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Hello fellow ponies, welcome to my corner of fimfiction. My names Frostfire and i write action & adventure stories with a bit of romance in them sometimes. hope you enjoy them and blessings from Luna.


Sudden Absence, (Explained) · 10:33pm Feb 14th, 2017

To all my followers and fellow readers, I'm sorry for the sudden and long leave of absence. I had originally planned to have the next chapters to both my stories, A Wish That Could Be and SpikesXLuna the Sequel completed in September of last year but i made some changes to my schedule as i have a job which took time away from my writing. then the holidays

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Legends of Equestria · 7:19am Jan 19th, 2016

The server closed down so i thought I would write a little summary on my experience of the game. First and foremost I would like to give props to the team of people that not only maintain the website but make time to animate and create a cool game for us to all play. My experience with game was fun as I liked the ability to pick anyone of the three races to play as. Each pony race has a special ability that makes them unique. I chose the unicorn race because I like being able to teleport, it

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Thank you · 2:36am Dec 29th, 2015

I would like to formally thank everyone who has read my stories since the start of me writing on this site.I have been slow with my chapters but i try my best to create good content and your all so patient. Your all awesome, i cant tell you how much fun it is to write stories that you have all given a chance and read. i look back years ago on when i first became a Brony and am glad that it happened. it has changed me in many ways and all for the better. i love this fandom and its people who are

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Great news · 7:46am Apr 15th, 2015

First and foremost, let me apologize to my readers for my lack of updating. I'm sorry for not updating my stories in quite a while, life has been pretty busy lately. My absence was not for anything mundane however. I have been testing for my drivers license as well as trying to find a job. All the while, planning my brothers bachelor party because big news everypony, My Brother is getting married in early May.

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Fall of Equestria Overview/rant my personal opinion and thoughts based on what i read · 7:02am Oct 14th, 2014

So I go to the Everfree Festival and I meet a bunch of other ponies and make a bunch of new friends. One of them ends up telling me about this story called Fall of Equestria and introduces me to one of the many writers of it. We get to talking and he tells me all about the story and the world it takes place in. I at first was hesitant because I don't like reading stories that completely destroy the beautiful world of my little pony. after some time I he convinces me to read it. these are my

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