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Applejack and Rainbow Dash have been close friends for a long time and, for some reason Rainbow Dash has never been able to understand, it seems as if everyone she knows expects them to get together eventually. To Rainbow Dash's surprise, Applejack abruptly decides that their friends are right and asks her out on a date. To Applejack's surprise, Rainbow Dash immediately turns her down.

Unfortunately for Rainbow Dash, Applejack is nothing if not stubborn, and she declares that she won't give up until Rainbow Dash has agreed to go on a date with her, no matter what it takes.

Winner of the second AppleDash group contest.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 164 )

Gee this looks familiar. :duck:

And yet unfamiliar. You added a bunch of stuff in here.

I'm glad I could help you out. The dialogue at the start, at least, feels like it flows a heck of a lot better, though I'm not sure how much of that was due to we who commented on things.

Anyway, seeing as you've apparently added a fair bit to it, I look forward to seeing the rest. :rainbowdetermined2:

Woo! AppleDash! I can't wait to give this very promising looking story a read.

I know this may seem strange, but to me AJ sounded a bit like a shipper there, one of those fanatical ones.

Great start, can't wait to see more.

Ooh, this looks promising.

I'm very much liking this so far.

I like this... very much! When can I expect the next update?

I like this so far. Continue!

keep up the good work, i thought AJ was drunk for a minuet there with the cheesy lines :rainbowderp:

oh wow, I'm reading the premise and it grabbed my attention right quick.

Its really good, sad, but good

I really like this! Wishing for an update soon! :pinkiehappy:

oh man... this IS good. Like, really good.
the characters feel in character, its well written, a good premise, and reads smoothly.

my only issue is figuring how Applejack keeps getting up there? She using a tree as a catapult?

All I see is Rainbow Dash slamming her head into AJs'

Yeah okay, you ship these two pretty well and even though the entire premise is so obvious it makes me want to smash my face in with a brick you have managed to draw me in. Perhaps its because I feel in the mood, perhaps its because you can actually write decently.

Perhaps its because I actually enjoy the way you portray Applejack in the role of the humorous and gentle dominant trying to woo a self conscious Dash who wants to be loved and cherished but is too embarrassed to admit it. I must admit I do love Applejack's manner and can't help but agree with Dash's virgin like confusion and self doubt, you have the characters lined up pretty well.

You may not have noticed by my words so far but I have a problem with your story, the problem is I like it. You see I'm a bad guy, the kind who enjoys searing the flesh from innocents and watching them crawl around in agony... what that means is you just got a psychopath to enjoy your work. So yeah... here's a non existent medal!

So keep it up! I want to see how you continue to handle this story even though I know how its going to go... 'sigh' sometimes I hate myself, this is exactly the same feeling I got when I realized I liked pastel ponies... :facehoof:

welcome fellow sociopath and fan of hoofBiteingActionOverload here.
overmuscled heavily tattooed biker who loves beating people and pretty ponies.
and pretty pony stories.
best thing to do is stare at the cieling counting water marks till he's done making you love his great stories,the hug yourself whilst picturing your fallen enemies and repeating to yourself.
I'm still a man,im still a man,I'm still a man. eventually youl probably believe it.

3043024 um... what? :rainbowderp:

Edit: okay you make a touch more sense now that I have read the comment you are responding to (I should have done that to start with) but still, come on man... both of you??? what the hell...
P.S. This is a nice story

Comment posted by Nightheart deleted Aug 14th, 2013

healing from years of abuse is a slow process and damn near all his storys are epic.
i have a weakness for shipfics and slice of life.

3043107 Okay I'm sorry and I'll lay off. You both just used some vivid imagery and it shook me for a sec. But hey... express yourselves however you want. Its cool. And I cant help but agree on this story shaping up to be epic. I just hope we don't have to wait months between installments. :) cuz this looks good. :)

all good,though do yourself a favor and stay away from the parasprite. those two comments were really nothing compared to some round these parts.

I'm a harsh nasty bastard in real life... which is why I openly admitted to all my friends that I like colorful cartoon ponies and also that I like the idea of them being together...

I had to smash a few faces in with my lucky brick I can tell you! And just so you know I never doubted that I'm a man, every woman I've had leaves damaged both physically and mentally..

Oh yeah, psychopath, not sociopath, there is a big difference between the two. :pinkiecrazy:

Believe me when I say this, I like war, dark gory filled with evil war! With psychological damage, terrible sorrow, agony and despair. I love intelligent evil the best... which is why I'm confused as to why I like this story so much and want more.

So say what you like but that's the way it is, just accept us for what we are, after all we're not judging you... yet. :ajbemused:

yay all done my reading for today... page refreshes... NEW CHAPTER POSTED... <<INSERT PEWDIEPIE MONTAGE BEEP HERE AS WELL AS A FUUUUU RAGE FACE>>:flutterrage::flutterrage::twilightangry2::twilightangry2::applecry::applecry:

She felt the chocolates and bile rising up in her throat, and did her best to swallow it down, the tickling feeling gone. Applejack thought she could be some kind of perfect marefriend. Rainbow Dash, Super Marefriend, with the power to get up early every morning for work, raise ten foals in the afternoon, perform unbelievable acts in bed at night, and solve all of Applejack’s problems on the side. As a comic book, it would sell millions. As Rainbow Dash’s actual future, it was quickly causing her to develop a cold sweat.

Man. That's some Twilight Sparkle level neurotic crazy self-loathing right there. Who pissed in her self-esteemios?

i havent even read the rest of this chapter you got on the first paragraph...Nice way of fitting the Flying Spaghetti Monster very subtle.:raritywink:

Oh, and I'm making a useless and probably wrong prediction: Fluttershy is seeing Flitter and Cloudchaser. Simultaneously. That's why it's a secret.

It's always a good sign when I feel bad for both characters in the romance. :fluttershysad: I look forward to seeing where this goes.

Welp. You got my interest.

THAT'S for sure!

~Skeeter The Lurker

Oh dear god this is awesome.

Loving the stubborn nature of them both.

A war of wills! The next round begins soon! (I hope)

~Skeeter The Lurker


Noooo... You can't end this chapter like this! >.<
Think about my sanity. :fluttershysad:


Dear god, I want MORE! ^^

Ah! Wow! This freakin fantastic!

Not only the characterization and the premise, but so many frggin awesome lines in it, too! Like, the bit about comparing that to thinking it was one day of the week instead of another, that bit with the notecards, stuff like that. So great!!

Love Rainbow's thoughts about everything, and how she arrives at her decision at the end of the chapter, and stuff. Totally feeling it--very believable... sort of totally sad, but, like, really tastefully and empathetically sad. Like, "yeah, I can get behind that--been there," you know? Well, not really that I've actually been there, but I could imagine myself being there. Well, actually probably not. More like, I've probably felt some of those feelings in similar combinations, at some point, or something. Or... maybe feel like I've been on AJ's side of things, and those things felt like how the other person felt. Or something!

In any case: it makes some kind of emotional sense to me!

So basically, this just really has a lot going for it, here, for me! Can't wait for more.

As for the time till then--I totally gotta read more of your stuff! Is brilliant!

This is awesome. The Hive demands more.

I really like the animal empathy going on here. You've obviously owned a pet before, and known that they're pretty darn good at being there for you when you're down, even when nobody else is.

A very good read. I really love how you're portraying Rainbow Dash's confusion and Applejack's gentle but consistent effort at "woo"ing. I would say I'd have liked to see more exploration in the exasperation that these two had for the whole friend group trying to get them together aspect for more than just one meeting since it was hilarious. Overall, despite being very straightforward (something I usually don't care for), you're doing it in a fvery original manner. Between the story hook and Applejack's pursuit, this story feels very fresh. Also the subtle character dynamics with Dash being so emotionally dishonest and the altered perceptions (like Dash finding Applejack's pick up lines truly funny, whilst Applejack just thinks Rainbow was laughing at HER instead) between them really made the story overall. I'm looking forward to seeing how this tale comes to it's close, well done!

“Um, my marefriend’s not a stallion,” Fluttershy quietly interposed.

Lol. :rainbowlaugh:

Aawww. :twilightsmile:

I gotta say, I just love the little details you put in this, like the beanie hat thing, or Twilight giving away notecards as birthday presents.

I also like how both Rainbow Dash and Applejack are totally wrong about how this got messed up, but for belivable reasons..

I really enjoyed reading this. I've read a good bit of AppleDash and several say they are too alike to be paired together, not to mention them being played by the same voice actor. However, I always like seeing AppleDash or TwiDash, and this story portrayed it beautifully. Their friends even stating their similarities and the traits that would go together with one another. Everyone needs someone that pushes their limits, and I can definitely see in this story how they would do just that.

Complainer about lesbian stories + a story about lesbians = just doesn't add up :eeyup:

Ah yes, nothing like forced, out of the blue shipping, and on first chapter as well!. No offence but this could have been paced far more better, and nobody just suddenly goes from not interested to full out crush within a few hours, that kind of thing I expect to see in really shoddy movies.

AJ knows how to strut her stuff! :rainbowderp:

Awesome Chapter, I like the transition you made for Rainbow to give AJ a chance. This is a really cute story and I am looking forward to more. :ajsmug:


I apologize. It seems that I've mislead you as to exactly what kind of story this is. This isn't a novel about two people falling in love. If it was, then I agree, it would have needed far more set up. But this is a short story (or novella, if you want to get technical) about two friends realizing they might be right for each other, and going out on a date. It's a much simpler affair. I believe it had exactly as much set up as it needed.

I'm sorry if that isn't the sort of story you're interested in reading. Thank you for giving it a chance.

Oh, and love doesn't play by the rules. It happens just as suddenly or slowly as it feels like.


Another awesome chapter!!!!!! ^^ Can't wait for more!

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