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The Tree of Harmony, a sophisticated magitech intelligence built long ago during the glory days of the Crystal Empire, has recently been awoken from her beauty sleep again by anomalous activity. Much to the surprise of her leaf-like sensory arrays, the disturbance turns out to be Princess Celestia, who's finally figured out how to converse with Harmony directly in hopes of learning more about her.

When the Princess strikes up a conversation, she soon discovers that one of Equestria's greatest defense mechanisms is actually a rather interesting individual, and she's not been alone in the cave for all these years.

The idea is most definitely not my own, nor is it original, but it's one I could not resist writing! Special thanks to those who give me the inspiration to write crackfics :trollestia:

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I´m glad I helped inspire this masterpiece

any zombie space monkeys and there overLord jangles coming?

I am trying so hard not to start laughing. Awesome job.

A crackfic worthy of the gods. Or the interest of the Institute.

My god..... run!run for your lives! Garvey has a job!!!!!!

Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

Another settlements needs our help.

Let me mark it on your map.

No.... Preston is everywhere.

Umm...Should we follow this up with an explanation on which franchise this guy is from and why is in equestria? Or am I really that out of touch here?

Something tells me you havent kept up with Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 is the "franchise" and as for why, well it's all about the "Another settlement needs your help" meme.

Simple as that :P

6966200 Sorry haven't been able to get the proper systems for Fallout 4.

6966285 This is one of the first faction leaders you meet, trust me, he´ll send you to clear our places for quests repeatedly, but he is nice

No worries. By proper systems do you mean console, or updated computer?

6966333 I currently only recently got a wii U for this gens console market...and have been playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution on it...both systems I got with my own pocket money recently so we would have something to play games that we couldn't play on the Gamecube...that help?

6966540 Why the Emoticon? I thought you save that one when something is hawt...not hot....hawt

I use it in place of :P

Oh, it's a meme. I didn't get that from the story. I thought he was going to be just some random revolutionary-era minuteman who happened to have stumbled into Equestria and taken post as secondary caretaker. I'll see where this goes anyways.

6967171 You know ... what you thought it was could in theory be interesting as a separate concept :twilightsmile:

Worthy, you magnificent bastard!

Nice to see someone else's take on this idea. Also Celestia, don't keep him near you. You will never have any rest.

I actually like Preston Garvey... so I'm going to track this crazy story. :pinkiecrazy:

What have you done!?!

So because I read this, I was going to play some fallout. But someone sent me a friend request on steam. I didn't know this person, but because he left his data unsecured I now know his name, where he lives, his friend's names, his facebook, and his patreon. Moral of the story is don't friend random people and SECURE YOUR DATA.

Edit: He also is literally fedora tipping. As in that is his profile pic.

Edit 2: 15 minutes later I found his address. Seriously people secure your data. This is why privacy matters, in addition to settlements that need your help.

Edit 3: Phone number and middle name as well. Took maybe 5 more minutes.

Edit 4: Don't follow my example, it's a bad one. This would probably be considered stalking.

You missed out the horror tag on this story.
Anything with Preston in it deserves a horror tag.

6969500 I agree, and he is actually my favorite companion.

You didn't make it in time, Celestia. Don't worry though. A replacement pony will spawn next time you visit the settlement.

(This happens to me a lot)

6974246 He's up there with Nick and Piper for me.

6966062 Biggest reason why I never joined the Minutemen.
6972995 I agree wholeheartedly.
6969500 I found the Big Boy, now where are my mini nukes.

7031373 Or you could just do what I did:

Send Garvey to a purgatory settlement in the middle of nowhere that has lodging and supplies for exactly one person.

Problem solved.

Just make sure to stay as far away from any Radio Freedom broadcasts as humanly possible.

....every time Preston....EVERY FUCKING TIME!!!!

So epically priceless and so true thank you for the great laugh I had today from reading this

UPDATE ALREADY DAMMIT.....I mean......ummmm.........more please?


*A stranger in a suit and tie enters on screen*
Stranger: I apologize, but we're currently experiencing technical difficulties. The owner of this profile loves you all, and appreciates your patience. Thank you, and have a nice day!

I don't know your intention with his story:pinkiesmile: but the way preston says that at the end reminds me of all the times that I am already encumbered with quests to complete and preston randomly decides to give me another one:rainbowhuh:, 'cuz ya know why nat:applejackunsure:.
I want to see this story continue though, please. :twilightsmile:


I read the story title, then looked down and saw the chapter title, and laughed!

Yo imma be the preston garvey of fallout 76 and annoy people about settlements needing help. How many you think are gonna kill me?

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