• Published 4th Oct 2016
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Making Family - Cirrus Sky

You can find a home, but sometimes you have to make a family. Sunset is working on that.

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Evening in Equestria

For the four visitors, Equestrian food was a little different to what they were used to. The fruits, vegetables and bakes all looked familiar and quite appetising, but there were other dishes that looked either more breakfast style or distinctly grassy. The large dining table was loaded with food for residents and guests to help themselves.

Sunset was cheerfully digging in to her portions of everything, bar the bowl of mixed crystals that Spike added to his food. Discord had accidentally summoned himself a fancy salmon dish, he had been learning about the chaotic magic he shared with his local counterpart, but was still prone to the odd hiccup.

“Dig in!” Sunset said encouragingly to her Mom, her magic already putting out the favourites that she knew her Mom liked. “The produce in Equestria tastes different because it is so fresh.” Sunset explained. “In a town like Ponyville, these could have been in the ground just yesterday.”

“I picked most of this up in the market today.” Spike said with a sparkling grin (crystal dust in his teeth) “I knew with the extra guests I would need more and that you'd like some more familiar food.” He'd noticed the slightly different food in the human world.

“How can I refuse that?” Celestia said cheerfully, she still felt a little guilty for essentially “running off” the Princess, but Twilight seemed understanding. The fruits and vegetables looked sumptuous and Luna was already happily digging in to a large bowl of raspberries. Following the lead of the others at the table, she picked up a morsel to eat.

After a minute of her mom being blissed out over a strawberry, Sunset poked the pegasus. “Are you okay Mom?”

“It'sho good...” She mumbled, picking up another to eat and gathering a few more fruits from the platters.

“Okay then.” Sunset smiled and looked across to a giggling Twilight. While the alicorn was hungry even after their large lunch, Sunset was pretty satisfied with the portion she had eaten and was more interested in how her family were faring.

Next to her Mom, Discord had finished his fish and was trying out some of the food that looked most human friendly. Across the table, Luna was trying a fruit salad but next to her, Chrysalis had a clean plate but looked like she couldn't eat a bite, she was also a little woozy looking.

“Are you alright Chrys?” Sunset asked, concerned something was wrong.

“Mmm?? I am absolutely fine Sunny-bun. Mmm hmm.” She drawled, grinning. The charcoal coated unicorn disguise was flickering at the edges and Chrysalis swayed a little. “This world really really agrees with me. All full up and there's a buzz in the air.” Still grinning she dropped her chin onto Luna's back. “Soo soft. Ha hmm, my pony Luna.”

“Are you drunk Chrys?” Celestia asked, pausing in her quest to eat all of the desserts to shoot an accusing glance at her friend.

“Sure feels like it.” Chrys giggled. By now the rest of the table had noticed her antics. Used to her shenanigans, Luna was the only one continuing to eat.

“Oh! I think I know!” Twilight said with the hint of excitement she always had when she figured things out. “Sunset, you said that they are dating right? A really long-term serious relationship?”

“Yes, those two are quite attached these days and have been with each other on and off for years.” Celestia supplied with a smile and a wink to her younger sister.

“Okay, so that certainly means she really loves her and freely gives her love to her.” Twilight said, waving hoof to point to one mare and the other. “Chrysalis is a changeling, they feed on love! So she is getting great big servings of pure romantic love.”

“And erotic!” Chrysalis added with a snerk of a laugh.

“Right...” Twilight blushed a little. “So it probably has a similar effect to drinking alcohol for changelings. Seeing as there is no subterfuge from Chrysalis to get it, she's not working too hard to obtain love and Luna is freely giving it.”

“So Tequila on tap then?” Discord grinned and blew a raspberry at an embarrassed Luna, who had Chrys kissing her ear and moving to nibble it.

“It is soo much easier to kiss your ear with it all pony-fied and cute.” Chrys cooed.

“Please not in public.” Luna groaned and went to lower her head. Unfortunately that just allowed Chrysalis better access to her ears, Discord jokingly covered Spike and Sunset's eyes with comedic blindfolds.

“I'm actually going to go with this.” Sunset commented.

“Yeah. This is great.” Spike agreed.

“Have you finished eating Luna?” Twilight asked politely, looking at them both with a nervous grin. Chrys was actually nibbling a blue shaded ear and a pink tongue was starting to trace the edge of it.

“Yes...” Luna mumbled, keeping her face out of view.

“Okay!” Twilight suddenly teleported the pair away. “I've sent them to their room.”

“Thank goodness.” Celestia lowered the wing covering her eyes. “I didn't need to see that.”

“Mark it up as a lesson learned.” Twilight was fascinated and horrified in equal measure.

With the couple removed, everyone was able to continue with a slightly more PG mealtime.


Dessert had been an amusing time, Celestia had excitedly indulged in a number of treats, to Sunset's and Discord's great amusement.

Then the residents of the castle had gone their separate ways. Starlight was helping Trixie with her magic show. Tempest was off doing whatever it was she did when not guarding (Twilight had ideas, but was not going to intrude). Spike had decided on a night of reading comic books and wished everyone goodnight. Their hostess had retired to the library with an open invitation for anyone who wanted to join her. Celestia and Sunset decided to join her, they wanted to spend some time reading.

Luna and Chrysalis were yet to leave their room. No one wanted to find out why.

Discord flew around Ponyville, the Palace was lovely and the roleplaying game had been superb but he wanted to take advantage of the freedom the magical world had afforded him. The magic that ran through him was energising. Like a sugar rush or too much caffeine, but even after a whole day of that feeling he wasn't flagging to a crash.

Up in the sky he could see the whole town laid out. It tickled his sense of humour, all the delightful decorations that gave each building a look suited exactly to their purpose. The bakery with a giant cupcake on the roof, the fashion boutique that looked like the fairground that lent it a name. He had heard from the other's that Twilight's library had been in a tree! Such a delightful concept.

“Hello my other self!” A second, the original, draconequus had arrived. “Enjoying the view?”

“It is quite something.” Discord replied. It was strange to hear his voice from another, but the 'Main Chaos Noodle' was apparently used to it. He created duplicates to brainstorm with regularly. For that reason he had taken to naming his counterpart D2

“You should have seen it when I was in charge. Checkerboard as far as the eye could see, chocolate milk rain, dancing buffalo.” Discord summoned a recliner chair. “D2, it was amazing.”

“I'd say it sounds like a bit of a headache.” With a snap of his new claw, a second chair arrived, this one an oversized bean-bag.

“True, true.” Discord grumbled. “Hence my reformation. I suppose with someone like you the other side of the mirror, I knew I should give all this Friendship thing a chance.”

“Glad that I could help?”

With too much energy on the part of the visitor and plenty of amusement over the situation from the native, there was time and subjects aplenty to discuss.


“Sunset?” Celestia found her daughter on a crystal balcony, one facing out to Canterlot. The gleaming city was a jewel on the mountainside.

“Hi Mom.” Sunset turned away from the site of the city of white towers. She was smiling, but Celestia felt a pang in her heart, Sunset could want to stay. “Mom?” Sunset nuzzled up to her mother, she had seen the sudden look of sadness on her face. “Are you okay?”

“I'm fine Sunset, honestly. I just had a silly thought.” Celestia said quietly. But Sunset was perceptive, teal eyes focused on her.

“Mom, home is you and Dad, not Equestria. Not any more.” Sunset moved beside Celestia and nudged at a white wing until it flared out and then wrapped over her. “I was just admiring the view. Twilight has a beautiful home.”

“Yes, it is very impressive, this palace.” Celestia said, a little crack in her voice. “I know you have said that Earth is your home, but now, visiting, I... I can't offer you magic or all this fresh air. The food here is twice as nice as the same things at home!” A tear slipped free. “Why would you want to return to Earth? With all this just waiting for you?”

“Mom.” Sunset nuzzled again. “Dad.” She grinned wide. “Aunty Luna, Chrysalis, Granny Sass.” She smirked. “Even Aunty Eris and Uncle Accord who Dad still hasn't properly introduced me to.”

The meaning of the list from Sunset hit Celestia and her eyes widened. “Family...” She sniffed and looked at Sunset with as much love as she could muster.

“Yep.” Sunset popped the 'p'. “I want to visit Equestria regularly, obviously. But I need to live with my family.”

As they had been talking, the stars had begun to gleam in the sky. “Do you want to stargaze with me?” Sunset asked looking up at the constellations she had learned as a foal. “I've not seen these stars in a long time. I loved to look at them as a foal.”

Celestia giggled at that. “You really are my little pony.” She kissed an amber furred cheek. “I would love to look at the stars. You'll have to teach me the names and stories though.”

“Sure thing Mom.” Sunset and Celestia sat out late, looking at the sky. It had been a very very long time since the unicorn had been able to stargaze with her Mom.

Author's Note:

It was hard and weird to write two Discords without really wanting to change a name, hence why the scene is short.

More counterparts and Equestria shenanigans to come.