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Why do I put all the stories I have problems continuing on the site while keeping the ones I literally have spent years typing with a friend to myself? The heck's wrong with me?

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When a large unicorn stallion awoke, he was trapped under a building with a little happy filly carrying a brand on her flank trying to wake him up. He didn't know his name, his past, nothing. The only sense of guidance he had was the silhouette of a mare accompanied by random words and unknown knowledge in his head. He wants to find his identity, his past, everything about him.

With the filly by his side, the siren call of the mare in his head, and the need to satisfy his constant questioning, our mysterious stallion will pursue every clue and every lead to find out about his past.

But....can a stallion that doesn't know who he is, barely knows what he is, and shouldn't know the path to take on a long road of vengeance be able to keep himself from losing his only sense of identity to the Wasteland and to the secrets that have been kept from him.

(Can be found on GDocs as well - Fleeting Memories Cover Page)

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After having a strange dream, Johnny Blaze awakens to find himself in a strange land, and somehow became a pony! Even though he can now control the The Rider inside him, you can never completely destroy the evil that the Angel of Justice carried. Johnny Blaze now has to survive being in Equestria, surrounded by colorful ponies, while trying to figure out how he got into their world in the first place.

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