “Not for the best reasons.” She stretched out an arm. “Let me tell you this Sunset, if whoever you're with thinks it is okay to hurt you, get the hell away from them.”

That prompted Luna to wrap an arm around her middle. “She had her arm in a cast that time. 'Tia said something about being pushed from a second floor balcony.”

“I didn't pick 'em too well before you.” Chrysalis said softly. For a moment Sunset wondered if she should be leaving them some alone time.

“Anyway,” Luna was blushing a little, a pleased smile on her face. “I was a lot better that year and actually spent time with Celestia and Chrys.” Luna smiled. “Enough to develop a massive crush on this one.” Luna elbowed her girlfriend.

“It must have helped, knowing she liked girls too.” Sunset commented. “I can't begin to figure it out...” She muttered after.

“You alright there Sunset?” Chrysalis cocked her head, catching the last whispers.

“Um... I.” Sunset blinked twice. She knew that these two were probably perfectly placed to help her, to understand. “I like guys and girls. I, uh, figured that one out recently.” She rubbed the back of her head. “I really like this girl and I can't tell if she likes girls like that.”

Luna turned off the TV, it had been working away in the background while they talked, but this was a little more serious than light conversation. “One of your friends?”

“Y-yeah.” Sunset stuttered out shyly.

“If it is Rainbow Dash then you're fine.” Luna grinned, “She's had herself figured out since freshman year.”

“Not Rainbow, and I know. It was like, the third thing she said about herself when Pinkie Pie made us all re-do introductions.” Sunset sighed. “No, this isn't one I am sure about and I want to... Find out if I have a chance before I get too attached.”

“Unfortunately you either up and ask or hope that it “comes out”.” Chrysalis couldn't help a dirty laugh. A laugh that ended in a pained gargle as Luna elbowed her again.

“Not helping dearest.” Luna arched a brow at Chrysalis and then turned to her niece. “She was right about the asking part. You can take a chance and ask her, or all of your friends. You're all quite fortunate that it is a subject up for discussion these days. We had to grow up feeling wrong, bad and awkward.” Luna shook her head. “Though we all face rejection from time to time, everyone has something they seek in a partner. No guarantees you fit the bill.”

“I know, yeah. Still crushing hard though.” Sunset sighed and leaned back in her chair. “Must have been so much harder for you both though. I mean, I just started crushing on a girl, then another one but I still find guys appealing and figured 'Hey, how about both?'. You had to deal with so much garbage.”

“You know some of the problems I faced.” Luna replied. “It wasn't accepted when I was young, I didn't even dare to hope that I would meet a girl who felt the same way.”

“Yeah, it was a difficult time for anyone off the norm. I grew up in a community where it was completely unacceptable.” The dark toned woman looked briefly upset, something Sunset had never seen before. “My parents threw me out when I came out. Completely cut me off. I expected it and was proud at the time. I've not seen them since I graduated, I've not seen any of my family since I started college.”

Luna shifted closer and put both her arms around the other woman. She had heard this many times before and knew that it still hurt her partner from time to time.

“I was fortunate that my great-gran was much more cosmopolitan. She took me in after high school and saw me off to college.” Chrysalis smiled softly. “She died that winter, but there was a recorded packet sent to me for Christmas, she'd opened an account in my name with the money I would need to finish school.”

She sighed. “I was her Beetle and she was the only member of my family who loved me unconditionally.” Taking one of Luna's hands she threaded their fingers together. “This family has always wanted me, but I... I had plans, dreams. I was tapped to be in espionage while I was in college. It happens when you're an omniglot taking the mix of subjects I'd chosen. Gran had been something of a spy in her younger days and I wanted to follow in her footsteps, I all but walked up to headquarters asking to join. So I jumped at the chance when someone made the offer.”

“Which meant that once she graduated it was training, then missions.” Luna shrugged. “I was not pleased with her, at the time I thought she should hold back on that, for me.” She snorted, “I was getting into being a bit of a brat really. We broke up over it in the end.”

“But I was always back around Celestia and Luna when I was in town.” Chrysalis added. “I had other friends, but I found her hard to avoid.” She emphasised her comment with an arm around Luna. “But the line of work I was in was risky so we never got formally attached.”

“We dated others, lived our lives. When she was back and with a desk job I was a bit hard-headed and didn't agree to being with Chrys again until 'Tia told us both off.” Luna shook her head. “And so we are together again.”

“I was partly to blame Lu,” Chrysalis added. “I didn't think I should try again because I'd left her so many times before.” A dry chuckle and Chrysalis was pointing at Sunset. “Maybe you should just go ahead and ask your crush out. We've wasted a lot of time being stupid, so learn from your elders.”

“Sounds like a good plan.” Luna nodded. “And you're still young Sunset, there is plenty of time for you to live and learn and love.”

“Cheese.” Chrysalis teased, getting a playful shove in return. Which became a push back with what looked like a tickle too. They were laughing and smiling and it made Sunset smile too.

Deciding it was best to leave them be, Sunset went to her room and sat in the chair. “Just tell her huh?” She went over that in her head wondering what would be the best way to do it. More than once she found her hand on her phone, poised to call but her nerve would leave her.

Eyes wandering her room, they alighted on her acoustic guitar. “Flash always said the girls dig a guitarist.” Sunset grinned. She had an idea.

Author's Note:

This is set before Star Star.

Some notes: an Omniglot is someone who speaks many languages, I decided it fit the whole changeling thing. Also, Beetle as a pet-name from a great-gran is just too cute.

Hope this works anyway.