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Hello fellow ponies, welcome to my corner of fimfiction. My names Frostfire and i write action & adventure stories with a bit of romance in them sometimes. hope you enjoy them and blessings from Luna.

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Equestria has known peace for many years under the leadership of Princess Celestia and now that she has her sister back things couldn't be better. this peace however will not last for a new evil is waiting to strike fear into the mind of its victims. an evil that come from a alternate universe and has only one mission, destroy everything that lives. The ponies are not in this fight alone, as a powerful creature fights against it ready to give aid. however Princess Luna feel this creature is hiding something about its and is determined to learn more about Equestrias newest ally.

inspired by mikethealicorn

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A few months has past since Spike the young dragon found love in the most unlikely of places, in our goddess of the night princess Luna and he could never be happier. Now he wants to share his happiness with his best friends the elements of harmony and Luna's sister princess Celestia but he is also faced with a choking reality. A dragon pony relationship has never been heard of on Equis let alone Equestria. Will the ponies he has been close to for so long, accept his new found love or will they be judgmental and think harshly of him for his choice. This is the thought that worries him, but sometime love is worth even the greatest of threats.

also for those who may have noticed, i changed the cover photo because the original photo i had for it disappeared and i could no longer find it. so i had to switch it to this one because it was the best one i could find related to the topic.

Advisor and Pre reader: ix12

the original story spikesXluna was made by made by mallajong1 and i have been allowed to make a sequel by him.
heres the link to the first one

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When three humans get sucked up by a strange portal they find themselves dropped in the land of Equestria. As time goes on they learn that the portal opening was an accident, and will not happen again for many lifetimes. They start their new lives in this magical land and with the help of the Elements of Harmony, learn new thing about each other and how powerful friendship and bonds really are. They will need it before their adventure is over.

A message to all future reader of this story. Please do not worry about the deleted comments you'll find in the comment section. they were all either corrections needed to be made that people pointed out and i have already fixed. Or personal conversations that started on the comment section then later moved to private messaging.

Any quotes, phrases, or characters used in this story that are copyrighted are owned by their respective makers and I take no ownership of. The only stuff I take ownership of are the characters i created in this story.

Rated teen for huge amounts of cussing, (later in the story), gory fight scenes and possible sexual situations.

constructive criticism is appreciated

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