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To Save The Moon - Faithful Brony

the son of faust, an ancient creature, the fight that will decide the fate of equestria and its inhabitants

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A Day of Nightmares

Screams, screams were sounding everywhere and the sight was terrible. You couldn't picture a more gruesome sight. Zombie ponies were going after other ponies, tearing chunks out of their flesh and constantly searching for more prey. The city was being overrun by those flesh-eating monsters and nothing could be done to stop them. Pony after pony being slaughtered, one of them was even being eaten and still screaming. A little filly who was hiding nearby, watched the zombie for a little bit, waiting for them to go away.
The filly ducked back down behind a pile of rubble, took a deep breath and looked back over only to see that the zombie was gone. She sighed and got down moving slowly towards the next hiding spot. She got about halfway when she heard breathing. She was in complete fear mode at this moment as she turned around to see the zombie ten feet away. The filly immediately started to run but knew that there was little hope of getting away. Sometimes the lucky ones did but this was not her lucky day as she hoped.
A piece of debris that got knocked out of a building tripped her up and she took a tumble forward landing on her back. She looked up to see the zombie running towards her. The filly tried to get up but couldn't move her foot, it was broken and in immense pain. The little filly started to cry knowing her end would come soon, helpless in the middle of a blazing street by a flesh-eating monster that she once called mother. The wait was deafening and yet the kill never came. She dared to crack open an eye, and what she saw next shocked her.
Their eight feet away was a creature she had never seen before. The creature from what she could tell was six foot, six and had a red-ish tint to the brown hair on his head. It had wings of an indigo blue color, but what was interesting at the moment was the black smoke being sucked out of the zombie into the other creatures hand. When it was done, it dropped the Zombies and turn to look at the downed filly. The creature with lightning quick speed was right next to her in a heartbeat and put his hand on her broken leg. She tried to get away thinking he was going to hurt her but was held there, and all of a sudden she felt the pain in her leg go away.

"Hello little one it's ok, don't be afraid, I Won't hurt you," the creature said in a soft kind voice for its size. The little filly removed her Whooves she was holding over her eyes and looked up to see the creature face. It had blue irises to match its wings and a five o'clock shadow. "What's your name little filly?"

"H-hi, my name is Sweetie Belle. How did you fix my leg," she asks while trying to stand on her now healed leg to test it?

"I healed it, I can heal many different injuries."

"Is that what you were doing to my mom," she said with hope now in her eyes?

"Yes actually I was, your mom should be fine, give it half an hour and she will be back to normal."

"Thank you.... uummm, could you help us get out of here? My sister Rarity, she lives in Ponyville so she might be available."

"So you're Rarity's sister, I know her. I can certainly take you to her if you like." Sweetie Belle nodded her head relieved to be getting out of here. He picked her up and set her on his shoulders then walked over to her mom and picked her up.

"So do you know where your dad is," he asked her while looking around for a few seconds?

'He's in Ponyville with my sister because he got sick and she volunteered to take care of him."

"Alright well hold on tight cause we are going to take a fast way there." Sweetie Belle held tightly to him as a ball of light surrounded and engulfed them. The next thing she knew they were in a familiar place, the Carousel Boutique. She immediately noticed her sister and her friends Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack, Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie with her. The creature set her down and put her mom on the couch. the next thing that happened, however, was more immediate as Sweetie Belle was scooped up by her sister and hugged tightly.

"Oh, Sweetie Belle I'm so glad you're alright. You don't know how scared I was. I thought I had lost you when I heard Manehatten was attacked."

"Its ok sis I'm fine, he saved me. by the way, mister what's your name," she now asked as he never said it to her?

"My name is Lucas," the man said while his focus seemed to be on something elsewhere, or at least that's what she thought.

"Please Lucas, you must let me make you a suit. I must repay you for your kindness in saving her from those repulsive creatures," Rarity said making the kind offer.

"That is very generous of you to offer however I must take my leave. I would gladly accept that but the Nightmare has not been banished yet from that sector and I need to do it now before it can have a chance to spread further. thanks for the offer though." In another ball of light, he teleported away. Lucas reappeared back inside the city and took notice of his surroundings, immediately spotting two zombies to his right. They ran at him with their rabid faces and pitch black eyes trained on him and ready to tear him to shreds. Dropping down when they got close, he shoved his palms up against the ponies jaws forcing them closed and slammed them down to the ground.
He started glowing and began sucking the black energy out of the ponies while reciting a spell. When the process was complete and they were back to normal he teleports them out of there and began looking around again. The whole city was ablaze, burning everything down. The sight saddened him, for the bodies of ponies were littered everywhere. He could hardly believe the carnage that was being inflicted on the ponies sometimes and yet he had seen it happen so many times before. He had seen one city after another on this world fall to the Nightmares power.
Snapping out of his thoughts, he kept walking, looking around some more, trying to find something specific. Traveling through an intersection where carriages would cross, he saw more zombie ponies, but they were surrounding another pony. Lucas recognized the Nightmare immediately and heard it chanting something while his minions followed along. Quickly ducking down behind some rubble, he started moving from pile to pile trying to get closer to the hoard of flesh-eating freaks and their leader. Lucas recited a spell and sent a beam of white-hot light at the group reducing them to little more than ash. "I'm sorry for this my little ponies, may your souls be at peace with mother."

"I see you finally decided to join us, but sadly you're too late. the spell will soon be complete and the souls of the ponies who lived in this city will be mine," the creature said with a deep echoing voice.

"You are arrogant and that will be your downfall. Evil will never prevail and I will be there to see your end," Lucas said angrily.

"You think I will, no this world will be burned and absorbed just like all the others that you and your soldiers couldn't defend. It is you who will not live beyond this day."

"Nightmare. You have abused the power mother gave you and have used against her. Your foul evil will no doubt be purified as mother had predicted." Lucas stated as he took a stance and started chanting an ancient spell. Before he could finish, however, the pony/Nightmare attacked. Dodging to the left and spinning around, Lucas shot a beam of light at it. The creature was fast though and jumped out of the way leaving a smoldering hole where it used to be. Running faster than the naked eye it jumped at Lucas and bit him in the arm.
The pain was intense but he managed to blast it off, sending it flying into the wall of a burning building. Lucas began charging up the spell again, but the Nightmare stopped as it took a huge chunk of rubble and hurled it at him. Jumping to the left, Lucas narrowly managed to get out of the way before the huge chunk of the building hit another building and caused the entire structure to collapse. Getting up, he grabbed the possessed pony with telekinesis and threw it against a wall, repetitively. After doing this he tossed it at a lamppost knocking the metal pole over. Lucas approached the creature but was caught off guard by a surprise attack.
Ten other zombie ponies had approached after one of them knocked him down. They slowly surrounded him making any escape route cut off.

"I grow tired of these battles you insignificant little whelp, and soon I will be rid of you, then I will finally get my revenge on mother for picking them over me," the creature said spitefully.

"You will not get the chance, it ends here," Lucas immediately dispatched the zombies with a few well-placed shots from his beam attack.

"It is hopeless for you, you can keep on destroying my soldiers but I will continue to make more, I cannot be stopped now die." the Nightmare jumped at him again but only realizing to late its mistake. Lucas charged up the spell and grabbed on to the possessed pony.

"No Nightmare, that is where you're wrong. Now be gone foul creature of the darkness," and from Lucas the light that glowed inside his body expand forth engulfing the entire city in a brilliant white light that could be seen for miles. After a few seconds, it vanished leaving behind nothing but a huge empty crater void of life.


The city of Canterlot was a sight to behold, beautiful lights littered the streets and signs hung telling other ponies that the businesses were opened all night. Up at Canterlot castle, things were even more beautiful and serene. The garden was sprouting with many different kinds of flowers and plants, and the animals enjoyed themselves basking in its peaceful state. In the throne room sat Princess Celestia and Princess Luna who were discussing a few things while reading over the latest reports of damage.

"Lulu I don't know, I think it would best if we tried using our resources to help build a new city in that new plot of land that we just completed leveling for construction," Celestia suggested in a questioning tone.

"Celly if we are going to become stronger as a nation then we need to update the Equestrian military and its arsenal, they are seriously outdated by hundreds of years and the soldiers have gone soft. The Nightmare has been decimating cities one by one unchecked and unchallenged, it will attack here eventually, its only a matter of time, and we need to be ready when it does," Luna said worriedly

"Luna I know you just want the ponies to be safe but you heard what Lucas said. This creature is far beyond any level of powers that we possess and even if we did do this, it would only slow it down, not stop it. The best thing we can do is leave it to Lucas, he said he would destroy the Nightmare and I'm inclined to believe him, Celestia stated confidently."

"But sister I- just at that moment a concussive force hit the castle shaking it and a bright flash of light appeared from somewhere outside the window. the two royal pony sister looked out the window and off in the distance they could see the light diminish and disappear.

"Oh no, that was Trotingham, you don't think that was the creatures doing," Luna said with fright in her voice.

"No I don't believe it was but just in case," Celestia immediately summoned one of her personal guards into the room. "Iron Whooves, please tell captain Fire Stride to send a battalion of guards to Ponyville, I want to make sure it's properly secure and safe."

"Yes mam," and with a salute, he was off to attend to the assignment given to him. Not but a few seconds later there was a brief flash of light and in its place was Twilight and her friends. Twilight dropped to the floor like a sack of potatoes within seconds. her friends helped her up while the princesses ran over to the group.

"Twilight, you should not have attempted teleportation over such a great distance, and with a group no less. That requires a significant amount of magic to perform."

"I-I'm sorry princess, I had to get he-here quickly, did you see... the light," Twilight said while breathing raggedly.

"Well Twilight, it seems Trotingham was hit and nothing is left, the city is gone." The entire group gasped at this news. Thousands of innocent ponies were dead because of this horrible Nightmare that had been plaguing the planet for years now.

"How can that be, there's no way the entire city could be just gone," Rainbow Dash said with disbelief.

"I'm afraid so my little ponies, something happened and it razed the entire landscape. The bright light encompassed the entire city reducing it to rubble. That's the eighth city so far, and it only continues to rise." Luna summoned a table with a map of Equestria on it. There were X marks on Hoofington, Maine, Fillydelphia, Mineighsota, Las Pegasus, Appleloosa, Kenbucky, and now Trotingham. "These were the eight cities that were attacked and now we've got reports of an attack in Manehatten and a black cloud headed towards Cloudsdale.

"what about the Crystal Empire and what about Lucas," Twilight said with a bit of fear in her voice.

"We have not heard from him yet and he usually contacts us when something like this happens," Luna stated sadly.

"I don't know girls, the imperial ponies are holding their own for now and we haven't seen Lucas in a while." As if right on queue, a bright flash of light erupted in the room and from it Lucas fell out, landing pretty hard on the ground. The ponies rushed over to him checking to see if he was alright. His clothes were in tatters and he had bright glowing blue blood trickling down his head and from several other wounds. Fluttershy fainted instantly from the sight and Rarity looked like she was about ready to puke from all the blood. Princess Luna came over kneeling down next to him and touched her horn to his head.
A small glowing light appeared over him and the wounds started to heal. the wounds took a few minutes to close but he soon woke and slowly moved to a sitting position.

"How did you heal him, I thought our magic doesn't affect his kind," Princess Celestia said dumbfounded.

"Yes and no, our magic won't affect him, however, he did show me a spell. it fuses the natural cosmic energy we use into his heart and heals his body. apparently, Mother Faust made his species entirely out of it," Princess Luna explained before proceeding to nuzzle him when he was sitting up.

"Thank you, Princess Luna, this is the second time you've had to heal me. I owe you a lot," he said returning the nuzzle. After he got back up Fluttershy started to regain consciences and Twilight helped her up.

"What happened, how did you get injured like that? You had some gnarly wounds man," Rainbow Dash asked in a worried tone.

"The Nightmare was going to create thousands more of those mindless creatures. Before he could complete the ritual, I attacked the pony it was possessing. I quickly realized I wasn't going to get anywhere doing that. We were equally matched and I never could get enough time to perform the purifying spell. I decided to reduce the entire city to ash. It required a lot of power but the explosion has stopped it momentarily." Lucas became dizzy and stumbled before falling against a column and using it for support. "A really big city I might add."

"You don't look too good, I think you need to rest," Rarity said. However, when she got near he just held out his hand.

"I will be fine, all I need to do is meditate to recharge my power. I lost a lot from the wounds I sustained during the fight. Is there a spot that I can go to and not be disturbed while I meditate?"

"The Chamber of Reconciliation is the most tranquil place in the castle. you could use that, Luna suggested."

"Lead the way," Lucas emphasized by bowing and pointing his hands towards the door in an after you gesture. Princess Luna proceeded through the door with the rest of the group following close behind. They passed many corridors which made the place look like a maze. After about ten minutes of navigating the corridors, they were at the door to their destination. The door to the Chamber of Reconciliation was made of jade and crystal that sent out an inviting glow of energy. Luna walked up to the door and opened it and they went into the mysterious room.
The inside had several Grand marble columns and a fancy red carpeted floor too. Paintings of many beautiful scenes one would see on a quest or adventure adorned the walls and many plush pillows were neatly placed in the rooms center around a statue that was a ponies representation of the mother goddess Faust. Lucas turned to his comrades.

"I will end this struggle, just hold out a little longer," he gave Luna a hug and then sat down on one of the many pillows to begin. The rest of the group stepped out of the room closing the door behind them.

"So we're just going to leave him in there, we need to stop this darn creature now," Applejack said with furious anger.

"Calm down Applejack, he will take care of it, he just needs a little rest," Celestia said in a motherly way.

"Don't tell me to calm down Princess. Over half my family is dead because of this evil and I won't rest until it is dead or I am," Applejack then proceeded to storm off somewhere to be alone.

"I'm sorry princess, you'll have to forgive her temper. She's been going through a rough time as you can see," Twilight said in a friendlier manner.

"I understand her pain my student, but she shouldn't keep so must anger, its very unhealthy," Celestia stated remorsefully.

"All we can do right now is hold up our defenses and last until Lucas has enough power to finish the battle," Luna stood there with her belief evident in her eyes. The group went back to the main chamber to continue their jobs, but when they got there, there was a pony waiting for them. It was a military pony, a grunt by the looks of things. The pony was wearing the Crystal Empire sigil on her shoulder.

"Soldier state your business," Luna quickly adorned her regal voice.

"Mam I'm sorry, I tried to stop him but he just teleported me here, I couldn't stop him, the pony said losing all sense of composure or gruffness.

"Just tell us what has happened," Luna said in a more soothing tone.

"I'm sorry but I can't say, the pain it is still to close, you will have to see for yourself," she said in a grieving tone. Before anypony could make sense of what the grunt said she pulled out a crystal and placed it on the ground and tapped it on the top. A light erupted from it and formed into the face of somepony they knew all too well. Inside the light was the image of Shining Armor standing there with a tear in his eye. Once he had visibly calmed down he spoke, but his voice was hoarse.

"I don't think I can maintain composure, I don't know what to say in a situation like this. The Nightmare has defeated the main force of the Imperial Army and will soon be moving in to take the land," the group gasped. "I plan to lead what remaining soldiers that are left in one last charge against the adversary. I know its suicide, and I'm probably not going to live beyond today, but maybe it will buy you girls some time to find a way. Twilight," he called out and she stepped forward as if he were right there. "I know it will be hard to understand, but please, if you do manage to defeat this creature there's something I want you to do for me.
I want you to live a happy life, and take care of our family." He turned left as if to address someone else. "Cadence, if you are there as well then I want you to take care of our child, and please live on for me. I know what I ask of you is a lot but please smile for me. I have had a happy life and many good memories with you. Twilight and the rest of my family and friends, thank you and goodbye." The light vanished leaving two Alicorns and one unicorn in a group hug crying openly. Their friends were there comforting them in their time of grief. The days were truly growing heavy with sadness as this monster continued to attack them.

"I'm sorry for your loss," everypony turned to see Applejack standing there at the doorway. "It's not an easy thing and now, maybe you understand some of my pain as well," Applejack said approaching the group. She walked up, put her hoof on Twilights shoulder, then gave her a hug as well.

"I never expected any of this to happen, we have lost so much already, how are we ever going to defeat this thing. Everything we do is pointless because it just keeps on coming," Twilight finished with tears still flowing.

"We will get justice when we are finally rid of this evil, maybe then we can have a proper funeral for all the ponies that died fighting against this creature," Applejack said with sincerity. All of a sudden a Pegasus comes through the door screaming hysterically. Celestia picked the pony up in her telekinesis and held her there until she calmed down enough to be talked to.

"What has happened my little pony," Celestia said dreading more bad news.

"All hope is lost, the evil has taken Manehatten and will soon be heading here," the pony babbled out before passing out from shock.

"This is bad, Cloudsdale is our last line of defense, and, if that falls, then Ponyville and Canterlot are open for attack," Fluttershy said before she laid down and started crying. She truly was scared for everypony she knew back in Cloudsdale.

"We have got to do something before it decimates the city," Rainbow Dash said while stomping her hoof.

"I would love to be able to do something dear, but what could we do against something so powerful," Rarity said being realistic.

"Nothing, but maybe we could do it together," everypony turned to see Cadence standing there with a lieutenant of the Imperial crystal Army. Cadence Approached the group with a tired face and slow movement in her step.

"Cadence where have you been," the group said running over to her.

"I'm fine, now Lucas alone cannot defeat this monster. It's too powerful even for him. But what if we fed Lucas our magic, with the added power, he just might be able to take this creature down for good," Cadence suggested.

"That's a good plan but his physiology is different from ours. our magics are not compatible," Twilight explained wondering how this could be done.

"With Celestia and Luna, I'm sure I can come up with a spell, we will use aunty Luna's love for him as the conduit with which to transfer the magic," Cadence said already trying to think of one.

"This is a good idea in theory, but it has never been done in all the dimensions I have ever been to. The group turned to see Lucas at the door standing there. I may have been hurt but I am fully healed now and have recovered my strength. What is this about a spell,' Lucas asked politely. The group walk over to the middle of the room with Lucas and Cadence explained.

"The Spell is actually quite simple and easy for me to do since you and Luna love each other so much. the spell will involve me using my power over love as a connection so that mine, Celestia's and Luna's power can flow into you increasing your own magic in the process," Cadence finished speaking intuitively.

"Your idea sounds perfect in theory and I trust it, but until we actually do it, we won't know if it will work. When the Nightmare gets here, we will need to have this trap set up and ready for him," Lucas said pulling out a detailed map of Canterlot and strategic vantage points for each pony. I'm going to need Twilight and Rarity over here on the roof of this shopping mall, Luna you will be on the moon tower, Celestia will be on the solar tower, and Cadence, I'm going to need you at the clock tower using that as the pinnacle point. I will lure the Nightmare into the town square where the battle will take place. Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash, it will be your jobs to go round up all the ponies in Canterlot and Ponyville and get them to the Crystal Caves. They will be safe there during the battle as the creature will not be able to detect the life forms down there thanks to all the crystals."

"Got it," the four said all at once as they ran off to go do their jobs leaving the three Alicorns and two unicorns with Lucas.

"Alright girls, I think we should start working on that spell," Cadence said as they left to get the sigils ready for the spell leaving Lucas alone with his thoughts.


The city of Canterlot and the town of Ponyville were empty, not a soul could be found in either place. Lucas stood there in the city square of Canterlot looking up at the night sky seeing the beautiful lights in the sky, the place was truly quiet.

"The calm before the storm, I guess I'm ready as I will ever be," Lucas said as he looked down. the ground was covered in invisible marking that only he could see. each one was part of a giant sigil, the epicenter of the battle. Lucas spread his wings and took flight, flying all the way to the entrance of the city then waited. Off in the distance, he could make out a giant wisp of smoke heading towards him and the place he called home. Once it got close enough it flew down to the ground and condensed into a pure black form of a Draconicus. It had absolutely no color and was pure black hatred for all things living.

"Well, it would seem we have come to the final battle again. when are you going to realize that it is inevitable, I will conqueror every one of these mimic dimensions our mother set up, then I will finally conqueror the real one and destroy mothers creations for good. It is foolish to continue trying, your brothers and sisters have all fallen and now you are the last of your kind, a race of pathetic creatures mom created in an attempt to stop the coming fire," the Nightmare said with a dark liquor of sin and ice attached to each word it spoke.

"No, mother said we would be the ones to stop you and mother is never wrong. This will be the last time you ever threaten mothers beautiful creations with your filth. Now let the purifying commence, Lucas said as he started throwing balls of light at the dark figure. It weaved around dodging the balls of light before launching itself at Lucas grabbing him. The creature then hurled him into a wall before blasting him with a kind of black energy. The energy exploded causing the building to come down on top of Lucas.
It sat there for a few seconds before a ball of light erupted reducing the rubble to ashes. Lucas stood there for a brief moment before bringing the fight back in full force. Hurling more balls of light at the Nightmare, it started backing up as it dodged the energy balls throwing some of its attacks at him. Lucas took a stance and shot a stream of light at the creature causing it to stagger back before finally being knocked into a fountain. Lucas ran over to it and started punching it with glowing white hands. the Nightmare knocked him off and got up only to be pushed back down by another stream of energy.
Lucas held out his hands and summoned a bubble that contained the creature and kept it on the ground.

"This is a nice attempt but none of your attacks are going to have a lasting effect, I will eventually break this shield and then you will be destroyed like all the others," the creature said taunting Lucas.

"You think you can but I can see you, you do not have access to your full power because of the purifying spell I performed on you in trottingham. Oh, by the way, this shield will contain you for as long as I need it to, ALRIGHT EVERYPONY, BEGIN THE SPELL, Lucas yelled out. The sigil became visible and started to glow brightly as five beams of light connected together and shot at Lucas. He could feel the power beginning to grow inside him, little by little as he felt it lifting him up into the air.

"You think another purifying spell is going to stop me, your last one had only a small effect on me. How can you possibly think you're going to end me with this," the evil creature asked laughing.

"It will destroy you because its filled with the power of all those who want nothing more than to see you gone forever," Lucas said as he launched the beam of light at the Nightmare. At first, it looked like it was doing nothing, but then slowly the creature started to dissipate and let out a blood-curdling scream before finally disappearing. Lucas floated down to the ground and stood there shaking slightly. As the shield faded away due to lack of energy being fed to it, the elements and the princesses gathered around the site. There was rubble everywhere within a ten-meter radius.

"Wow, it looks like you did a number on that varmint," Applejack said surprised.

"Well, I did put every bit of magic I had into that plus the extra energy you ponies gave me. The combined power must have finished it off," Lucas said exhausted from the battle. Luna ran up and jumped on to him knocking him over and gave him a big hug.

"Well I think its safe to bet that the Nightmare will not be returning ever again," Cadence said boldly. however, the sky seemed to soon darken overhead.

"Think again you little bags of meat, that may have severely hurt me but it did not kill me. NOW DIE," the voice of the Nightmare said before an invisible force grabbed Cadence lifting her up in the air. She floated there for a few minutes before a ball of black energy hit her, the Princess of Love was then shocked before going completely limp. Spike who had been watching from the entrance to one of the buildings came out and ran over to the princess to see if she was alright. When he reached her and tried to pick her up he was hit by a hoof and knocked back into the building he came out of.

"SPIKE," Twilight yelled to her little brother.

"Yes, scream his name, I love it when you ponies are truly terrified, it's soooo, deliciously tasty to feel your anguish. You may have destroyed the physical form I was generating but you can never destroy me completely. I may be damaged but this body will do, and now I know where your precious ponies are hiding. Good spots to pick by the way,"Nightmare/Cadence said as it stood up.

"Girls, use the elements," Celestia commanded as she summoned them to the girls. The six ponies got information as Princess Celestia started feeding power into the elements to make them stronger. The six rose up into the air and magical energy connected between them as they coalesced into a single beam of rainbow hitting the possessed pony in front of them. The evil creature was being turned to stone slowly, as it climbed up its body before enveloping it completely.

"That should hold him for a little while, Twilight said before turning to see her mentor collapse to the ground. Princess are you alright, what happened," Twilight asked completely scared for her mentor.

"It's alright my faithful student, I'm just magically exhausted, I used up a bit too much of my power. Give me a couple of weeks and I should be back to normal," Celestia said exhausted as well. Before anypony could say anything, however, several minutes later the stone like statue shattered to piece and Nightmare/Cadence walked out of the grey mist.

"Impressive display of power from you ponies. To hold me even for that long with such a weak attack, bravo. Unfortunately for you the only creature in existence that could have done remotely any damage to me is now completely drained. Now if you ponies are through stalling." Nightmare/Cadence then used its magic and lifted the six off the ground before making their bodies explode and turning them into energy which it fed on as well.

"NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Celestia screamed out as the elements were now gone, erased from this world. Celestia was lifted off the ground soon too.

"YYYEEEESSSS!, scream, I love all your fears. You too will soon be joining them,"the creature said before making the goddess of the sun explode in a ball of light that was promptly engulfed too. Luna out of shock screamed then buried her muzzle in Lucas's chest and held on tightly as if it would make this whole thing one bad dream that she would wake up from.

"Well isn't this a pretty sight, the two lovers holding on to each other in their last moments together. it makes me want to throw up. Let us see if we can fix that." Nightmare/Cadence pick them both up with its magic and held them suspended in mid-air.

"Whatever happens, I want you to know. Lucas, I love you and even in death, my soul will be with you, always," Luna said with all the love in her eyes that's she could show.

"I love you too Luna, and I promise you, we will be together again no matter what," Lucas said right before she was torn out of his hands.

"LUCAS!," Luna screamed before exploding and being drained into the evil before him.

Lucas could feel it happening, an energy expanded within him and he felt every part of him be destroyed in the ball of blackness.
time went on for what seemed like an eternity. a little piece of light, suspended in the darkness that couldn't find its way. It didn't feel real but then, slowly, another light appeared.

"Your destiny is not over my son, you are my greatest hope and theirs as well. So full of light, your love for her shines brightly, like a beacon in all the darkness. Find the pieces of yourself and put it back together. Go now, be reborn and bring peace to their world my child," a heavenly voice said from the light. Lucas could feel the life being breathed back into him and then he was teleport to wherever the voice sent him.

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