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Hello fellow ponies, welcome to my corner of fimfiction. My names Frostfire and i write action & adventure stories with a bit of romance in them sometimes. hope you enjoy them and blessings from Luna.


Equestria has known peace for many years under the leadership of Princess Celestia and now that she has her sister back things couldn't be better. this peace however will not last for a new evil is waiting to strike fear into the mind of its victims. an evil that come from a alternate universe and has only one mission, destroy everything that lives. The ponies are not in this fight alone, as a powerful creature fights against it ready to give aid. however Princess Luna feel this creature is hiding something about its and is determined to learn more about Equestrias newest ally.

inspired by mikethealicorn

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Oh its up! Can't wait to see it come to life. Hope it fits the way I imagined it

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