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Why do I put all the stories I have problems continuing on the site while keeping the ones I literally have spent years typing with a friend to myself? The heck's wrong with me?


Hey Folks....been a while. · 9:38am Jun 30th, 2018

Hey everyone, or whoever still reads the things I have here, just letting you know that I'm just doing a slight email and account name change, nothing big, though I'm afraid to say that I'm still in a deep hiatus, mostly because it's been...man, a few very long years since I started, and now so much time has passed that I wonder if it's worth posting any more writing, since I now have a busy life to focus on. Not to mention that I'm actually planning to write my own first novel, since my

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A Big Arrival · 9:08am Mar 5th, 2014

My fellow story writers and readers! I have on my computer parts to a massive undertaking! A project that is the product of well over two years of writing with another author!

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Inattentiveness (is that really a word?) · 3:56am Dec 13th, 2013

Well....here I am....on my blog, in FIMfiction, probably posting something for the first time in forever. Talking with friends on Skype kinda brought me back to this, making me go over the stories I have.

I've been inattentive, no doubt about it.

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A Simple Call · 10:38pm Mar 10th, 2013

Well, I've been asked why I've been so....distant from my stories, why I've been so late in updates. I guess I oughta answer a majority of those questions.

I've been kept occupied by a lot of things, the most prominent being a forum I'm a Moderator on. Things have been getting rough on the forum though, and it's more based on interest.

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Doing a Complete Overdo. · 10:31pm Sep 1st, 2012

Well, first, I should apologize to anyone and everyone that have seen and read 'Security for Hire'. I should have sent out a message to everyone who tracked and favorited the story and told them that I was going to delete it and start over.

When I went back and read 'Security for Hire', I felt embarrassed for how badly I wrote it. I NEEDED TO ACT FAST! So, I deleted it and decided to write it again, only using different scenes, a different character, and a different style.

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Adding on to last one. · 5:24am Apr 23rd, 2012

Though, I gotta admit, the singing, especially for Princess Cadance and Queen Chrysalis, was pretty good.

I caught myself listening to their song, This Day Aria (Cadance's Aria), a dozen times.

And Chrysalis's distorted, slightly out of sync, echoed voice actually sounds pretty good.

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Ending of Season 2: Good and Bad? · 2:30am Apr 23rd, 2012

I gotta ask, is anyone else a little bit annoyed with the ending episodes of Season 2?

I mean, Twilight never said and/or mention ANYTHING about having an older brother. And he's CAPTAIN OF THE ROYAL GUARDS!


I haven't felt this way since Putting Your Hoof Down, where everyone in Ponyville is suddenly a bunch of greedy bastards around Fluttershy, just in time to teach her a lesson about friendship.

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My recently added story: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Friendship · 2:51am Apr 4th, 2012

Welp, considering how fast the responses were in the last few hours after I added my Ghost Rider/MLP crossover, I feel confident enough to say this without hesitation:

The story is, so far, a RESOUNDING SUCCESS!

Now, I feel like I need to clear some things up before they even appear:

-There is a good chance that I might ponify Johnny Blaze and The Rider, because that means I'll also be the first to create the pony version of the two.

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[no title] · 4:38am Feb 23rd, 2012

Well, I guess I'll let Hunter of the Passion lay for a while till something cool happens.

At least that gives me time to focus on another story idea I have.

Maybe I'll just write clopfics for a little bonus as well. After all, who doesn't like a good clopfic?

If anyone is reading this, feel free to send me ideas!

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Questioning my story. · 6:17am Feb 21st, 2012

I gotta ask, why don't that many people read my Hunter of the Passion story?

Does it seem rushed? Do people think I'm not making the Mane 6 act the right way?

It's these questions that are always left unanswered because readers don't TELL ME what I seem to be doing wrong.

Please, try to let me know if I'm doing something wrong.

I'm a very mellow individual and I would more than appreciate a little feedback.

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