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What a beautiful Sunset.


All of Sunset's hard work in college is finally nearing its end. As she's sitting in her dorm room on yet another lonely Friday night, she has to wonder what she might have lost along the way.

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That was so sweet I like this story

Poor Sunset she's so lonly.

Well done! You described the environment very well. Autumn is my favorite season, and you captured it pretty well, including the melancholy that comes with it.

I am hoping you are not writing this from experience. It's kind of too perfect to be created by someone who never experienced loneliness :applejackunsure:

If you need someone to talk to, just let us know :pinkiesmile:

Wow, that was a really fantastic story. It was beautifully written,especially Sunset's feelings were conveyed really well which made her pretty relatable. Story and environment worked together very well, it was a joy to read this. Thank you very much for the amazing story.

As expected, another fantastic story!

Very melancholy, and very well written. That longing for the good old days, that wondering of what could have been, is something I think we can all relate to...

I like the story, and I like the imagery as it is, and I like that feeling of hopelessness. I like that little change where she simply decides -- nay, realizes -- that nothing's going to change. It's poignant and hard-hitting. I feel like it was a bit short as it is, so I don't have much more to say. I feel like if you were to expand it, you could delve into a bit of character introspection on why she feels the way she does.
Good job, though.

......This is actually pretty unsettling because a good chunk of my college experience....WAS LIKE THIS! Getting all your work done and then just sitting in your room, more or less wasting time, often leaving the TV on just to have some noise in your room while contemplating what exactly you can do to change it around and wondering if you should have done something else.

I HATED that feeling. Sadly I lacked a lot of social skills at the time and even now I have a similar problem, each day going by you wondering why it isn't exciting or memorable as back in High School where it seemed like every day was a more enjoyable adventure. It's painful and reminds us that growing up SUCKS!

Still though there is always hope, just gotta push forward.

Feels familiar.

Is this a repost? Or am I clairvoyant?

Whatever weird Mandela effect nonsense is going on, I'm right there with you. Wasn't this posted like six months ago, or something?

It was originally a much shorter blog post by the same name that I'd rewritten.

I cant relate to the fealings she is having but i can like this story. nice work

That feeling of time just passing by and our lives seem too little to even called an adventure, repeating the days that pass and it seemed so dull with little event that are so forgetable. And there is this feeling of going numb and the week just went by you and you didn't even know it, then you question yourself if there is anything to gain from this or even something to lose when things are already in motion.

It just felt so... peaceful yet something is missing and the question is what??

NOTE: This is my feelings when and after reading the story

Ugh... college :ajbemused: Sunset's loneliness is very relatable. Good story!

:raritycry::raritycry::raritycry:This is way too relatable:fluttercry::fluttercry:
I'm having an existential crisis now...

That explains It! Thanks for that!

Sometimes I feel like I checked out from pop culture in 2012, the same time I checked in to college.
It hurts.

8139598 No, what I meant was that I understand what Sunset's experiencing here. Many long days have I waited for some old friend to reach out to me, all the while knowing they weren't going to.

Really amazing in how quiet, relatable, and thought provoking this is.

story of my life right here, wish i never went to college. i have no social life right now and am hard pressed to see that ever changing. heck, often i wonder if anyone would even miss me if something happened, or if they would even know. it's not like they actually reach out enough to notice soon,

I wish it wasnt, honestly.

I feel this as a senior in college, just never being able to connect with anyone and the isolation of it all. I hope you're experience turns out better than my whole college life did.

8139144 Yeah this is my curse to bear as well.

I feel that there is a sort of mello-dramatic, simplistic beauty in this piece. I love it!

Mist #27 · May 7th, 2017 · · 5 ·

Kind of disappointed that there's no real pay off. Like nothing really happens and it kind of leaves you wanting. Some say less is more, but in this case I'd say more is more.

You always make such amazing Sunny fics, went through the same thing during my school time.

This story gave me a sad :fluttercry:

I guess that was kind of the point though so job well done my friend. :ajsmug:

Absolutely incredible, this story is even better the second time I read it! That ending was so sad, and though I think it does end the story well, I would definitely enjoy a sequel. Good job on this amazing short. :twilightsmile:

Almost painful to read this, because it hits so close to home... I can relate to this, and it brings alot of regret with it. Thank you for this story... I needed this.

The theme song to go along with this fic. You're all welcome

the point of the story is to relate to the loneliness of those in college who have no friends there and whose former friends seem to have forgotten about them, eventually driving them to stop reaching out and instead hunker down and weather the storm hoping it will eventually end. i wish there was a payoff in those situations, but as someone who has lived through that garbage i can tell you there wasn't for me, and for many others in the comment i get the feeling they felt the same way.

and no friend wanted to hang out with her on this friday night


This one languished on my Read Later list for so long because I had a sneaking suspicion it would speak to me way more than I wanted it to. I hate being right...

Orrm #35 · Feb 28th, 2019 · · 1 ·

Simply marvelous. You use the one element we all have in out lives and you implement it masterfully, said element is reality itself.

Now, understand that adolescence is a fleeting period of time and bonds of friendships made rarely last the test and passage of time. Those thick cords are stretched over many things, distance, time, changes in personalities, or even something as simple as a busy schedule.

Nonetheless the result is the same, what was once thick, strong cords of iron are stretched into thin cords of copper, yes, it may conduct well however when too much pressure is exerted the cord snaps in two, leaving both parties with a reminder of what once was and of course, what caused it.

Time is not your ally, people of friendship and youth, the changing currents of life are your enemy and always remember, you are powerless against either one.

I periodically come back to this story to re-read it. It came out just as I left for college, it was a sort of foreshadowing to what was to come. Each time I re-read it, it only hits harder and closer to home. It's a really good story that captures a specific emotion and scenario that many people can relate to.

College is lonely, especially if you commute instead of dorm. I blame myself for not maintaining my old friendships as well as I could have and for not pushing myself to hold onto new friends. Each semester is its own vignette and little world, the people met and relationships formed never really seemed to transfer over. It's a strange sort of lonely that happens when you're in a crowd. Maybe from it's living in the past or maybe it's just not meant to be.

This story is bittersweet in a way. Things seem to going well for Sunset, it's just that she's experiencing it alone. I don't know, honestly.
Someone complained that there's no pay off to this story a while back. They're not wrong, it's not exactly a bad or good ending, it just ends. I guess there's no real happy ending at this snapshot of Sunset's life, I hope one comes along for her and the rest of us in her situation. This is a really good story.

I don't have any profound statements of my own to make in response to this very nice little story. But there are two chunks of what appear to me to be wisdom that may work here. One is from the song "Everybody Should Wear Sunscreen" "...Understand that friends come and go, but for the precious few you should hold on. Work hard to bridge the gaps in geography and lifestyle, because the older you get, the more you need the people you knew when you were young." And the second is from the movie "UP", where our hero gets a message from his past, "Thanks for the adventure...now, go find a new one." Speaking as someone badly in need of a new adventure and who has lost contact with old friends, except of course for the useless world of Facebook, I really need to take both quotes to heart.

This is strangely conforting... wow

This was honestly painful to read. Someone hit this girl up on the phone.

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