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What a beautiful Sunset.

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Happy Sunset Shimmer Day · 9:07pm Sep 22nd, 2018

Well, I unfortunately don't have any writing to give you guys, but I found an artist that does some absolutely amazing Sunset art, so instead I'll just post some Sunset.

Here's his artist tag

Hope you guys enjoy. If you've got the time, tell me something you love about Sunset in honor of our lovable goddess.

Comments ( 5 )

I love her redemption as a former villain. It shows she has flaws and in quite some aspects more depth than Twilight.

Her redemption is definitely one of my favorite parts. Another one is just her overall appearance. I feel like she stands out a bit more than other main characters in the show.

I Love her eyes and gorgeous hair :)

Too much Fav Pony Girl 💛❤

I'm in love. Hnngggg *ded*

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