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At the start of every storm, Pinkie Pie forsakes the safety and comfort of her home to gallop out into the rain and the lightning, and sit on the tallest hill in Ponyville. Everyone writes her behavior off as her "just being Pinkie Pie". That's true, though. She is being Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie would do anything to show a friend that she cares, and she knows one friend who is closer to the storms than anyone else. She knows that by showing her love for the storms when no one else will, she's showing her love for the pony who makes those storms.

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I am seldom a fan of PinkieDash romances, but I think that I can make an exception for this.


Your narrative voice for Pinkie is fantastic. I adore this beyond rational comprehension. It's always so wonderful to read a story where the author really gets Pinkie. Bravo, I say.

i like the idea of rainbow being in charge of storms

Holy heckaroonies! :pinkiehappy:

This is a really fantabulous story! It captures so well the essence of being in love, especially with an artist: seeing them in their work, appreciating what they create even if it's not to everypony's taste, and the simple devotion of being there for them.

This little tale brought me some real tears of joy. Thanks for continuing to share your wonderful romance stories. Your excellence inspires me to write more, and your example just might help me write better :heart:

Light and laughter,

I like this not just because it is a PinkieDash story (though I do love Pinkie Dash stories) but in the unique way you show Pinkie's love. I don't think I have yet read a story where Pinkie showed her love by staying out in the torm because she felt that nobody showed their apreciation for that part of RD's work. Very interesting and very Pinkie.

I concur with the assessment of my esteemed colleague.

All my D'awww!

So many reasons why Pinkie is Best pony!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::heart:

Thank you for sharing this rare gem with this dark and dreary world.

This fic really feels like we get to look inside Pinkies head, thats something that seems rather rare.

Wow. You really got Pinkie in this story.
Also, d'awwww! :twilightsmile:
Also also, liked and faved.

Very nice.

I love seeing comments like this. Thanks for giving the fic a chance even though you don't like the pairing, and I'm glad you still enjoyed it.

Thank you. Getting Pinkie Pie's voice down was a big part of this, and surprisingly easy to do. I'm glad to hear she sounded like Pinkie Pie.

I really like the idea of Rainbow Dash being in charge of the weather in general. In the very least, it's something I'd like to see more of.

Thank you!

I'd like to think that any of Dash's friends would be willing to stay out in the storm for her. Pinkie Pie is different because she doesn't have to be asked first, and she would actually enjoy herself while doing it.

No prob, Bob.

A very nice story indeed. There is something magical about storms -I very much liked "but this is the only time this storm is going to happen ever!” though for Pinkie, it's magical because Rainbow Dash made it. I really like it when people and writers are able to see beneath the veneer of "crazy" Pinkie Pie and get to the core of her being, which is consideration for others, to see them smile and be happy. We really need more people like this in the world. :pinkiesmile:

You see that like button. Ima click it. And you see that fave button. Ima click it.
I love this story, really shows how caring Pinkie is, people say she's just crazy, but she has a great heart and you can tell.(It's like this heart :heart: only bigger.)
Yay for Rainbow Pie (Cuz everyone uses Pinkie Dash :pinkiehappy:)


I guess if Rainbow Dash made it clear that it was important to her that her friends stay out in the rain they would but I highly doubt they would really want nor would they do it without prompting. Staying out in a storm like that is incredibly impractical (Twilight/Applejack), messy (Rarity), and with the thunder/lightning scary (Fluttershy) and so her friends would be unlikely to do it on their own. I am certain they would tell Rainbow Dash how much they appreciate her work, such as AJ coming over afterwards and thanking her fro bringing rain for the harvest, but actually staying out there sounds like something only Pinkie would do on a whim.

It might be my head cannon but the way I see it Pinkie decided to do this on her own and RD is now used to it. I do not personally think RD would ask for a friend to stay out in the rain to experience the storm like that. I do see her now treating storms as being even more special now that she does have an audience and I could see her making them more fantastic now since Pinkie stays to watch.

Before I give my opinion, have some relevant facts about my personal tastes:
1. I dislike most shipfics focused solely on the relationship between two characters. Unless your shipping story (A) involves a compelling secondary non-romantic plot, (B) is played as a comedy or (C) is executed extremely well... There's a good chance I'm going to hate it with a burning passion.
2. I greatly dislike the very idea of Mane6/Mane6 ships and have multiple reasons for doing so.
3. My top ten list of favorite ponies includes every one of the Mane Six except Pinkie Pie.

This was sweet. I liked it. :twilightsmile:

So awesome! I love it so much! :heart:

Aaaaaw...... that was adorable! Well done, great writing. Liked and faved. Have a nice day. :pinkiesmile:

An upvote for you, sir!

Well, that was beautiful. Well done!

Pinkie being ridiculous doesn't usually leave me in tears. You've done well.

This story... just...

It had heart... lots of it and has one of the best writing on Pinkie Pie and her perception on her surroundings. As the mundane ones would say, she is a childish foal, but to the creative-thinkers and open-hearted ones out there... they know she isn't... she isn't just being Pinkie Pie, she is being herself and what she would do in that situation. It's a sad truth that most mundanes (preferably adults and unimaginative teenagers) never had this perspective on their lives, they would just do what a mundane would do... routine. One could debate, routines aren't boring at all. Of course it isn't, it's what the routine has is the one that differentiates one from the others.

Pinkie, in the entirety if this story, was a brilliant character execution-wise, but you made her character a bit deeper than what the mind's eye can observe. You made her caring to everypony she knows and that great big heart she has around that smile of hers.

The beautifully and wonderfully written narrative voice was one of the opposites that attracted me to this story, being able to make the reader believe that Pinkie is narrating about herself is a really neat trick. (At least, that's what I think)

Thing is, storms were always normal for me. In some cases, it would even suspend school for a while... but that's beside the point. Storms will never be boring for me, they make me happy... and sometimes I would play and frolic with its mighty droplets and winds.

Well done... well done...

This story is just so supremely powerful in both its premise and execution as to be a truly visceral experience.

I adored the use of a storm as a metaphor for Pinkie and Dash's relationship. When you are out in a storm, a really good one.... there is just this raw *energy* of pure unbridled life that permeates the air. In my head, that perfectly characterizes the relationship between Pinkie and Dash. They both thrive on that pulse of chaos and vitality that is the hallmark of a storm.

This piece inspires me. With the author's permission, I would like to at some point write a story that works off of a very similar premise.

Soft, gentle and lovingly warm!
I always felt Pinkie got the short end of the stick when it came to pairing... oh well.
Thank you for making me feel a little warmer! :pinkiehappy:

That was so incredibly beautiful.
Excellently written, perfect characterisation of Pinkie, romantic, exciting, touching; the description was excellent, it uplifted Pinkie's character to the beautiful and the moments all felt so real.:twilightsmile:
I love storms myself, and reading this made me really feel the rain pouring down on me.
Thank you.


It's one of the saddest things about this fandom that the Best Ship has become an endangered species in the last year or so. But, of course, that makes its fics a bit more special when they do come along. And with its original premise and great Pinkie characterization this would've been a good one anyway, so... yeah. Day = made. :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

I am disappointed with with how so few people see Pinkie Pie as caring and considerate, in her own way, and so many see her as simply a walking tornado and a joke about breaking the 4th wall. I'm really glad to see that others agree with my interpretation. Thank you for reading!

Thanks for giving this story a chance. Really, comments like this one are always awesome to see.

Thank you!

Thank you very much. Getting Pinkie's narrative voice right and showing the unique way that she sees the world was a big part of this fic, really, it was this entire fic. I'm so glad to hear that it came through for you.

Go right ahead. You can use anything here you need.

Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash are already both very active characters on their own. They both need someone who can not only put up with them, but also keep up with them. Together, I do like to think they would be a sort of unbridled, unstoppable maelstrom of energy. PinkieDash is one of the most fun ships to write, for sure.

I know, it's so disappointing how little I see this pairing nowadays. Glad I was able to contribute something, however small.

I'm not a big fan of stories in which nothing changes, nonetheless it was a good read and definitely one of my favorite "angles" of Pinkie. Good work.


HoofBitingActionOverload, dear friend, you made it. This is AWESOME, for the start to the end. Without a doubt :pinkiehappy:


I tried writing a comment to describe how much I liked the story, but after a few failed attempts, gave up.

Instead, I'll just say I agree with everything said in this comment to the full extent.

Amazing work. Amazing work indeed...

A magnificent piece. A true gem among RainbowPie fics, it's impeccable how you captured Pinkie's spirit and personality so spot on, I felt I was reading something made by the creators of the actual show. All of my praise, good FiMFICer

I have to say, this was a pretty awesome short story. You were able to give a simple story a lot of deeper meaning, and the details were pretty good. :twilightsmile:

PinkieDash is one of my best friend's favorite ships, and he rightfully so recommended this fic to me. Lovely work HoofBitingActionOverload, a really, really lovely one-shot that does this particular ship justice. Best of luck with all of your writings! :twilightsmile:

This is one of those simple, incredibly elegant ships that I love. It ditches the formulas and goes with something pleasant and original. Nice job! :yay:

Wow... Simply wow... *-*

This was fun!

great fic i agree with most of what every else said :rainbowwild::pinkiehappy:

simply an amazing story

I really wanna go play in the rain like a little kid now

Read this several weeks ago and absolutely loved it. Thanks for the goodness!

its a pretty good story:pinkiehappy:

The prose, shading to purple, was key a component in this story and did not go amiss. The conclusion in particular finishes on just the right note. A pleasent read.

Very well done, a unique take on Pinkie, very much enjoyed it!:pinkiehappy:

Never would I have thought it as this way. GJ. Faved and liked.

How is it that this adorable story is in tons of groups, but isn't in my group Romance is Magic!? This deserves it! I love this story so much! The writing was great and I really felt like I was there. You wrote Pinkie Pie perfectly. Wonderful! :heart:

Just gotta love how it is put forth.

Aww, What a nice story! I never shipped pinkiedash until I read this.

Well that was really cute. I'm glad I wandered across it.

This story melted 1/100 of my heart.

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