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Applejack has always been a patient pony; it came with being a farmer. So when the farmer found herself falling head over hooves in love with her best friend, she was content to wait for the right moment to tell Rainbow Dash how she felt.

But now time is running out, and Applejack is left scrambling not to find the perfect time, but any time at all.

An entry for the AppleDash Content

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darn it! incomplete. Im liking the concept, onwards to the next chapter!

My name’s Applejack, and I’ve got a problem.

Now it ain’t a problem like I’ve got five acres of trees to harvest and only afternoon to do it in; that’s a practical problem, and I’m a practical pony. In fact, if that had been my only problem then I wouldn’t have been as nervous as a filly at her first hoedown. And it also wasn’t a problem like ‘what is the airspeed velocity of a swallow?’ because that’s more of a scientific quandary, and that’s the kind of noodle-scratching that Twilight loved to tackle.

I'm an engineer and I solve problems.

Not problems like 'what is beauty?' Because that would fall within the purview of your conundrums of philosophy. I solve practical problems..

hmm, wonder why its registered "unfinished"

Either way, i loved that. it was great, awesome, uniqe and many other loads of awesome!

got a good chance of winning i'd say :trixieshiftright:

finished or unfinished? :o

Holy crabapples, CommissarAJ. You certainly did not disappoint. :rainbowderp:

Welp. You certainly got my interest.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I've added this to my "Read Later" list, but rest assured it shall be read as soon as can be. I am a big fan of your work and AppleDash is my second favorite ship~


Impressive and good ^^

Oho, what's this now? I think Appledashers should have contests, like, all the time, because the avalanche of stories that come from them are fantastic. I'm really liking this so far, but I have to ask - what's with you and having Wonderbolts waltz in on this lovely duo? It makes for great stories (as your writing can attest to) but its stressful, darn it!

Anyway, my inane rambling aside, great start to what promises to be an entertaining and possibly a harrowing tale (I'm weak, I can't help it). So yeah, onward to the next chapter!

I had a feeling that Soarin was gay after what Spitfire said, but it still made me laugh when AJ couldn't take the hint. :rainbowlaugh: This was really good (although I'm not sure why its marked as unfinished). I do feel like it could have been stretched out a bit longer, though, as Dash goes from having no idea about AJ liking her to making out with her in the span of a few seconds. I suppose that it was a very heated moment, though, and I did something pretty similar in my own fic, so it'd be kinda hypocritical to complain. :derpytongue2:

So yeah, thanks for a fun read. :twilightsmile:

Huh. That cadence is a little odd if you say it out loud. "Celestia" is a little too long to be used in it.

Air speed velocity of a swallow
wind waker

did I ever mention that I love you?

Man, I couldn't stop grinning like an idiot. That was one good story :raritywink:

Not bad, not bad at all

:pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile: / 5

Pinkie Pie had a ‘welcome back’ party arranged for us back at Sugarcube Corner, but with only of the guests of honour present


I think Rainbow won't like this once she wakes up in the morning.:twilightsheepish:
So, fate would not have them together, eh?:pinkiesmile:
Then kill it~:scootangel:

I shall read on.:pinkiehappy:

Sorry I don't have much more to say. It's a heck of a story, and I'm a sucker for earning a shot at a happy ending, especially where those two are concerned.

Never underestimate the fun of AppleDash!:pinkiehappy:
And so it comes to show that paranoia can be a most dreadful thing!:raritydespair:
A happy ending has been achieved for now.:twilightsmile:

Excellent work, dear Author!:pinkiehappy:

That is the greatest cadence in the history of marching. :yay:

Wow, I can really feel for AJ in this one. Secret feelings like that just tear you up inside, especially when you think somebody's gonna snipe them from you, or they move.

This certainly hit me in the feels. It was very beautifully written, minimal mistakes.
Definitely earned an upvote and special place in my RiL list:raritywink:

Keep up the good work:moustache:

Not bad.

Drunk Celestia is best Celestia. :trollestia:

One should not, however, presume sensibility when it came to Pinkie Pie.

:twilightangry2::flutterrage: You know what? No i wont waste my time yelling at you for writing that statement there about her. Even if its an insulting statement that could have been left out.:facehoof: I liked the story it just that one thing there pissed me off personal opinions about characters should be left out of the story. I know its AJ talking but i felt you were channeling yourself through AJ with how she acted same with Dash. Rainbow wouldn't want to join the guard not even to prove that jerk soarin wrong.

edit: oh look someone got butthurt over me saying the author is using AJ and Dash as a way to express their personal views even if it makes these characters obnoxious.

3053679 Jesus Christ, are you serious? :rainbowhuh:

Sorry look its how i interpreted it ok? I felt Dash was acting really obnoxious i mean she wouldn't join the guard no matter what not even to prove Soarin wrong i mean that guy is nothing compared to her. And I thought AJ sounded a tad bit cruel with that statement alright just don't lynch me over this.:fluttershyouch::fluttershbad:


Or maybe the author does not find passive-aggressive comments or baseless accusations to be appropriate comment material. Disagree with me over interpretations, fine, but do not accuse me of that which is untrue. I want the comment threads of my stories to remain civil and respectful.

Also, I really dislikes the word 'butthurt.'

:twilightoops: I really meant to cause no trouble honest. I just thought the characterizations seemed a bit harsh and Dash's determination is taken up to 11. I guess since this is the first story I've read written by you maybe i am just not used to how you write Dash and AJ. I personalty don't see Dash wanting to prove herself to Soarin in being wonderbolt material because she knows she is the best and Soarin doesn't see it. So her wanting to join the guard was OOC well for me it was anyway we can just agree to disagree. I really want no hard feelings. Sorry for the butthurt comment too.:fluttershbad:

I was laughing so hard from drunk Celestia to enjoy the seriousness of the situation.

Goddamnit that was very well done.:ajsmug:

Awh that was amazing :rainbowkiss::heart:


I love the writing. First person is great when it's done well, and this definitely is. Could tell from the first few paragraphs c:

Great job. Earned a watch with this one.
Something about this whole story just resonated with me.

Such an amazing story, Appledash is best couple.

Comment posted by LunaLovah2001 deleted Aug 16th, 2013

AWESOME!!! I loved it so much, Im giving you some pinkie pie's cause im going crazy right now

:pinkiehappy: :pinkiesad2: :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiegasp: :pinkiesmile: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiegasp: :pinkiesad2: :pinkiesmile:

Seriously, I loved everything about the story, and I agree, AJ and RD are the best couple EVER!!!

So sweet, but if you want to read the best appledash story than read http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7845445/1/A-Taste-of-an-Apple
:ajsmug: you know you want to...

3057720 Why not mention the fact you will damn the author to an eternity in Hell and cry your eyes out all the while?

3054080 But... It was good move on Dash's part. I don't think it's canon that the Wonderbolts are a military organisation. Rainbow Dash is lazy and reckless and doing that seemed like something she might to ensure she'd achieve her goals.

Granted, everything seemed too good to be true at the end of the story and it resolved itself far too quickly and conviniently.

Thanks for the brilliant Idea!

Rainbow Dash, element of Loyalty - Idol walks into bar, friend present and had recently bought expensive tickets to see the Wonderbolts, which said friend clearly wasn't interested in herself therefore basing the whole notion a gift for her and had recently treated her to a drink at the bar despite her own disapproval of the given bar, at first moves away from her friend and sits alone with idol, then a burden appears which could drive away her idol! Don't worry anyone with the element of Loyalty on Rainbow's side how can she go wrong! Rainbow then heroically dumps said burden on friend so that she can spend ..... time with .. her idol ...... not her friend..... hmmmm

Gimmie a sec ...

loyalty:"The quality of being loyal to someone or something."
That's what I thought! So therefore I must be wrong AJ MUST be the element of Loyalty ... right? Let's seefanpop.com/clubs/my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic/images/32050386/title/elements-harmony-fanart
Twi= magic (yep) Flutters = Kindness (yep) Rarar = Generosity (yep) Pinks = Laughter (YES) Aj = Hones.... Ohhhh ..But that means that..!!!!

Yeah okay....


Some friend! :ajbemused: :rainbowderp:


Have to agree with you at least in part, AjandRd. The characterization there was a little bit off, but I reasoned that maybe Rainbow wasn't considerate enough of AJ due to the copious amount she'd consumed. Drink can do strange things to a pony, after all. That said, it really doesn't fit with her Element, so if she does in fact realise how she acted it'll be a real slap in the face.

Tenses switched a little in the intro. "My name's Applejack, and I have a problem... My problem was, I was in love"... Didn't quite read true but didn't spoil anything :)

This is a pretty good start, Commisar! Ending the evening that way, even if its not quite as intended, is bound to leave us with an interesting start to the morning.


Yeah, cause RD has never been known to become a bit blinded by self-interests, so long as you ignore the events of:
-Ticket Master
-Applebuck Season
-Fall Weather Friends
-Suited for Success
-Best Night Ever
-May the Best Pet Win
-Mysterious Mare Do Well (but everything about that episode felt OOC)
-Wonderbolts Academy

Never saw RD as guardpony material myself, but you've got it sorted out well here. Soarin'll lick her into shape into no time.

Seems even the Elements slip from time to time. AJ was dishonest enough to make me think Discord was in attendance.

Worthy entry to the contest, in my view. Some bits and pieces may not have quite followed as they might in the show but its a fair take on a solid theme :)

Rainbow Dash was evening mouthing the words ‘please’ to me behind the Wonderbolt’s back.

"even" and "word"

“First off, I have a name,” I replied back as politely as I could despite the oral trauma.

Hm, while I understand what you're saying here, not sure if we should call it "oral trauma", Applejack's mouth not being what's hurt here.
"oral assault" may not be the right words either, since it's more of a "insult" than "bad breath".
"olfactorial assault"? "nasal assault"? I dunno...

That did not turn out to be the case as I heard the familiar clattering as somebody stumbled about as if they were navigating by braille

Braille is a writing system for the blind... I don't think one can necessarily "navigate" using it.

Anyway, a good read and good writing so far.

“You don’t have to hide your feelings from my, Applejack,” she said with a sympathetic tone.

typo. "me"

(apparently Pinkie and him weren't on speaking terms anymore)

this being the subject of the phrase, it should be "he"

Anyway, this was definitely an enjoyable read, and certainly shows an interesting aspect and interpretation of Rainbow and Applejack's character.

I'm going to assume that in terms of "storyline time", this veered away from canon sometimes before Wonderbolt Academy?

That's it! I've read all the entries. :yay: Man, there are so many good ones, I'm kind of worried about my chances. :fluttercry:

Anyway, that's unimportant. Let's talk about your story. Though some of the elements you included are rather cliché (the gay guy misunderstanding / the "I LOVE YOU!" blurt), the story holds up well and the drama is perfectly executed. You did an excellent job of portraying AJ's internal conflict and I adore this story for that. I also loved the Drunklestia bit as that's always fun to read. You didn't mince words either. Everything was on point and that's fantastic.

Overall, the story was a fun and simple ride and I think you have a good chance at winning a prize. I wish you the best of luck, mate! Cheers!

Wow. This was such an amazing story. :raritystarry: :pinkiehappy: I adored it, and the way you write is stellar! Perfect job. :twilightsmile:

Before I could slip away—ideally forever

yea... because that worked so well last time. :facehoof:

That intro is utterly perfect. You don't waste a single moment getting the story started. No wasted time setting things up, no wasted time describing or explaining. You started telling the story right where the story started. Right from the beginning I knew the characters, I knew the setting, and I knew the conflict, and I love it. It hardly even needs to be said how well you've got Applejack's voice down, or how enjoyable it is to read her inner monologues. Though, I guess I just said it anyway. The rest of the chapter is great too. Applejack is interrupted again and again, each time it's both believable and unexpected, and the tension of each attempt is never lessened because of it. I found myself becoming increasingly frustrated for Applejack, and increasingly unhappy with all of those other ponies unwittingly getting in her way with each one. I loved reading this chapter.

Huh. Well, that's certainly not how I expected this story to go...

This chapter felt weird. Rainbow Dash's announcement was just so abrupt. I guess that was the point, but it and the party and everything else that followed (drunk Celestia especially) seemed to come out of absolutely nowhere. I think the problem is that this chapter doesn't feel like a natural progression of the last chapter. It's almost like this could be an entirely different story, unattached to the other. And it's all very sudden and abrupt. Rainbow Dash and Applejack's confessions happened so quickly, and the entire conflict was resolved so quickly after that, it left my head spinning.

I absolutely loved the first half of this story. The second half is a bit disappointing. Maybe you didn't have as much time to work on the second? Though, the first half is just so good, I still really enjoyed this.

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