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One day, I'll write my own. For now though... *munches on pony fics*

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2015737 Alright, wil check them out. Thanks for the suggestions! ^^

2009332 The only one of those I've read is Never So Far Away. You probably don't remember what happens in it because nothing really happens in it. I liked it, but it is one of those stories that gets onto the first page of Top Stories by being sweet and inoffensive.

I can list 5, but they're all going to be from my favorites shelf.

Save the Records: I reviewed this here.
The new crop: Big Mac enters a boxing match to save the farm. I reviewed it here.
RUN: I'm not even gonna describe it. Read the first three paragraphs, then see if you can stop.
Riverdream at Sunset: A Lord Dunsany / MLP faery story. I reviewed it here.
Bittersweet Music: This is a little complicated to describe, because it's two different but connected stories, one about Spike, one about Fancy Pants.

2008566 Point taken. =P

Well, your devotion to the community is admirable, and I'm glad that we have some common taste! ^^

So, utilizing our newly formed link of fanfic preferences, and given that I haven't been that active of a user for the past year or so, can you name five fics that probably missed my radar but I'd probably enjoy if I knew them?

I guess it'd be hypocritical if I didn't do the same, even though you're more involved in the community than I am (and hence probably know a few of these):
* Murder on the Friendship Express! -- Comedy and mystery. Fun read the first time around.
* Withdrawal -- Admirable attempt at a story dealing with addiction.
* Never So Far Away -- A casual slice-of-life read that I remember loving, yet don't remember what it was about.
* The Heart of an Author -- A borderline-meta, yet still pretty serious and well-crafted murder mystery.
* On the Application of Time and Motion Efficiency Studies to Initial Relationship Formation -- Casual comedy fic about Twilight inventing speed-dating.

Yeah, that's five stories that aren't "crazy popular" (so there's a better-than-zero chance they flew under your radar).

2008524 Thank you, but I am not programmed with a tea-drinking protocol.


Wait, you go through all your readers' pages, find the ones that have similar tastes to yours and watch them?

Call me paranoid but I'm suspecting a bot here. :P

Either way, welcome to my (pretty much blank) page. Care for a cup of tea? :twilightsmile:

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