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Why do I put all the stories I have problems continuing on the site while keeping the ones I literally have spent years typing with a friend to myself? The heck's wrong with me?


After having a strange dream, Johnny Blaze awakens to find himself in a strange land, and somehow became a pony! Even though he can now control the The Rider inside him, you can never completely destroy the evil that the Angel of Justice carried. Johnny Blaze now has to survive being in Equestria, surrounded by colorful ponies, while trying to figure out how he got into their world in the first place.

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As drew carrey once said:
Edit: I think it would be more terrifying if he was a human, seeing how they've never seen humans or their skeletons, or flaming skeletons wearing leather jackets and jeans

I'm interested to see where this goes.:trixieshiftright:

Oh, a crossover fic? Yeah, psh, whatever, I don't really-

Wait, it's about Ghost Rider?



Man I was waiting for a ghost rider fic for so long
I would have writen it myself but yeah i suck at writing

You started out really strong with this one you should definetly continue this
Its well paced and a great prolouge
Though Im not so sure if he should be a pony its your fic so you can do whatever you want but id imagine him better as a human

Still im a bit worried that Ghost Rider might go soft in Equestria

He is an Anti Hero after all he kills the guilty the most painful way possible
But im wondering how innocent are Equestrias citizens and their rulers?

It's a good idea and i think that you should continue, but please for the sake that of all that is good in the world don;t make him into a pony, it's been done way too many times before:facehoof:, besides i have to agree with Jagun,: imagine celestias face when he walks up to her in rider form:raritystarry:.

Oh my god... this could be awesome.:rainbowkiss:

Need more now

Sincerely the doctor

PLEASE MAKE MOAR just the prolouge has earned you 5/5 moustaches :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache: NICE! btw, human form would be better



...Anyway, back from that few minutes of drooling. *Clear throat*
Not bad for a prologue. Was wondering if you had any plans on how long an actual chapter is going to be.

On the matter of ponifying... I really cannot say. Leaving him as a human is sure to scare the other ponies...
...But it doesn't really give a chance for Johnny to accept (or possibly, be accepted in) this new world.

...Plus, a flaming skeletal pony would probably be far, far scarier to the inhabitants of little ol' Equestria than some burning skeletal primate.

It could really lead to confusion too. It's possible that they'd assume that every human is capable of turning themselves into weapons of mass destr- Sorry, "Justice".

Anyway, great work so far. Keep it up. Looking forward to the next chapter!

So he died as a human :unsuresweetie:... Continue :pinkiehappy:

Yes, just...fucking yes.

Wow! I did NOT expect this much of a response in only an hour! I am thankful for all the comments you guys have given to the story.:yay:

Oh shit, Ghost Rider/Mlp crossover? you have broken the epic barrier! Please keep going! :yay:

I am intrerested in where this might lead. It is a fresh concept, and I haven't seen any Ghost Rider cross overs yet(surprisingly). Do continue.


If only I had a more decent or more realistic picture of a ponified Ghost Rider, then I would be able to compare them better.

Man, I log off for only an hour, then I come back and see even more notifications that are unread. I am DEFINITELY continuing this story.

Everything this guy said. Especially the drool parts and the reaction.
In a paraphrase from Darth Vader, "The Potential is strong with this one".

you should you wonderful writer you:yay::twilightsmile::raritywink::rainbowdetermined2::flutterrage::pinkiecrazy:

How about you have him as a pony while nit in his ghost rider form, and have him in his human form while being the spirit if vengeance? Honestly I can't see the ghost rider giving off the same fear as a pony version of himself. Furthermore, It could be the perfect disguise. If a human shiwed up and suddenly this flaming skull version shiws up, who do you think they'm turn to? Pony + ghost rider = dies not compute. Lastly, and this is the big thing, isn't the ghost RIDER suppose to RIDE something. I just can't see a pony driving a motorcycle or any vehicle with hoofs. Anyway great first chapter, keep goin and stay golden^^


...No. Don't compare a budget Special Effect CGI version of Ghost Rider with an amature-made pony version.
If you are going to compare it, compare it with the other ghost rider's ride, the fiery horse. Remember him?


This looks good so far... i see he has his chain with him. BUT WHAT SHALL HE RIDE?!?! OH NOEZ! ..... serriously though. Good job. You dont happen to have a pic of what he looks like do ya? Pony form I mean.

Serriously though. Blueblood. In story. Quick. Panic attack.

............ damn i should of seen the second movie...


Sorry man, I don't have a picture of him in pony form. I can't draw. Maybe someone will hopefully make me a picture.

Since most ponies in Equestria are good, except maybe the high society snobs, you'll be surprised who I'll bring into the story.

Thanks for complementing on my story!

410834 Alright.... guess time! One of the ponies with one episode from Canterlot, Photo Finish, Blueblood, Nightmare Moon, Discord, or Trixie. Thats all i got.

Still interesting. I haven't spotted any mistakes or anything, but I'm not usually on the look out for those. Anyway, do continue with this, while it might not be the best story I've ever read, it's far from the worst, and it has a very interesting concept. I am very interested to see just where this goes.


Sorry, I cannot deny or confirm your guesses. You're gonna have to wait for the chapters to come.:rainbowwild:

But like I said, you might be surprised who I might bring in and what will happen to Johnny when he's around them.:twilightsmile:

410988 Ok... but whats he gonna ride?! Big Mac? (no homo)

Good Job, but is better Ghost Stallion

Now that I think, Johnny Blaze doesn´t hears like a odd name for a pony, like Trixie Lulamon or Lyra Heartstings, specially for the Blaze part.
Ps: By the way its true, it wouldn´t have any sense that a human with hells power apper in Equestria, but now i imagine a combination between Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare horse of apocalipse. You know War and Pestilence (if you played the game)

Very good. Hoping you continue and im looking very forward to this, so im tracking :pinkiehappy:

If you're looking for something to picture, try and imagine a smaller version of the western Ghost Rider's ride. Remember him? The fiery stallion?

And, wow.
I feel quite honored to be mentioned :pinkiehappy:. Glad I could help.
Still though, nice to see how Johnny put two and two together instead of freaking out.

What else... Oh, right. I'll be honest, I haven't watched the second movie, so if possible, could you fill in blanks when characters/events of it are mentioned? That'd be great.

Great work here, really looking forward to the next chapter!

Youre right Urdeth does have a good point
Wont be as scary for us but it will be terrifying for the ponies when they see The Rider
So yeah keep it up man

I enjoyed chapter two very much. I've always been a fan of Ghost Rider, and other macabre things like that and I feel you have a good voice for it.

That said, the flow of the chapter, I feel, was interrupted by the Johnny waking up believing he was simply on pain meds and hallucinating, then describing how much pain he was in despite the meds (he believes he has), then going directly into how he remembers his last breath in life and how this is all completely real. A suggestion to fix it might be to simply delete the pain meds and halucination bit and just leaving the last breath he took, or transition it by saying something along the lines of, "must be halucinating on pain meds to see a rainbow winged horse, no wait I feel too much pain for that, now I remember I took my last breath after crashing *insert how this is some second chance or something* and continue like the story is"

*please don't hate me, just wanting to help :fluttershysad:*

411503 Yes, but every ghost rider rides somthing! .......... maybe we can get him a skateboard....

What about his fiery wings? I guess they serve some purpose...
Then again, if a motorcycle fit for a pony appeared for Johnny, that'd be awesome as fuck.

412401 AWW HELL YEA! ............ or mabye... what if he got a train? a crazy train to be more specific.

Has anyone thought about something a little more...alive.

What about a hellfire summoned dragon, or a manticore? A demon dragon sounds cool to me.

412431 ...... Im pretty sure suggesting a flaming skeletal dragon or manticore is the mark of a great fanfic author. That or madness. Oh well same thing.

...I will love you forever (And ever) if you include Johnny fucking Blaze riding a goddamn molten dragon in this story.

406705 Well, i have to agree with you there, demon horse you scary:twilightoops:

412431 hmmm, ok i guess he is pony then, DEMON DRAGON WOULD BE AWSOME:rainbowdetermined2: but my only question is were the heck is he gonna get a dragon, and spike is too small and too young for him to be a candidate.


I said 'hellfire summoned dragon' earlier. Now, I haven't read the comics or anything, so I have to go on what the internet has on Johnny Blaze's/Ghost Rider's powers.

419101 Basically, anything that he rides turns into something to suit him, and i mean anything. I never heard of him having any summoning powers though.


Well, if what I read is correct, the Ghost Rider could summon his signature hellcycle through his hellfire powers(throwing fireballs and using his chain weapon).

But really, it shouldn't matter, since everything he rides changes with him, like in the second movie(not giving spoilers). Like, even though Spike is a baby dragon, can you imagine what the rider could do if he used his hellfire powers on Spike?

419166 Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...... Probably turning him into a massive beast with flames for his spikes on his head and back, deep black claws that would scare even celestia, and a head with eyes glowing with the fires of justice and vengeance and teeth like polished ivory. oh and his hide would be like his scales.:twilightsmile:

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