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'I believe I may have gained a friend.' Octavia had written that night. 'An unexpected one at that.'

Four seasons in the life of Octavia Melody. Four seasons that include Sunset Shimmer; musician, unexpected friend and certainly unexpected crush.

For the Changing Seasons contest

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damn it i haven't caught up with your other stuff yet! :pinkiecrazy:

See this is where I would post Vivaldi's The Four Seasons, but you beat me to the punch. Dagnabit.

I'm surprised Octavia didn't do a Bachflip.

This was a nice fic, nice and fluffy. Like a dog. But with music. And humans.

A perfect choice of music for this chapter. it's a piece I often turn to in times of melancholy, myself.

That's it, I'm out.

...why do my hopes of winning contests always get crushed immediately? :raritycry:

Well dang, that was quick!

This didn't feel rushed despite the length, but I would LOVE to see a longer story based on this. It was more like a slice of life snap shot but could definitely support more meat. The skeleton is there. Despite the short amount of dialogue, you have a good handle on your characters. Basically you could do more with it if you so chose and probably should.
You have a unique pairing and a great concept. Regardless, take my up vote. :yay:


P.S. Obligatory MOAR!!! :flutterrage:

That was great and so very damn cute.

I have ideas for an expanded story, though I knew that these would have taken me beyond 10,000 words and probably miss the deadline too!
Possibly I'll get something written in the future as it would be great to go into detail on things I only touched in in this story. Watch this space!:twilightsmile:

having vinyl talk was a mistake its far more interesting with her as a mute

I interpret the character as being selectively mute for reasons that also explain her permanently wearing shades and pretty much always wearing headphones. As she is always depicted in fannon as very close to Octavia, the particular reason I chose for mutism does allow her to speak when comfortable, she would be comfortable to speak to Octavia when the situation warranted.

fair enough im just saying muteness is a thing alot of people ignore so i just liek the idea of a character being mute and being shown as not a bad thing but i respect your view

i enjoyed this i liked it alot

I'm exploring the idea more with what is shaping up to be an expansion of this story. But I want to make some headway before I post it (that and wait for the contest to finish / be judged etc).

Glad you liked it, I love writing Sunset :)

you do an amazing job wirting her i love all your sunset stories

I suddenly have a desire to dust off my cello...

Sweet fluffy music goodness! Have a fave! :yay:

Yeah, Haydn know whether she'd be able to Handel all of that Strauss.


Hey, trill out with the music puns. I'm not sure I can measure up.

Loved it. Wonderful addition to your universe. Are you planning on making it cannon in the Finding Home universe?

You really dropped a Brahmshell there. That pun was well-composed and worthy of note. Yes, it was... noteworthy. I'm sonata hypocrite for taking your measure, and I hope to raise the bar for more puns.

Author Interviewer

Guh, so cute. :D I was a little put off by the switch to Sunset in this final chapter, but it gave you a chance to show any of Sunset's other friends being supportive of her, so I think it was worth doing. :) Good romance!

A pleasant and interesting little read. But to be honest, it was a bit bland. It lacked any sort of warmth or vitality. Still, a pleasant read while at work nevertheless. Cheers!

Short, yet sweet. An unorthodox pairing, to be sure; then again, Sunset is ridiculously shippable, to the point that it's hard to find someone she can't be shipped with somehow. I know it's not classical by any means, but for some reason, the thought of Sunset playing a guitar all alone makes me think of the opening to Love Song, by Tesla:

Something I'm curious about, there seems to have been a fourth chapter called L'estate, and yet I'm only seeing three for the fic? What happened, did you delete it to keep in line with the contest's restrictions, or were there too many complaints about it, perhaps? If there's more to the story, I would be more than happy to give it a read as well.

I have no idea what happened, it was showing as unpublished! So I guess I knocked it offline by accident.
Glad you enjoy the story. :twilightsmile:

“I feel awful for not sticking up for you.” Octavia admitted quietly. “I did not think you were behind the profile, but I was scared of the others. What they would think.” She sighed and looked at Sunset. “I am so very sorry. I hope you can accept my apology, but I will understand if you cannot.”

You have nothing to apologize for Octavia. :fluttershysad:

“Alright then.” Octavia inclined her head. “Now I must be off. Vinyl will no doubt be expecting me for our morning trip to the coffee machine, though it produces something far and away from what I would call coffee.” She heard a laugh from Sunset, the sound one of true humour, as she left the room.

Lol. :rainbowlaugh:

Also, the link has been privatized. :pinkiesad2:

“I. I...” Octavia was speechless, her secret was out. Sunset knew. Blind panic pushed her up from the deck and running away from her friend. Her crush.

Good thinking Octavia. :ajbemused:

“Great!” Sunset smiled and it lit up Octavia's world. Then, quickly, almost darting in, Sunset pressed a kiss to her cheek. “See you later okay?”

Awww :twilightsmile:

Having accidentally seen the girl's thoughts and feelings, she owed it to her to take a chance. Octavia was interesting, intelligent and already a good friend. Not to mention rather attractive, caring and pleasant company. That she was mostly reserved with her feelings, but still wanted to try told Sunset a lot.

Telling should replace told.

Sunset would have said more, but a kiss was pushed to her lips that became much deeper when a grey toned hand cradled her jaw and caressed her cheek. When they parted, Octavia's eyes shone. “This has to be one of the most thoughtful things... I love you, you know?”

Aww. :twilightsmile:

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