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New Years Update · 10:35am Jan 26th, 2023

I figured I may as well provide an update for the tens of you possibly waiting for some news. I am certain you have all been waiting with bated breath.

Hope the holidays have been good for you lot. Naturally, working in healthcare means winter months tend to be butts because that's when things like influenza like to run rampant. Plus this new thing called COVID that people have been talking about. You've probably heard of it.

Anyways, onto business.

You'll be happy to know that since my last blog post on the subject, I have formulated a new plan for how 'A New Sun Rises' will proceed and end, and I have been writing in the meanwhile. I've finished four chapter drafts so far and progress is being made on the fifth. I have no idea how many it'll take to get to the end, but I'm estimating somewhere around 8 to 10 in total. And I still worry it might feel rushed. We'll see.

Now as opposed to my usual method of writing and posting, I've decided that I want all of these chapters finished before I start posting. That's so I can ensure I am happy with the full and final product and I don't inadvertently write myself into a corner, but also to avoid giving people any further disappointment with false starts. Rest assured, when the chapters start posting, new chapters will release on a regular schedule until the story's conclusion.

Writing has been... sluggish, though, if I'm honest. As I mentioned, work has been busy so I don't think I've had a chance to do any writing during lulls at work in months. It's basically left me with only time after work and weekends to write, and maybe I'm just getting older, but I'm finding myself with less and less time and energy for writing these days.

I'm getting this done, though. Somehow.

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Comments ( 7 )

I sympathize. Anyway, we look forward to whatever comes.

Believe in the us that believe in you!

You have my sympathies. Best wishes with both the story and with real life, yeah? ^_^

Do not force and overwork yourself! You are very valuable<3
And I must add that I am extremely happy to see my all time favorite fanfiction getting picked up again. Take all the time you need! Do what you are happy with.
Thank you! :heart:

That lack of time and energy is real. Hopefully you’ll get more rest when spring hits. And thanks for what you’ve written so far. It’s an immensely fun tale.

I’m glad you’re going to finish and I look forward to it.

Thanks for sticking around to tell your tale!
After this, hopefully more stories could be finished!
Good luck writing!

dropping in again to give more :heart:

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