• Published 4th Oct 2016
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Making Family - Cirrus Sky

You can find a home, but sometimes you have to make a family. Sunset is working on that.

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Sunset was shaking, tears streaming from her eyes. “Mom...” Her voice was a shuddering sob. She had been holding this breakdown in for a while now. Going to Equestria had been her best tactic to avoid a harsh probable truth. Then she had needed to hurry to fix things before it was too late.

The fact that her phone had not missed any calls or received any text messages confirmed her fears. Celestia and Luna had forgotten her. Chrysalis had forgotten her. Discord had forgotten her.

She had not tried to approach her mother at school, her friend's reactions had been painful enough.

Now she was stumbling down a street she'd left behind long ago. Thankful she could remember the way, crying and trembling as she trod methodically. She had lost her family, their memory stolen. Would they remember now? Could she bear to see their faces blank if she tried to go home?

Her heart couldn't take it. Even now the terrible voice in her head was whispering that any effort to continue was pointless. That it would be doing everyone a favour if she was simply gone, the girls had easily lived without her. Her Mom hadn't worried for her.

A logical part was crying out that magic had stolen memories, that people had unwillingly left her. But it was all too much after such an emotionally draining two days and now Sunset was seeking the only place left to her now.

The rusted fences were still up. The old building still stood. Morose, Sunset kicked the railing aside and clambered through the fence. Back to the derelict building where she belonged.


“Sunset!” Celestia had been sat reading but she abandoned her book on the couch. She'd not seen Sunset since the night before her beach trip. Sunset had left earlier than usual but now, two days later, she had not seen Sunset at all.

“Why didn't I know!” She nearly wailed in panic. She could only draw a blank, recalling she had seen Sunset in school but never close. The teen had avoided her in the building, another strange thing that had not raised any concern at the time.

Two days she had returned home from school without her daughter. Two days she had not thought of Sunset at all. “What the hell is going on!”

“Celestia?” Luna called out. It wasn't like her sister to curse. She found the other woman frantic in the lounge, attempting to use her phone.

“Sunset is missing.” Celestia said, an edge to her voice Luna had never heard.

“I'll call Chrys.” She picked up her own phone and called her partner quickly. It looked like Celestia's call had also connected as she spoke to someone.

“Luna? Hey babe.” Chrysalis began.

“Sunset hasn't been home for two days Chrys. Something weird must've been going on. We both only realised today.” Luna was keeping a lid on her own panic. Celestia needed her to keep a level head.

“I'll get looking through my resources. I'll call if anything comes up.” There was a breath from Chrysalis, almost a sigh. “Hang tight love. We'll find her.”

The call ended and Luna looked to her sister. “Applejack, thank you for this. We can all start looking.” Celestia was talking on the phone but was putting her phone away shortly after.

“There was magic again. A student had removed everyone's positive memories of Sunset. Applejack told me that the memories were returned today not too long ago. She thought Sunset had headed home but she is going to get the girls out looking.” Celestia almost collapsed to the couch. Tears streaming down her face.

“More magic... I do wish it was more beneficial than quite so hurtful.” Luna rubbed her forehead. “We need to start looking.”

“The magic took Sunset's memories right back to before she came here.” Celestia spoke quietly. “She thought she was a pony again. She was all alone for two days and then she was thrown into a frightening new world...” Celestia's voice cracked and Luna could only take her into an embrace.

“Chrys is looking, the girls are looking. We'll find Sunset. Do you have an idea on where to start?” Luna ignored her fear from the past, of the last time a family member had been missing. She would pay for it later, but right now Sunset and her sister needed her.

“The girls are looking at the school and the places they like.” Celestia said, taking a shuddering breath.

“Chrys is using her access to things to take a look in town.” Luna added.

“Applejack didn't see Sunset go through the portal.” Celestia held onto her sobs with great effort, but she was still tearful. She paused, thinking a moment. “I know where to look.”


It was dark by the time the women reached the abandoned building, it made the old structure look foreboding. “Please be here.” Celestia whispered, recalling her words the past winter when she first took Sunset in. “Please be alright...”

The fence was parted where Sunset had gained entry before, Celestia wanted to take it as a sign, but it had been months since her daughter had left the property. She picked her way through the overgrown surroundings to the door, still intact with the doorway closed. It opened at Celestia's touch.

“Please Sunset.” Celestia spoke aloud this time. Her visit now was piled on with the concern a mother had for her child. She had the presence of mind to use the assistive light on her phone to get through the building to the stairs.

The clever markings on the stairway still glowed but the dark office didn't look promising. Climbing as fast as she dared, Celestia pushed open the door and virtually charged through the sad living space to where Sunset had once laid her head.

“Sunset!” Relief crashed around Celestia, her light illuminated the unmistakeable red and gold hair of her daughter. She was wrapped in one of the left behind blankets, sat on the futon that had been her bed.

“Sunset?” Celestia had not gotten a reply and her worry began to rise again. She stepped closer.

“No one. All alone...” Sunset said in a low voice, one that had an undertone reminiscent of her unfortunate past.

“I'm here sweetheart. Come home.” Celestia stood close and turned her torch away so as not to dazzle the girl.

“What home?” Sunset asked, looking up. It made Celestia gasp, fear grasping her heart with icy cold claws.

Green on black eyes regarded her.

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