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What a beautiful Sunset.

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Updated Commission Info · 10:30pm Sep 8th, 2020

After doing a few commissions I've decided to update things a little bit. Hopefully this will make it easier for everyone going forward as things have been simplified somewhat. If you're interested check out the info after the break.


Slot 1: Taken
Slot 2: Taken
Slot 3: Taken

All SFW ideas: $20 per 1k
All NSFW/Fetish ideas: $25 per 1k
Any words in a story after 10k: $35 per 1k
Long-form 2nd Person Romance[1]: Flat fee of $450 per story.
Story Updates/Priority bumps: You can request a chapter update or priority push for a previewed story for $40. Will be posted after the month's first update.

Most fetishes can be negotiated depending on what it is. I'm open to any tamer stuff as well as BDSM-esque stories if you're interested. If it's more hardcore we can talk but I may or may not accept. Stories I absolutely won't accept are I'm not willing to do scat, fart fetishes, foalcon, or gore/necro.. Ask me for anything else. If it's borderline it may not end up on this account. I also accept more than just pony commissions. If you have any ideas for properties like Helltaker, Hazbin Hotel, Legend of Korra/ATLA, Undertale, Teen Titans, etc. let me know and I can work on those as well. That's not an exhaustive list of properties that I'm into but if you have something else you'd like a commission for let me know.

If I accept your story I'll come back to you in a day or two with a complete outline of events for your review. If you're happy with that I'll begin writing and you should expect a finished product in 2-3 weeks (depending on how busy I am, it could be slightly longer in some cases).

PAYMENT: For clients that aren't recurring patrons, I will expect half of the estimated payment before I start working on the commission then the other half once the story is complete. For patrons that have been with me longer than a month I will accept full payment upon completion instead and the discount will always be applied. All payments will be handled through ko-fi. There is already a commission option there on the main page.

REVISIONS: If you're not entirely happy with a story, I will give you the chance to request up to two revisions after the final payment. Please be as detailed as possible in what you want changed or tweaked and I'll do my best to make sure everything is to your liking. To save myself from a constant workload over one story, I will be limiting the revisions requested to just two separate times. I have a lot of work I need to do with my writing and I really can't spend all my time on one story.

DEADLINE: I'm not going to be accepting any client deadlines, but if for whatever reason I take longer than three months to complete your story or present you with a first draft, you can request a refund and I'll give back whatever money you've given me thus far. Depending on the length it will probably take me around 2-5 weeks to finish and polish your story before posting, depending on how busy I am typically.

Commissions will be worked on with a first come, first serve basis. You're free to message me with your idea, but I'm not going to start working on it until I've received some sort of payment. There won't be any line behind the open slots, so when one opens up I'm going to take the first person that actually gives me a payment for their idea.

To make things easier on me, I'd like you to fill out a commission sheet before you PM me with your idea. Just copy and fill in the blanks in the quoted text below and send it to me in a PM.

Story Idea:

Specific details/fetishes to include:

Suggested title: (leave blank if you want me to choose)
Suggested cover art: (leave blank if you want me to choose)

Price Range:

If you want to be mentioned as the commissioner or kept anonymous:

Once you have everything done just message me here on fimfic and we can discuss any specifics. My slots will be updated on this blog post and my main page. Feel free to message me with the form whenever I have a free slot or to let me know if you're interested in being reminded as soon as a slot opens.

1 - A long-form 2nd Person story is going to be like One Last Sunset or Starting From Scratch. They will take a while and I can't guarantee how long they'll be, but I do enjoy doing them so I'll cut some slack on the price and make it a flat fee for it instead. It can be with any character you'd like and I can come up with a love story scenario for them if need be.

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Comment posted by MLG Hard deleted Oct 5th, 2020

Hiya Holy, I may have a story idea or two you may find interesting :twilightsmile:

PM me with your idea and we can discuss it.futther if you'd like.

Will you ever do commissions again?

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