• Published 4th Oct 2016
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Making Family - Cirrus Sky

You can find a home, but sometimes you have to make a family. Sunset is working on that.

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Hearts in Hands

Humming a tune to herself, Sunset was feeling quite cheerful today. It was Valentine's Day and while she didn't have plans herself, a lot of people she cared about did. A few of her friends had actual set plans; Twilight had a date with Timber, Pinkie and Rarity were going to be selling candies and roses for charity. She also knew that her family had plans, Chrysalis was taking Luna out and her Mom and Discord were going to a fancy restaurant.

People were going to be enjoying themselves and, who knew, she might have a surprise today. Though Sunset was mostly looking forward to seeing what could be happening for her friends, after Twilight met Timber she had taken a step back from the idea of dating someone.

“Good morning Sunset.” Celestia breezed in, smiling and cheerful. Although it was a school day her evening plans were wonderful and making her usually chipper demeanour greater.

“Good morning Mom.” Sunset greeted, she had already set out some of their breakfast favourites. A few extra treats in deference to the date, some chocolate hearts and strawberries. The coffee was ready to serve so she placed it on the table.

“Ready for the day?” Celestia took her favoured seat and chose some breakfast.

“Yeah, I'm probably going to have to talk Twilight out of a panic, but what are friends for right?” Sunset smiled . “And I promised to help Pinkie Pie out with her charity stall.”

“Excellent. I'm looking forward to her choice in decorations today. I gave her permission to spruce up the school so she's allowed access with the Janitor today.” A few chocolates went from the serving plate to Celestia's breakfast plate.

“That will be interesting.” Sunset chuckled a little, hopefully Pinkie hadn't gone too overboard with decorations. They did have to use the school for the day.


“It is very pink.” Sunset commented. Her friend was practically vibrating with excitement beside her.

“I know! Isn't it great!” Pinkie Pie jumped up joyfully. “I have hearts and roses and little horseshoes because we're Wondercolts.”

“The aesthetic does fit the holiday I suppose, from one angle anyway.” Rarity commented, arriving to stand beside Sunset. “I tend to lean towards the more sophisticated end of romance myself.”

“This will probably be more popular in a school setting.” Sunset nodded to a group of younger students happily looking around. “Anyway, do we set up the stall now?”

“Certainly!” Rarity trilled. “I have the supplies here in school and the roses were delivered last week. Plastic, alas, but cheaper than fresh roses and no worry about allergies.”

“Great. I'll help any way you need.” Sunset wanted to distract herself. There was still the doleful thought in the back of her head that she was not expecting a Valentine herself.

“Splendid. I have deliveries arranged, but some company at the stall is most welcome.” Rarity led Sunset and Pinkie to the storage room and her supplies. There was plenty of time before classes started to make sales.


A lot of roses had been purchased. While plenty had been bought to hand over in person, many students were making use of the anonymous delivery service. For a little extra they could give the rose a tag with a name and message and it would be delivered to that student with no clue as to who sent it. In fact Rarity was writing out each tag in her delicate cursive, an elegant touch that was appreciated by the other students.

“Each rose has a name tag so you know exactly who to give it to.” Rarity handed over a basket of roses. The blonde girl took it and gave a salute.

“Ditzy Always Delivers.” Ditzy said with a smile. She took a look at the top-most rose and read the tag. Grinning, she almost skipped away to give it to the recipient.

“Great idea on the anonymous delivery. A lot of nervous kids can send a Valentine.” Sunset said. They were packing up their supplies for now, class was soon in session and while Ditzy had a study period and a hall pass, they both had something to get to.

“I do like a touch of mystery.” Rarity winked. “And it gladdens my heart when something as simple as a rose brightens two people's days.” They parted ways for their classes after stowing the supplies. They had a plan to set up during lunch to sell a few more and arrange some deliveries. The fundraising was going well and could easily get better.


Sunset was sat on the step at the end of the school day. Twilight was beside her as they awaited their rides home. Shining was going to collect Twilight and take her to her date with Timber, a nice restaurant and then some star-gazing with a sensible curfew.

Right now the purple toned girl was talking about the gift her beau had sent to her that morning. “I mean, I know it is just a formation of gypsum crystal clusters, formed in this shape because the mineral flattened on the c crystallographic axis... But he sent me a rose I can keep forever.” Twilight beamed, holding out the little wire basket pendant with the crystal held within. A desert rose the size of a dime sparkled in the sun.

“It is lovely Twilight. You two sure get a kick out of talking rocks.” Sunset tried to remain genuinely happy for her friend, but the day had worn on her and envy was creeping in. She should have been the one giving Twilight gifts and taking her on a date today. Not some guy from their camping field trip.

Just before she got too bad, a horn sounded from the kerb. “Shining is here!” Twilight jumped up. “Bye Sunset! Have a great evening!” She almost ran to the car.

“Bye Twilight. Have a good time.” Sunset replied mechanically, her friend too excited to notice. Hopefully it wouldn't be too long until her Mom or Luna was ready to leave.

“Sunset!” Some called out behind her and Ditzy came tumbling by, landing on the pavement without damaging herself. “Hi!” She grinned and held out her hand, three tagged roses in her grip. “Your roses from today! I had a feeling that you'd like them best about now.” Ditzy still smiled earnestly and Sunset took the offered flowers. Ditzy didn't have Pinkie's uncanny 'sense' but the girl had an insight that often surprised others.

“Thanks Ditzy.” Sunset helped the other girl up. “Have you got plans today?”

“Yep.” The blonde nodded. “Now I have done my duty it is time to head out!” She smiled again, clapped Sunset on the back and skipped away, cheerfully waving to other students she saw.

“Three roses.” Sunset looked at the tags, no names were there bar her own. All three written by Rarity. No notes were there, only her name and the curling X Rarity preferred. Though people had to request the little symbol of affection, so if these were sent with honest intent then it was a little more than friendship that had prompted the senders.

“My, someone garnered three roses?” Luna was stood above her. “They do say, everyone is a little bit gay for Sunset Shimmer.”

“Aunty Luna!” Sunset was scandalised a moment, staring aghast at her now laughing aunt.

“There was some graffiti the Janitor reported. After the bullying incident in the winter I have been keeping tabs on if they mention you. Though, lady-killer, I don't think this was a bad thing.” Luna was still laughing when Sunset stood to glare at her.

“Chin up kiddo. Besides, we've got to make tracks. I have a hot date.” Luna wrapped an arm around Sunset's shoulder and guided her off to the car.

“My hot date is the sofa and Netflix.” Sunset mumbled.


The eleventh episode of an anime she'd randomly stuck on ended and the pop-up for the next episode began counting down. Sunset had seen Luna off with Chrysalis to whatever bar and gig they had planned for. They were probably not going to be back anytime soon. Luna was probably going to go to Chrys' place.

Celestia was out too, having hurried back home, rushed through a shower and arrived in a stunning formal gown to be whisked away by Discord to the city's annual Valentine's Ball. Sunset had admired the outfit, grabbed a photo to send to her Gran.

Alone in the house, she had heated up the leftover vegetable chow-mein left in the refrigerator and cooked the frozen spring rolls, poured a big glass of soda and dropped to the couch for TV time.

Just before the next episode began, Sunset turned off the TV. Taking her plates to the kitchen and loading them into the dishwasher (chores still had to happen) she went to her room.

“Hey Ray.” Sunset took a seat on her bed and looked across at the reptile tank. “You're not bothered by human holidays are you.” She smirked as the lizard waved his tail lazily. Her phone buzzed a message alert.

“Love you girls!” Pinkie had sent a message to everyone, it cheered Sunset up some. She fired off a reply of her own, thanking Pinkie and repeating her message to the others. She did love her friends, even if she still wished one of them was closer.

Checking the time, she realised it was getting late. With school in the morning, she changed for bed and turned in.


Loud music, an energetic crowd and her girlfriend looking really hot had Luna pumped up. “Chrys, this was the best night ever.” Luna leaned against her taller partner, enjoying the feel of Chrysalis' leather jacket against her cheek. They were walking from the venue to where the bike had been left.

“I knew you'd love the band.” Chrysalis had found the gig listing on a local events page and knew exactly what sort of date Luna would enjoy for Valentine's. “You always look great at gigs, totally in your element.” She kissed a blue forehead close to her lips.

“Everything was amazing tonight. Hopefully you have a little more planned?” Luna looked up at teal eyes, her own certainly as lustful as she felt.

“Of course.” Chrysalis whispered. “Though, it might be me getting old, but waking up with you beside me is everything I want.” She said it softly. They had discussed living arrangements casually before. But this, right now, felt a lot deeper.

“You mean it?” Luna was looking away now, vulnerability in her tone. Chrysalis pulled her closer.

“As much as I anything you care to name.” They had reached where Chrysalis' bike was parked up. “I wanted to maybe do all this with a little more hoopla, but things tonight went great and this is as special a moment as any. Move in with me?” She had switched position to be facing Luna, the dark blue woman was looking at her with tears sparking in her eyes.

“I have a lot of space, you know it. I can fit all your things and more. I just, I want to fall asleep with you every night, wake up with you in my arms. I'm here, home, for good now. This desk job means I am never chasing danger ever again. I love you, I lost so much time with you in the past but now we have each other again.”

“How soon can I move?” Luna said, her voice hitching a little. “I want all of that. I see my sister building the life she dreamed, now it is my turn. Tonight, it can be the first night of our forever.” She was cut off by a tight embrace and a searing kiss.

Both women were breathless when they parted, desire in their hearts. Chrysalis picked up Luna's helmet and handed it over. She sat on her bike. “Hop on honey, we're going home.”


Atmospheric music played from a live string quartet as couples waltzed around the ballroom. Having danced a fair bit, Celestia and Discord were sat at a table enjoying a glass of wine and conversation.

“We should come for the New Year's ball.” Discord commented, “Dance the year away and greet the next with a kiss.”

“You old romantic.” Celestia teased. The idea sounded wonderful to her, hopefully he would remember it come the end of the year. Though there was a step they had spoken about of late that would make the coming year even better. “I do find a nice family gathering at home just as wonderful. Fireworks in the garden, everyone standing out on the deck to watch.”

“Yes, staying at home as a family does sound just as nice.” Discord settled back in his seat and took a sip of wine. “Though, I would have to be making my home with you, for it to truly be perfect.”

Celestia knew it was coming, but still her heart leapt. “Yes, you would have to.” She had finished her wine and tapped the glass, a pure crystal ring sang out. “Do you want to?”

“What? Share my life with you and with Sunset. Daily and always?” Discord smiled, a nostalgic one almost. “It sounds wonderful. Something like we used to dream up back in college.”

“It is isn't it?” Celestia reached out and took his hand. “Will you? Move in. Live with us?” His longer fingers wrapped around hers to clasp them securely.

“My place is just somewhere to lay my head. Celestia, you have always been home. Let's be a family.” He leaned in to kiss her, the slightest salt of a tear landed on his lip from her eyes.

It had taken many long years, but finally they were fully together again.


Sleeping, Sunset had no idea of the momentous decisions made that night. She was so asleep she didn't notice her Mom enter her room to tuck her in just so, or Discord joining Celestia in wishing her goodnight before they too retired to bed.

Author's Note:

Major goings on! Luna and Chryssy get a love-nest (love hive?). Discord shall be arriving in.

Sunset got three mystery Valentine Roses :pinkiegasp:

More in later stories I promise.