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In celebration of 1000 members, the AppleDash group has put together an anthology. In here you'll find poems, short stories, comics, and other pieces all dedicated to AppleDash.

Updates every two days with two new submissions until all have been posted.

Current participants, in order of appearance:
RatofDrawn, Rated PonyStar
Jacked Apples
Rated PonyStar

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Comment posted by TwilightUCrazy deleted Nov 8th, 2013

This explains PonyStar's blog post.

Also, nicely done on it.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Applejack chuckled as Rainbow Dash climbed inside and flew over to her bed. “Dash, we got a weddin’ planned in a week. Even if I got ya’ knocked up, you wouldn’t be showin’ by then.”

Applejack couldn’t help but chuckle again. “I dunno, we’ll figure it out.” She made room in the bed for Dash to lay next to her, and Dash happily landed and snuggled into her side. “But since that ain’t it, why the rush?”

Pretty sure there's a paragraph missing here.

Huh. FIMFiction decided to not include that particular portion of the fic. One sentence was missing and I've added it back in.

Bah, FiMfiction does that to google docs sometimes when they're imported. I think Krazy is fixing it... Thanks!

wow a great start. Lots of feels.

The fic was sweet and heartwarming while the comic made me shed melancholy tears. I eagerly await more of this :twilightsmile:

I will admit, i almost cried with that comic.

That comic... ALL THE FEALS AN TEARS I HAD ARE NOW GONE :raritydespair: . And its a good thing :ajsmug:

Well that was sad and heartwarming.:fluttercry::pinkiesad2: The part of the comic where everyone is at AJ's death bed i am like of course Spike and Pinkie aren't there.:facehoof: Heh just kidding I hope to see more.


*sniffs* Ow sums it up really well. Especially that comic, so cute... And chilling/sad from middle to end.

So beautiful!!! and painfull! I love it! this is the best start for the applethology!!

read for the second time today and shed a tear again.

:pinkiegasp: That was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen/read. :pinkiesad2:

Comment posted by Drifting Heart deleted Nov 9th, 2013

Why is AppleDash so much more innovative than any other pairing? :trixieshiftright:

Also, salutations from the captain of the SS Twilestia! Congrats on reaching the 1000 benchmark! I've always been an AppleDash fan, and the writers there are very creative. Maybe I'll be follower number 1001?

I am only a pony
I hope you’re not mad
Love you, Rainbow Dash

I AM VERY SORRY but you've got this in 7-5-5 instead of 5-7-5 syllables--not sure if that was a miscount or if the lines just got switched around.

Curse my poetry fascism! :ajsleepy:

Well, it was Rainbow who wrote it. :ajsmug:


There ya go dbz, have some more (implied) wedding~ :rainbowkiss::ajsmug:

Wow that was something else XD.

3480719 :rainbowlaugh:
i.imgur.com/oa0BJ.png Surprisingly, that didn't ruin the mood at all~

... the cake twins, Carrot Cake and Pound Cake, ...

...screamed the Carrot Cake. The pegasus instantly flew over...

... said the hardy voice of Pound Cake. The stallion had grown into a fine unicorn, ...

Wow, the cake twins got mixed up pretty bad! Both their names and what type of ponies they are.

Admittedly, I have not read today's submissions yet. Kinda had a bad day. I'll go through them tomorrow and get that fixed.


The feelings are killing me again :fluttercry:

Hehe, both are quite cute.

Not bad.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Heh... A nice poem indeed.

And can't help but shed a tear at what life became for them.

At least it was a good end.

~Skeeter The Lurker

A fine poem and a story that states what I have known all my life, growing up sucks.

We seem to get one of them being older with each update. I'm not complaining, just noticing. Nice work for both writers

Goddamn, I love fics of them having grown old together. This was masterfully done.:yay:

I'm really sorry, but I love HoofBitingActionOverload's story more than Tchernobog :fluttershysad:

Im filling up buckets of feels.

And that ending!

I wasn't too enamored with the previous couple chapters, but these two were much stronger.

Also, I hadn't realized when I looked at the "Rainbow Dash is getting old" story that it was for this, HoofBiting. :rainbowwild: Glad you found my comments on it helpful.

Out of curiousity, Krazy, how did you decide what order to put these in, and which stories to group together?


Daaaaaamn, so much feelings!!! Nooooo, my perv senses are weakening for thiiiis!!! Noooo, I have a sooouuuuul!!!!!! :fluttercry:

Ehem. Anyway, great, great work.

I undestand you. That start with old Dash.... Uf, almost cried there.


No worries, even I like his better than mine! :rainbowlaugh:

I'm picking any non-written entries first, then going in the order people signed up in.

*poke Krazy* Oi, Krazy. Lots of implied screwin' here. I think this is teen, not everyone ;)

3491934 I totes recognized the passage you asked our advice on and then ignored us :P

Hmm, good point. I'll fix that once I get to my Friday writing spot.


But you did an excellent work with the Spitfire's part! :ajsmug:

3482110 to sooth your pain, I did rush the story. I didn't reallize I had switched them untl after. Also, I was going to prooffread it, but I just didn't have any time. Sorry!

I totally did not notice that these two were both 7,000 words in length. Apologies (or not?) for the extra long chapter. :applejackconfused:

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