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Why do I put all the stories I have problems continuing on the site while keeping the ones I literally have spent years typing with a friend to myself? The heck's wrong with me?


Hey Folks....been a while. · 9:38am Jun 30th, 2018

Hey everyone, or whoever still reads the things I have here, just letting you know that I'm just doing a slight email and account name change, nothing big, though I'm afraid to say that I'm still in a deep hiatus, mostly because it's been...man, a few very long years since I started, and now so much time has passed that I wonder if it's worth posting any more writing, since I now have a busy life to focus on. Not to mention that I'm actually planning to write my own first novel, since my

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It's been awhile since your last update. Is everything all right?

Hey, I was wondering when the update for the ghost rider story Will be up?? :rainbowhuh:

Plz continue your Ghost Rider story:fluttershysad:

I was wondering, when are you going to continue with your story 'Ghost Rider:Spirit of Friendship'?:applejackunsure:

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