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RF and AG

Life gave me lemons, and with them I made horsewords. Try and figure that out.

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Led Zeppelin obviously :P

I was thinking Nightwish when I read the title lol:pinkiegasp: maybe he will return one day:pinkiehappy:


I gotta say, your lack of Zeppelin understanding makes me wanna Crunge. Even Screaming Lord Sutch would be shamed.

pretty cool so far
interested in where this will go
keep up the good work :)

A couple of years back, when Luna had recently regained her full strength, she and her sister had had a true test of who was the better pillow fighter. At that time there were no rules as to how they fought.

NCMares fan, I take it? :rainbowlaugh:

i gave you a thumbs up just for the amount of words in this chapter, and i haven't even read the chapter yet.

okay i finished the chapter, and I hope your next one will be just as long and good.

If only everyone thought like you ... just wait till future chapters!


I am a bottomless pit. Ever wanting full. Never satisfied.
You, given to me a pinch of satisfaction.
Yet I greed, lust for more.
For It is not Grim, just Absolute.--Deathm0nger

If the next chapter is just as good as this one, then it's going straight to my favorites.

The sad part is, Disturbed kept everything from the tones and rythms and arrangements original to the Genesis one yet somehow made it much more uplifting and preachy. Land of Confusion is one of thosr cases where the cover is much much better than the original one.

Also, the Genesis Music Video is bucking creepy with those distorted and exaggerated puppets...:pinkiesick:


When I saw the title I thought of the old British marching song. You may now facepalm at an American from modern times thinking of a British folk song from the 1700's before a song from a popular British band from the 1900's. -Amethyst


To be honest, I'm actually more impressed than anything else. I'm not sure why you knew that, but hey! I learned something new, and that's always good.

Unrelated- yet possibly so- tangent:FALLOUT 4 IN LESS THAN TWO FRIKFRAKPADDAWAK DAYS!!!!!

Hi and Bye!



I tend to listen to a lot of old Sea Chanteys and marching songs to answer your question. And really, I also learned some tidbits from the author, you, and MichaelTheBoss, as prior to this I had never known that Led-Zeppelin had this song(or really listened to them prior, I kinda assumed I wouldn't like them, but they have a few good songs.), or that teletubbies had... something?... to do with the title.

P.S. Random grammar nazi's gonna nazi... possibly... I don't know, I see alot of things I think are possible punctuation issues with my writing here, but it's barely dawn where I am atm.
P.S.S. I am now ranting and will seriously need to edit this when I'm more awake.


Well, the adventuring party is growing, but we haven't had the obligatory tavern brawl yet! :rainbowlaugh:

Are there any really big fight sceans?

Don't worry, there will be a very large fight if you want to call it that. Just got to be patient, this seemingly endless wandering will change.

Neat first chapter.

Now, it might actually just be the unreliable narrator who has them mixed up, but actually, a rectifier converts AC electricity to DC electricity. Electrical generators don't exactly have a 'natural' form of production, though in practice they would generate AC on their own due to reversing polarities, but rather rely on a commutator set-up of either a split ring for AC or slip ring for DC. Alternate terms would be an alternate for AC or rectifier for DC. DC power is what is used for portable equipment like handheld sets or lights, and of course batteries.

(Of course, something that can't be chalked up to unreliable narrator is how he managed to drive into New York and not die within minutes from radiation if NYC was presumably significantly bombed :pinkiecrazy:)

Also, I'll make the obvious joke: I see the Apocalypse only helped New Jersey to be a better place to visit than before.

6637418 From what i understand is that a portable generator would create AC power, thus a rectifier would allow one to change that AC power into DC power. It's much like a car in that the battery is AC but there is a rectifier that changes to DC for a lighter plugin.

The way he explains it is crude but he is essentially saying that he has a handpumped electircal generator, like in Metro, that creates AC power. He has then attached a small enough rectifier to allow the AC to be converted into DC for a way to charge his iPod.

6637810 Yes, and what you have written is the protagonist saying a rectifier converts DC into AC, when it's supposed to be the other way around.

Anyway, a rectifier is simple in terms of what it does. It takes DC electricity and turns it into AC electricity.

Bah, got it backwards. Will fix immediately. Thanks for pointing that out.

The narrative style is more than a little bit discordant, which makes it rather interesting I think. Ryan latches on pretty quick that he's hardly in Kansas anymore, or New York, let alone the pithole that the natives call New Jersey, and approaches it with an open mind such as when Gilda mentions weather manipulation, but hoo boy, is he in for a surprise.

This is one hideously long chapter. I suppose it really highlights the difference between human and pony culture that the fill-in sheriffs don't even clue in to what Ryan means when he said he would get rid of them. At the same time, Equestria has its own problems, but Ryan feels rather a little OP just knowing exactly the trick to getting along with a lot of the characters so far in this chapter, and knowing exactly what would be best for Trixie.

ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Meet Your First Princess

"Trixie only wishes she could repay the Princess back. Also, Trixie likes her because she is blue and blue mares need to stick together.”"

:rainbowderp: Et moi, Trixie?

Remember, Ryan is roughly 40 years old and has spent 20 of them wandering and meeting all sorts of people. He's met people like Trixie and Gilda before since they are more common in post-Reckoning then you'd think.

a five foot four Russian gal that could wield a semi-auto shotgun with one hand while carrying around way too much dynamite.

I think I'm in love.

6639404 Hmm your spear will surly pierce her heavens, will it not?

Because if you read each one out loud, it essentially accounts for Ryan's rambling storyteller methods and the time it would take to tell each part. He's thorough if not anything. Also he remember's things surprisingly well ... as mentioned in the story.

Aside from that, it's because I essentially have a day a chapter going on. Each of the chapters is one day in Ryan's adventure. Though I know that the length puts people off, I find it to be a better immersion aspect for the events. I dislike multiple single day events happening over many chapters, instead of them happening in a "boom, boom, boom" fashion.

"then promptly decided to flip the bird at her."

What a very rude thing to do to Gilda! :pinkiehappy:

Just like the writers when they penned the script for Appleoosa's Most Wanted, even you forgot that Little Strongheart exists :trollestia:

Ryan's rambling seems to really fill up the chapter without much actually happening as a result of all his inconsequential asides. It gives life and character to him, but also makes the story drag on in bits and periods here. Honestly though, I don't like the choice of narration, if only because he offers so many juicy bits and then goes "But I'm not telling you, it's private."

I guess next chapter we might find Iron Will.

Most of the stuff that gets passed over like that gets a third person telling. He usually only passes up moments when they aren't useful to the story or they are haunting.

This is in season 5 plus so the Buffalo tribe is a different one entirely. At least from my perspective on it.

It gets progressively more interesting as more stuff happens. The reason fir the rambling is me staying true to Ryan as a character and my cousin. He rambles often when telling stories.


Well..... this will end either in hilarity or tragedy.

We shall see........

Good lord, Luna has a secret ally in pranking her sister now. I fear for the state of the world. :rainbowlaugh:

hell yesssh, more chapters to munch on,
ooohhhhh, the chapters are so goood.


When you don't have to worry about dying, you tend to find out your limits in pain tolerance ... bricks in a pillow are nothing! :rainbowlaugh:

one thing that makes me curious is that since the world went to shit is why didn't he choose to stay back in equus

When you live somewhere for the longest period of time, you start to develop a feeling of nostalgia and belonging so immense that you can't ever imagine living somewhere else. Not everyone gets that feeling, but Ryan has it without a doubt. His entire life is on earth, even though he has no one really in his life. It's a lot of circular logic that only applies to him but his reasoning, in his mind, is absolute and won't be refuted.

Glad to see you didn't let the narrative format constrict you entirely and showed the actual scene of him talking with Gilda.

I suppose I could make this question


How the hell did your iPod charge last bloody forever? I've been meaning to bring that up before (or maybe I did) but keep forgetting to since the chapters are long so I forget by the time I make a comment. Probably he has a long-lasting battery the same way he went to a nuclear-blasted New York and didn't instantly die from radiation :trollestia:

When there is a scene of importance (literally every scene minus the part where he goes off by himself) and he fails to narrate it, there will be a third person version of it. The reason why I didn't do it for that scene was because of the creation of it before I decided to do the third person narration. I went back afterwards and wanted to leave it a little open ended so people wonder just how he dealt with those ponies.

Now to the question, as answered by Ryan.

Ryan: Listen, I am just as amazed as you are. I had an older iPod once, the brick type, and it lasted maybe five years before dying. Now that was a feat in itself, these Touches though ... two years max. I managed to save my laptop so I could sync it ... mainly because I never thought this thing would last and I would have to scrounge another iPod. Yet my laptop fucking died before this thing. I want to say it's a Reckoning thing but honestly, I believe it's more of a 'you're one lucky bastard' type thing. While on one side I want to know ... I'd rather not chance it.

As for that New York comment ... well I know that there is no way radiation would have disappeared by then, but I don't question it after it got buried in sand. It's another one of those things you just go along with.

I'm wondering why he chose to come back to a wasteland more or less. Then again I suppose we shall be told that later. That or we'll get some twist at the end where he decides to go back. One way or the other I'm loving this story so keep it up.

Am I the only one who was kinda hoping that Ryan would take advantage of Luna's offer? If not now later?

I was tempted to write it ... but Ryan's not of that type ... yet. Perhaps. I don't know :rainbowwild:

Gilda and Trixie are more family to him at this point, or i'm assuming that's the vibe. Luna I could see him actually falling for in the future and since she's a character tag I assume she's going to be a very important person in this period of his life.

My only question to him would be if he misses them. Because he has to be close to some of them and it couldn't have been easy for him to just up and come back to what is essentially hell. Me personally, I would have stayed if not simply for the fact of knowing I didn't have to worry about losing my life each and every second of my waking and sleeping moments.

To be honest. I both respect, and pity the man or woman who would willingly give up what could be a comfortable remainder of life to return to that which has caused them so much pain and suffering. I'm almost certain now that it wasn't an easy choice. I can only hope that at some point in his life he'll meet them again, or be rewarded in some way, because everyone deserves a kind of happiness.

Then again, he may be happiest amongst the devil so to speak.

Either way fantastic story telling. I admit a couple of times I did gloss over a section or two because I just... didn't care. Not to be rude to you but a couple of things Ryan talked about weren't interesting enough for me to read through completely so I just kinna skimmed over it to get an idea and continued on until it got relevant again.

6707564 Response will be broken down per paragraph!

1)She plays a reoccurring role within his dreams, so she is indeed important in a contexty type of way. As for falling for her, all is possible!

2)Without adding spoilers, here is a response from Ryan: Honestly sometimes I do miss them, as they were a prominent part of my life for a bit, and they were unique. Yet at the same time, I've known a lot of people like that and they have come and gone through my life and I hardly miss them. It's all about how you think about them afterwards. If you remind yourself that they have a solid life now, then it's tough to actually miss them.

3)When pain, suffering, and hardship are the main components in your life, it becomes really tough for one to imagine anything else. Ryan as a real person and character is sappy in that he holds onto things of less importance only because they are sentimental. That's how he sees his home world. If he were to leave then he would be almost certainly giving up an aspect of his old life, a large part of him. It's not something he can do.

Skipping the one line.

4)I can understand the glossing. I do that as a reader as well :P Mind telling me what parts were uninteresting? Gives me an idea of what to keep shorter in the future.

6707624 He has a stronger will than I. I most certainly would have said "nope" to going back. But that's me and your making a very believable and entertaining character.

As for what I glossed over. These chapters are so long it's easy to forget sometimes lol. Now lemme see.
Ah right so chapter 2, when he's just kind of wondering through the desert before he meets Gilda.

He starts describing what he was thinking, music etcetera. I'll be honest I pretty much glossed over that whole thing as I didn't really care to much about his thoughts during that time. If it had been more condensed and a few paragraphs I wouldn't have cared, but it did feel like it really dragged on.

Don't get me wrong it gives insight as to how his mind works but perhaps a little less on every single thought he had would be a good thing. So that's one example of an area I skipped over more or less because I couldn't care less, no offense of course. If I had actually been listening to him I probably would have zoned out for a while lol.

Like I said, fantastic story telling and I enjoy the character quite a bit. Just less of his internal thoughts sometimes may be more leastsome readers get overly bored. It's one of the reasons I stopped reading one of the more well known stories on this site, Diaries of a Madman. It's getting stupidly long, and honestly I hate the main character and how he acts, a huge prick.

Also I'm stealing some.of your Luna pics... cause Luna is best pony.

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